Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday Fun Day

Honestly when I got up Friday I had no major plans for the day but it ended up being a Friday Fun Day. I do like once in a while just having fun and doing some cool things for no good reason. We have an elaborate reward system at our house, one for potty training and one for helping to clean and behaving with different prizes for each. Although my kids are certainly spoiled they do have to earn pretty much all toys and treats in one way or another--a major exception being holidays, those are freebies. But like I said once in a while they get spoiled just because I'm their momma and I want to. I think it comes down to times when I get lots of call backs at work. That causes me to be overly tired and have extra money. Easy to make the connection . . .
So, Friday began as the last couple of days have, with dress up time. Seeing how much the kids loved playing dress up at the gym, I finally found a dress up chest for boys. There were plenty for girls, but boys were a little trickier. They have adored it--you'll see in the next few pics. Davis the pirate, I can always count on him to pull a good face.

Carter the fireman

Carter as the pirate

Davis the cowboy
Carter the knight. There's also an indian which neither has taken much interest in yet.

We then went to Toys R Us because they were having a buy one get one free sale on all Little Tikes toys (29.99 and under). The sale ends today and is online if anyone is interested. BOGO are a very good deal for me as I buy 2 of most everything anyway. They had the "rockstar" toys on sale, the kids have the guitars but we picked up the drums and keyboards. They will have to earn them though. The silly easter toy they got for being good in the store. We also picked up some Krispie Kremes for Daddy on the way (and a little bit for mommy ;)). By this time it was also lunch time so we got Happy Meals to get the Monsters vs. Aliens toys that Carter is so fond of--I really must have been in a good mood.

Here's the toys talking to each other. And yes, Davis went to Toys R Us as a pirate, hat, eye patch and all. Carter only insisted on bringing the sword.

So, lucky for me Cyndel was available to hang with Carter so Davis could get one of his other rewards fulfilled. They get a sticker for every morning or afternoon they stay dry and one for every time they do #2 in the potty. Every 5 stickers get a special candy and 25 stickers--the whole chart--gets them a special outing with mom and dad and no brother. Davis was so excited, he kept saying, "No Tarter". They missed each other though, he just felt special which was the whole idea. I kept referring to Carter as "them" giving Cynnie instructions for watching Carter, it really is bizarre doing anything with just one. We kept opening the door to get the child out of his car seat that wasn't there. We went bowling at Big D's request.

Doesn't he look like Carter here? Someday I am going to label this the wrong child. And yes, he bowled in his full cowboy motif, minus the gun which kept falling off the belt.

Carrying the big ball, he is so Mr. Independent. He wouldn't bowl until I would sit down, wanted to do it himself. And be the boss and tell me what to do. Very Davis.

He loved it and was pretty good actually.

He got so excited with every pin that dropped, he even bowled a strike, yea for ramps and bumpers!

Game 1's results

I thought the little bowling shoes were too darling. By game 2 his interest starting to wane but I think he still had a really good time.

Game 2's results. Lowell is fun to watch bowl. He is a "fancy" bowler with the cool moves and everything. But it kept screwing him up instead of helping him. Funny boy.

So as if that wasn't a full enough day we took the boys to see Seussical the musical at Lowell's school. I must have been feeling brave (or crazy) when I planned this but it actually went better than I expected. Within 15 minutes both boys needed to be taken out for climbing all over the chairs but Davis came back and as long as he was on my lap he did really well. Carter came back after intermission and made it through Act 2, again if seated on mine or Lowell's lap. I can't even believe we made it through the full 2 hour play. It helped that it was a really fun play and based on characters they know and love. If you've never seen it, it is a blend of several Seuss books, mostly Horton hears a Who and Horton sits on an egg with Gertrude McFuzz, The Grinch who stole Christmas, The Cat in the Hat, Oh the Thinks you can Think, and the Butter side up/down book--I haven't read that in forever so I can't think of the name. This was a Jr. High production so not too elaborate but the kids did really well performing and the music and rhyming was really fun. I enjoyed the brief moment when I was holding both kids and they were content. Ever since my less than ideal delivery (at 34 weeks with kids going to separate NICUs) I have always oddly mourned the time right after they were born when I was supposed to hold both my babies. That didn't happen for another 2 weeks and since I have never taken for granted the moments I get to truly have "my hands full". It's those little moments I always savor holding both my darlings and having them healthy and well (nice to have Lowell next to me too).

Here's the only shot I got, Davis in front of the display. After the show the cast was staying for photos and you better believe I was ready to run up there, but Lowell shot me down. In his defense it was after 9 and we hadn't even eaten dinner yet, and he was at work and would have to stay and get things done. But you know me and pictures . . .I also wanted them to get to meet the actors but I guess Carter got a chance in the hall. He went straight for the Grinch and then flirted with Gertrude McFuzz, blowing her kisses and all. Such a ham. I asked the kids what their favorite part was and they both said, The Grinch.

So we got dinner and I put the exhausted kiddos to bed. What a full day--look at these tired kids:

It has certainly been a successful day when the boys are asleep within 10 minutes of being put down, that usually takes hours.

Today will be a lot more mellow, I don't even have any plans. Of course that's how yesterday started too . . .


Marta said...

You are such a great mom! I need to have more fun fridays in our family. Some of my favorite times are the ones not planned!
I love the dress up stuff! My boys were obsessed with dress ups when they were little! I miss having little ninjas and cowboys running around! :)

Daniel said...

Owen recently aquired a Buzz lightyear outfit, and let me tell you. That thing is on him all the time. too cute.