Friday, January 30, 2009

Cutie Patooties!

Once in a while the boys spoil me by being cute on camera. Always makes my day. These were yesterday morning on the way out the door to the gym. They felt like dancing . . .
And hugging . . .
And kissing!

They really are the best of friends and I just LOVE it! Like all friends they fight from time to time too but their connection and how they talk to each other and cheer each other on is one of my favorite things in life. I know all siblings have a special connection but I do believe twins have something a little different, a little deeper. It's almost like they were so close in the pre-existence that they didn't want to be apart and just came together. I've enjoyed being their buddies the past few days too. Tuesday and Wednesday I was off so I got some rest and we had some really good family time. I got to sleep in my own bed with my warm and darling hubby--it was just a good couple of nights. We took the bubs to the dino museum on Tuesday and they parked themselves on the computers playing memory. Oh well, they were happy and of course now I am trying to find that game! I am trying to de-stress myself a little over potty training and I think it is making us all happier. They are almost perfect with peeing, hardly ever an accident--even after going to 3 different stores over 3 hours on Wednesday (Davis even peed in a different stall without me, I still don't know how he did it himself so well). They just can't seem to figure out #2. We can get them to go once in a while and praise them joyously and shower them with treats but it doesn't seem to be making a dent really. We also make them clean up their own messes and though they hate it, they are still doing it. I have just given in to the fact that they will get it in their own time. I will keep trying and encouraging and heaven knows they have spent a lot of time on the potty after meal times the last little while but to keep my sanity when they then fill their diapers 3 times once we put them to bed I have had to give in a little. Any ideas are welcome though! I finally took some pics of Davis's self-hair cut but it has filled in some and luckily the kids has very full hair.

Today we went to Jumping Jack's--I think that make 6 or 7 times so far on our month pass. This time, I brought my camera!

The best part, wearing the kids out--they went down so easily for nap, if I didn't have to work I think I would have also. Seriously, climbing the big slide 3 times in a row is a work out!



Sliding some more

Yep, they love it! We also met up with my dad and brother for lunch and the on-going discussion of our trip. One week and a day to go--it is getting exciting.

Amazingly I just don't have a lot to say tonight. I am thinking about my silly monkey boys and how they drive me crazy but I can just eat them up every day. I can't believe how quickly they have grown already and I know even this age is fleeting. With all the trials comes unlimited hugs and kisses and "love you too mommy"s. I am a very lucky woman to be Davis and Carter's mommy, and Lowell's wife. The Lord has blessed us so much and continues to do so. I hope the same is true for all of you. Loves!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A picture update!

Good news! The Nikon just had a dead battery and charged up nicely. So even after its dunk in the tub it is working and will pitch hit until the new camera can get sent off and fixed (I would complain more about that but actually the Nikon had to be sent off too and has worked great since so I am keeping my fingers crossed). I was sharing a memory card between them so I was able to retrieve the infamous pictures the boys took when they had snook out of their room before I was awake. And yes, as suspected they were playing on the counters.

Doesn't Davis seem proud of himself posing for his brother? He's holding a box of candy he got from on top of the fridge that was mostly eaten when I took them away. Sheesh, stinkin' kids!

So I met the boys' preschool teacher and though the facilities weren't quite as great as I could hope, their teacher was even better than expected so I went ahead and got them registered. I was having a tough debate between a home based preschool and a center based one and ultimately I felt like the one I chose will be the best for them. The teacher was understanding of active boys who have trouble concentrating and was fine taking time to help them. I am worried in a larger setting they may just get kicked out for being disruptive. This gal seemed to genuinely love children and had some great ideas about teaching, not just teaching letters and shapes but how to function in a school environment, be a good friend, and control your impulses. I also loved that when I described some of my concerns with the kids she didn't say, wow your kids are brats!, she said, "Sounds like a 3 year old." The bummer is school is still 7 months away and I am ready now! We'll just have to have our own fun until then. Friday night was a little rough for me I was just feeling very defeated. Lowell came home to me all stressed out and after a long shower I was able to reason a bit better and realize no one is their best after 3 consecutive 4 hours of sleep nights and running all day long. I hate to admit that my temper is much shorter when I am that tired, though I think that is true for a lot of people. Last night I crashed hard and feel a bit better today.

