Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Davis the schemer

I am just a whole bundle of grouchy today (I've been having a tough time at work . . .) so how about something fun?

Me: I've got a deal for you guys, if you can be nice at the store, we'll go to the gardens.
Davis: Hmmm . . .I know, gardens first then store! K, Mom, gardens first?

Me: What do you think the bear is saying? (At the gardens, after the store)
Davis: (intently listening) he says, "I want chicken nuggets".

Davis: Mommy, I lub you foreber eber eber eber eber
Me: [awwww]
Davis: Can we go to Dinneyland next week?
Me: [oh]

Me: If you don't stop fighting me, I'm going to spank your bum.
Davis: Don't hit my bum, my bones are in there! He is such a funny kid, sure keeps me on my toes!

P.S. Loved The Host, reading it the second time already . . .also Congo.


Kerri said...

Kids are so funny! Glad you enjoyed the Host.

Marta said...

Your boys are so cute and clever! I love the cute things they say!