Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break Part 1

Last post, I promise! It's 12:30 and I need some rest. But I was beginning to feel really behind and hate trying to catch up. So this week our school district is out for Spring Break and since Lowell works for the district, this means play time for our family. We absolutely adore when Daddy is home, although I abuse him too much in my zeal to go and do. Tuesday we went to the zoo once more before my pass expires. My little explorers laughing as daddy bounces them. They love these little hats and they seemed suited to the activities of the day. Rain was threatening off and on, but it wasn't bad, just enough to keep the crowds down.

Carter on the carousel, the hand-carved wood animals are SO cool.

Davis on the ape

And one lonely little goose. But oh what a funny story involves him! I am certain this proves me a bad parent as Lowell and I laughed so hard we cried at our children's misfortune. They decided they wanted to pester poor Mr. Goose. He kept hissing at them but they kept getting closer. Both little boys crept up on him when he stood up and with his mouth open and wings out began chasing them. I've never seen them turn so quick or move so fast. They screamed like little girls and wouldn't stop running until they were well past the goose (who stopped pretty much as soon as they turned around). We were laughing so hard, it was terrible. We warned them though, they weren't hurt, and I was glad they got a healthy dose of leaving animals alone.

The next project of the day was picking up some computers I have been wanting for the kids. They LOVE the computer games at the dino museum so I did a little research and it turns out you can get old running computers pretty cheap on ksl. I got 2 computers (both of which are better than our current laptop) with monitors, keyboards, and mice plus the nice gentleman threw in a printer and a scanner for $75. The crazy drive through Midway to find the guy almost made it not worth it, but Davis's excited exclamation (oh my goodness, oh my goodness!) when he realized he could now play his dino game at our house compensated for that. Part of the computer project was converting Lowell's old "man cave" into my new preschool room. He had sold the TV and Xbox 360 that were in there after we got the wii, so it was pretty much just wasted space waiting for reassignment. Poor Lowell is left with the shed as his only haven now. :( Anyway, here is the before pic:

This was at 9:30 pm yesterday, yes I pick ridiculous times to start projects.

And here's the after. Computer desk, craft table with projects, and a reading/snuggling area (bean bag) (i.e. where mommy will be sitting while the kids play on the 'puters.

And my little project to cover up the ugly orange stripe that came with the house. Sure I could paint it, but coloring my shifts away has been more fun.

So today Carter finally got to cash in on his 25 stickers from his potty chart and go bowling. He didn't seem quite as into it as Davis, but was enjoying the attention none the less.

Carrying the big (8 lb) ball--just like his bro he refused to let me help. He had no way of knowing what his brother did on his turn, but he even had the same request, he wouldn't bowl until I was sitting down. Strange twin thing I guess.

Go ball go!

Cheering daddy on with his double thumbs up. I'll give Mr. C a double thumbs up--he reached his 25 last week and has already added another 11 stickers. He passed Davis up today. He finally caught on to pooping in the potty. Holy cow, could I be more excited! Maybe all the bitter was to make this more sweet. I mean if he figured this all out a year ago I couldn't have appreciated just what a big deal it is. I hardly dare to even say it (hate to jinx it) but the kid hasn't had any accidents in a week. I think he may be potty trained (ready to shed a tear over here!). Davis seems like he is (hopefully please please be merciful on this tired twin mommy) a few days or a week behind Carter. Here's hoping I'm right.

Final score, Daddy and Davis did better on their outing. We only did the one game as I had to go to work and Davis was bored doing the 2nd one so we just skipped it for Carter.

Finally, you may have noticed this post is titled Spring Break Part 1. That is because there is a part 2! The Goblin Valley plans have gone by the wayside. A combination of poor weather conditions and no room at the inn--everything is booked, some 4 wheeler convention or something in Moab. So we are putting it off for another time (no such luck Lowell, I won't forget). I am actually hoping to coerce my darling friend Kris to meet me 1 hour farther than the middle (she lives in Denver) to camp in Arches (Moab) and then cruise over to Goblin. Have to see how the summer unfolds. Anywho as I am never one to let a day off slide we made the last minute hasty decision to go to Vegas after seeing this today:

Yes this was as I walked into work today. Ugh! According to my last courier it has only gotten worse, he says it's the worst roads he has seen all year. I don't know for myself because there are no windows in the lab and they never let me out, so I just pretend I am in Hawaii all the time. So we are busting out tomorrow and leaving this lousy snow packed state for some sunshine and craziness. Wish us safety and sanity! Loves!

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Scott and Jillian said...

Okay, Heidi. You must tell me of you potty reward ways. What did you do? 'Cause I have two little stinkers (pun intended) who aren't quite there yet.