Last night we went to my niece Hannah's 3rd birthday. I can't believe all our kiddos are growing up so fast. My boys are the only grandkids on my side and 2 of 5 on the other so it is especially fun to get together with their cousins. Before the party I snapped a couple of shots to make up for the last few days without a working camera. I forgot to get a picture of the chunks Davey took out of his hair, I'll catch it someday!

My cheeser

Carter on the trampoline. We haven't been able to jump in 6 weeks or so because it has been totally snow-logged but the rain from yesterday melted a lot and Lowell shoveled off the rest. It was slippery and wet (and still raining!) but we had fun. The snow is re-accumulating today so I am glad we got the brief chance yesterday.

The tramp is the best toy I never would have bought.

When I took the boys shopping for Hannah I let them each pick out a gift for her and they seemed to really like that idea. Davis wanted to wrap his himself too.

Here are the boys playing their drums (it was a music party) at the party.

Davis being Mr. Cool in my nephew Dylan's sunglasses.

Playing their whistles after party.

All in all last night was a great improvement over the previous night. The boys stayed dry the whole party as well, something they struggle with sometimes since they are having too much fun to pay attention to their potty needs.

Today I am in my quiet lab while poor Lowell is wrestling the monkeys who did not sleep well last night and are cranky today. Sorry honey! I work on a 2 week rotating schedule so it is natural for me to think about what we will be doing 2 weeks from now, the next time I would work this shift . . .by this time we should be on the beach in sunny California. As I look out at the never ending mounds of snow that sure sounds great! We'll be there from Sunday to Sunday with my folks, brother and 2 sisters and I am so excited for the break. Traveling is always a challenge especially with my children but I am hoping things will go smoothly and we will all just have a great time.

Side note I keep forgetting--when I thanked Lowell for my ipod on Thankful Thursday I neglected to also thank my brother Robbie--he is the one who loaded it up with all the goodies from his personal stash. As I hit shuffle and flip through over 2600 songs I always laugh and think of him and how eclectic his taste in music is. I am also thankful for Robbie being such a great uncle. Every Sunday he comes to visit the boys and play with them. He also will meet me for lunch so I can take them to a play place. Carter and Davis just adore him and have learned so much from him, like how to blame your fart on the dog (boys!) and to sing the song from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And can you believe he is single? So if you know anyone, Robbo has a good job, nice car, even owns his own house and is great with kids! Call now! ;) Here's a reminder of what he looks like:
Rob's on the left of course, the one on the right is SO taken. He is so handsome though I know you are all jealous ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rough and Tumble Week

Well it has been a bit of a rough and tumble week, just trying to stay afloat sometimes. We are blessed beyond comprehension, but I think I am still entitled to feel like I've had a hard day sometimes. For instance, Tuesday I woke up to find Carter had gotten into his closet, into a drawer in there and pulled out all the papers from my mom's big book of genealogy. Family group sheets just strewn about, my great-great grandparent's journal pages crumpled in a corner . . .I have no clue what inspired him to do that. I was pretty frustrated but still took a picture to humor myself (hopefully) later. I picked it all up and packed it in the car to take to my mom's house so we can sit down and reorganize it where it will be safe. So, want to see the picture? Well, a minute after I took that shot the camera went capoot. No reason why--the LCD screen went white with an ugly black splotch and nothing works. The good news is it still covered under warranty, the bad news is it has not been easy to file my service request. I am wondering if this model has had a lot of problems. Oh well, I'll keep trying. (Side note, Carter's Fisher-Price camera went capoot this week too, sheesh! Working on that one too). So while I was on the phone with Samsung trying to figure this out the boys were (of course) up to no good. I could hear them playing from what I thought was the basement play room. No such luck, now that they can get through the door locks they were in my bathroom. Carter was spraying himself and everything else with hair spray and Davis took a few good chunks out of his hair with Lowell's nose hair trimmer. It's not too bad but it seemed like it in the moment. Wish I could show you a picture, oh wait, my back up camera that was working now isn't again and I can't find the power cord to see if it is just dead. Ugh! (I wanted to share with you the pics they took earlier this week when Carter first figured out the door locks . . .and got up before Mommy . . .and played on the counter and with knives . . .and took pictures of themselves doing it! But it will have to wait for another day) That was all by breakfast time. Then we headed to the twin club's play group at Jumping Jack's and that was great. We had a new gal come which is always fun and a bunch of other kids. The boys loved it and I enjoyed visiting. I was less thrilled with the boys' potty training that day--between diapers and in their underwear they pooped no less than 9 times by nap time. Blech! I am so sick of poop. They both also managed to get slightly bloody noses romping around and Davis got a dandy rug burn from one of the slides. That night I got to go to dinner for my mom's birthday and then we met with our mortgage guy until 11 pm. It was a long day. Wednesday I woke up feeling quite sick . . .Lowell says I tend to overextend myself . . . does that sound like me? I had already had part one of the boys' cold which weakened me for part 2 which is still in process. Made for a great day Wednesday when I was swamped at work but wasted from the cold. Oh well, grateful to have a job.

Let's see what else did we do this week? Saturday at Davis' request we went to the zoo but didn't get to stay long because Carter peed his pants. I did catch a great OshKosh sale on the way home, spent $90 saved $333. Add to the ebay deals I got over the weekend, 48 shirts for $60 and the boys' summer and fall wardrobes are looking good. Monday Lowell was off work but all we got to do was go to the gym which lasted about 2 minutes because Carter peed his pants again (why his mommy didn't bring any extra pants is beyond me! Something about he won't pee through his plastic pants). I was feeling pretty exasperated with potty training but then yesterday I took the boys shopping to 2 stores and they had no accidents at all. So nice!

And even though I feel like giving up, I have a new inspiration with training because I am meeting with the boys' probable preschool teacher tomorrow. I say probably because I haven't met and confirmed the choice but I think this is who I will go with. She is a former school teacher, comes with great recommendations, has a good curriculum (kid friendly with play learning plus field trips and even a Christmas performance), and seems to genuinely love kids. She sounded so sweet on the phone. It is a home based preschool but with 3 team teachers helping the main gal and only one class at a time of course. The price is good too so as long as her facility looks good that's what we'll be doing. Crazy how emotional it makes me though. 2.5 hours of "free time" twice a week is nothing to be too upset about. It's just so weird to think of them doing things independently. They are still my babies. I was holding Carter this morning and rocking him like a baby and I asked him if he was my baby. And he said, No, I'm your boy. So true. I was tickling him after playgroup Tuesday and asked if I was his friend and he said, No, you're Mommy, Andrew (one of Reva's twins) is my friend. That works for me I love Reva and it's great they have friends but I am still loving that they turn to me for hugs and loves and to rock them. Those days are numbered I know, so I soak up all the little boy love I can get. I just can't imagine them going on field trips without me, I am sure I will sign up for every one! Plus with my kids, I would be worried everyone would come back in one piece without a little extra help.

Anywho, so that's what we're doing. Hoping for a better week next week which I think I also said last week but this time I think it will come true. The boys are feeling much better and I am a twinge better than yesterday and with a nap and a full night rest tomorrow I'll probably be up and going. We're going to Jumping Jack's again tomorrow and then my niece's birthday party on Saturday so there's some fun things already in the works. Here's hoping there is good weather, good health, and fun things going on wherever you are. Loves!

P.S. I just posted this but I have to add and addendum. Lowell just texted me to let me know the boys are taking turns peeing on each other in the tub. Gross! Why are little (and sometimes big) boys so icky?

Monday, January 19, 2009


I debated on writing this post, but I am not one who is quiet about my political mind. (By the way I have already been interrupted 3 times in writing this, sheesh! doesn't ER know I am busy and the 20-year olds they have down there are not having heart attacks. Trust me). Anywho I have been able to push the election out of my mind and enjoy the holidays but alas tomorrow (inauguration, blech!) day is looming and I am all spit and vinegar. I just DO NOT like Obama. I am very anxious and worried about the "change" he wants to bring about. My Dad says he won't be able to meet his campaign promises and all I can say it, PLEASE DON'T! My greatest blessing would be if he is a pansy and does nothing he committed to do. The greatest thing weighing on my mind tonight is his commitment to have his very first act as president to be passing the Freedom of Choice Act. I have signed the petition and will pray excessively that this will not happen. Maybe some of you will join me. Why you ask? Because this act will make abortion easier and more accessible in every possible way. Minor, sure you can get an abortion without parental consent, too far along--partial birth abortion (how disgusting can you get?) is fine for you, your state is quite stringent, not any more!, your doctor doesn't perform abortions? We'll make him or we'll take his license. I have been morally against abortions as long as I have known what they were but since having children my disgust for the practice has increased exponentially. It is murder of the most innocent blood and I am not ashamed to say it disgusts me. It is wrong, that's all there is. And this man wants to make it easy and cheap. If that doesn't make you question his character, I don't know what will. There are PLENTY of other things I disagree with him on but this is my topic for today. Heaven help us (please!).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's been a while, but I thought of it and it is actually Thursday. Cool.
1. I am thankful for Lowell and his gift of an ipod. It's funny how the gifts you would never buy for yourself become the best ones. The ones you use every single day. The ones you revisit your fav bands from the 90s with, playing air drums in the car, and cutting people off with.
2. I am thankful that this is what I had to look at on my drive to work today (whilst rocking out to Cake):
This is Timp from my parking stall at work. I love it covered with snow and today's blue sky was fantastic.
3. I am thankful for puzzles and for Aunt Becky introducing us to them. Who knew my kids would go so crazy for them? My can't sit still for 30 seconds, failed Nursery kids, who can "play puzzles" for seriously an hour+. Here they are today:

If you look you can see Carter has already finished 3 puzzles (12 pieces each) and is working on the 4th. All without any help! In fact I was downstairs doing a wii fit workout while he was working on these. It buys me that much time. So awesome! Becky got them these: and they were great for beginners. And then we added these: Actually 4 sets of those. Each has 4 puzzles all in a nice divided box for $10. So worth the money!
4. I am thankful for the UVMOM mom's night out last night. It is so wonderful to get together with these ladies and remember that I do have real live friends that live close to me (thanks for the reminder Lyndsie ;)). We just ate and talked at Zuppa's and it was delightful. What kind of conversation would keep you talking for an hour! after the store closed, standing outside when it is 20 degrees and not even running to the car to get your jacket? Only the kind involving dear friends and not wanting it to end. I always feel like my kids are a little more normal by the end of mom's night out. Twin boys have their very own dynamic and only other twin moms seem to get it, not even grandmas, or siblings, or aunts/uncles of twins. And there were 3 of us with 3 year old twin boys all in a row.
5. I am thankful the kids are finally starting to get a little better. Sheesh this has been a nasty round of sick for us. Davis started it off with a cough and slight fever. Then Carter had a parallel round of nasty diarrhea. Then they traded so they both had both! Carter took the worst of it as he was already so weakened from the diarrhea that the cough hit him hard. He looked awful yesterday! We took today off from the gym (hence the wii fit work out and jammies all day) and just played at home. Davis and I made these:
for the birds. It was a bigger mess than I expected, surprise surprise, but fun none the less. And maybe just maybe he got the bigger picture about caring for God's creatures. All I know for sure is when we were done he was eating the peanut butter off the knife (plastic children's spreader) which still had bird seed stuck to it and then flapping his wings and telling me he was a bird. I was actually very proud of his potty training success today, even with the rank dairrhea little man Davis had no accidents which meant he pooped in the potty multiple times over the last couple days. Maybe this extremely icky turn of events will have a positive influence on the boy. Carter wasn't as successful and it was too gross so we employed the diapers for a couple of days. You win some you lose some. A week full of mucus and diarrhea can never end too soon.
6. Had to sneak one more in--I am grateful for my sister-in-law Melinda for taking the boys Tuesday night so we could have a break from it all and go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I really enjoyed it--plus Brad Pitt for 3 hours is never a bad thing ;).
I'd say I was grateful for The Nightmare Before Christmas but I am SO sick of that movie already! I think it is really odd for 3 year olds to be obsessed with it anyway, what a weird movie. And then to watch it and the bonus features on a continuous loop for 2 days, ack!
To break up the fun, last night we went to farm country hoping the dry cool air would help with Carter's chest congestion (it didn't--he coughed so hard afterwards that he threw up, don't you wish you were here?) and we got to milk a cow! Yes that means me too, Lowell laughed at me but I really wanted to try it, it fondly reminded me of my own milking days-ha! I have to say when you can pump 36 oz at one sitting you certainly begin feeling like a cow. Here's the pics:

Carter--the angle was really hard to get a good shot, but you can just see the milk going into the bucket
And Davis. We then watched them feed the milk to the baby cows, so sweet! Then we just had to take our sickies home 'cuz they weren't feeling it!
And just for fun and homage to those milking days, here's Davis from this morning:

Yes he thought of that himself, he told me "Look Mommy I'm big like you!".
One last note--for those still thinking about refinancing, I am actually switching my mortgage guy to our friend of the family, Mike, who is going to be watching the rates for me and telling me when to lock. So when I know, I'll let you know! And if you want to fill out an application with him so you are ready when the time comes, let me know and I will hook you up with the details. He also has great rates and fees and was my Sunday school way back in the day. He is one of my dad's best friends and did so much while my dad was away--visiting him frequently, putting us up when we visited, and providing the discount plane tickets which were a life saver to our whole family for that 3 years of separation. So . . .I can vouch for his character.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Sunday Sermon on the Blog

I work every other Sunday and since we are closed to out patients on Sundays, this has become my day for quiet and reflection. How many moms get that chance? The other Sundays I work in the nursery (teaching/watching the 18 months-3year olds) so I have little chance for spiritual nourishment. So I try to fill the void by reading and pondering during my quiet Sundays at work. Today I enjoyed the January Home Teaching lesson (we have only had 2 home teaching visits in the last 1.5 years in our new ward, so I always just read it myself) and felt prompted to speak about it here.
The majority of my blog readers of members of the same faith as I am, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or the "Mormon" church. We are sometimes viewed as a peculiar people and I wouldn't say that is so far off, I enjoy being peculiar though and am fervent in my beliefs. I would say pretty much everyone else who reads this is strong and committed to their own faiths and I think that is awesome. I fully support every faith that brings men and women closer to our God. I truly believe there is a great good that will be done in this world as Christians unite their faiths. While completely supporting and honoring other faiths, I would still like to share that there is something more. I feel as though I would have failed you as a friend if I did not tell you of the great truths of God that I know. One of the greatest gifts of God on this Earth is eternal families. All across this great nation and world there are beautiful LDS temples. Houses dedicated to God and beautiful beyond comprehension (especially on the inside!). These may seem like just another church building, but I assure you they are not. In these temples sacred convenants are made with God whereby men and women can be sealed as husband and wife forever. Our marriage ceremony does not include, "'til death do us part" because we have the sealing power to indeed say, "for time and all eternity". I know this to be true. The opportunity to be with my husband and my children forever is a magnificent gift and provides such a peace to my soul. This is possible because our church is truly led by Jesus Christ himself. Many view our prophet as the head of our church, and while he is an extraordinary and great man--he is only acting under the direction of God the Father and his son. They restored the church to the Earth and with it brought the priesthood power present in the Bible. This priesthood power gives the holders the power to work in the name of God and to bind things on Earth that will also be bound in Heaven. I know this to be true. Divine revelation is not dead, it continues--I have received it myself. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow--why would he stop speaking to men, especially in our time when it is so desperately needed? I just want you all to know that I know that God lives, as does his son and that they love us so much. We are God's children and He is so mindful of us individually in our lives.
I felt I would be lacking as a friend if I kept this knowledge to myself. If you would like to know more, please let me know. I can tell you for a certainty that you don't have to take my word for it. If you have felt a peace as you have read this, pray about it. God will tell you for yourself of the truth of all things.

BYU Challenge

This one's for Kristen! If you have ever lived in Provo--try it too!

77 questions.

[X] You have been kissed at lease once
[_] Your first kiss was on campus
[X] You’ve had a boyfriend/girlfriend
[X] You lived in the dorms your freshman year
[X] You went to Homecoming or Preference
[X] You hiked the Y
[_] You’ve taken a social dance class
[X] You regularly attended FHE for at least a semester
[X] You’ve participated in Choose to Give
[_] You’ve been to Liberty Square for a party at least once
[X] You’ve driven around south of campus for at least 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot[X] You know the cougar fight song
[X] You’ve crossed the crosswalk without using the flags or biked through a red light
[X] You’ve been to Friday Night Live
[_] You’ve performed or witnessed an act that made it onto Police Beat
[X] You’ve been on a “date” to the bell tower or duck pond
[_] You’ve been to the Bean Museum for FHE
[_] You’ve been to Divine Comedy
[X] You’ve been to International Cinema
[_] You are engaged
[X] You are married
[X] …in the temple
[X] You were previously engaged/married
[X] You have kids or are expecting kids
[X] Your birth parents are still married
[X] …in the temple
[X] You have at least three siblings
[X] You’ve taken a marriage prep or relations class
[X] You’ve taken at least one religion class that is not based on the scriptures
[X] You have slept on a couch in a restroom
[X] You have been to the BYU Creamery
[X] You have been in one of the BYU choirs
[_] You’ve been on a date to Fat Cats
[_] You have read Twilight
[_] …book 2
[_] …book 3
[_] …book 4
[_] …seen the movie
[_] …more than once
[_] You’ve waited in line at the Bookstore for the Harry Potter or Twilight book premiere
[X] You have seen The Singles Ward or Sons of Provo
[X] You have walked out of a movie you found morally reprehensible
[_] You know where the “chastity line” is
[X] You can finish the phrase “Nothing good happens after ______”
[X] You read the Daily Universe at least 3x a week
[X] …and it’s the only newspaper you read
[_] You’ve personally known someone who was reported to the Honor Code Office
[_] You’ve participated in or watched a Mr. BYU contest
[X] You’ve received personal revelation that he/she is “the one” (or been told this)
[X] …and told him/her about your revelation (or been told this)
[_] …and then they rejected you (or rejected them)
[X] You’ve been to the Nickelcade
[X] You’ve been to Classic Skating
[X] You’ve ignored your parents’ phone calls for at least 3 days
[_] …and then they called the University Police
[_] You’ve been pulled over by the University Police
[X] You watch The Office religiously
[X] You mostly wear jeans and t-shirts or plain fitted shirts
[_] You own at least 3 things from American Eagle or Hollister
[_] Your sacrament meeting is a fashion show/scam session
[X] You’ve been on a date to the Provo River

You’ve kissed in a…
[X] …campus parking lot
[X] …Provo Canyon or Squaw Peak
[X] …on temple grounds
[X] …on a couch as soon as your roommates left the room

[X] You think UVU is not a real university
[_] You hate U of U with a passion

FOR GIRLS (don’t answer if you’re a guy)
[X] You own knee-length shorts
[X] You regularly wear camisoles/undershirts for modesty reasons
[_] You are a MFHD, RMYL, Elementary Education, or Exercise Science Major
[X] Your major crush ended up dating a MFHD, RMYL, Elementary Education, or Exercise Science major
[X] You have had at least one roommate who is in hair or dental school
[X] You own The Italian Job or The Princess Bride
[_] You wear makeup at least 3x a week
[_] You do something with your hair (other than brush it/ponytail) at least 3x a week
[_] You went or plan on going on a mission
[_] …because you couldn’t get married

FOR GUYS (don’t answer if you’re a girl)
[_] You shave every (or almost every) morning
[_] You know when your hair is “too long”
[_] You know what the “divide by 2 and add 7″ dating rule is
[_] …and you follow it
[_] You’ve dated freshmen girls as a RM
[_] …when you already knew better
[_] You’ve used the phrase “On my mission…” to a girl
[_] At least 3 girls have baked cookies or meals for you
[_] You went or plan on going on a mission
[_] …because you wanted to get married

TOTAL: 48--Hmmm . . .I nearly failed my BYU experience because I haven't read Twilight . . .oh well I was just too absorbed with my "Quick and Easy Guide to Potty Training" and "Parenting the Strong Willed Child". Thanks for the flashback Kristen, I guess I had no trouble with the kissing on campus thing, it's safe to say I kissed way more guys there than anywhere in my life (2 before college, 8 during, and of course just 1 after).
A: 68-77
B: 60-67
C: 53-66
D: 45-52
F: 44 or below

Made these oatmeal carmelita bars last night and they are so yummy! (Don't tell my diet they have 2.5 sticks of butter, yikes!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Pics and Darn You Artscow!

So I robbed you of new pictures last post, so I am adding this one just because (and yes Cyndel there is no doubt that I blog too much!). :o) I really need to get a new card for the new camera because the internal memory at 10 mp can hold exactly 4 photos. I need more than 4 for anything I do! I may get my wish and salvage the card from the old camera because shortly after taking these pictures I found them playing with the other camera. Yes these are tub pictures--you see the problem. The last camera that got wet (the one my now old camera replaced) they took into the pool and I made the mistake of immediately turning it on to see if it still worked and frying everything. So I will be patiently waiting a few days to see if my little Nikon's days are over or if she'll live for another day. You might wonder why I care since I have a new camera and it is simply that it has some features I prefer over the new one so I really would like to have both, just for different settings. If poor Nikon is doomed, well I will just move on with Samsung. She is pretty and red and not wet. Carter, the C-man
Infamous hugging in the tub shot--the grandmas really can't get enough of these!
Davis as an "X-man". Lol Hardy Har Har, okay it's a lame joke and Lowell thinks I'm dumb.

One of my New Year's Resolutions (I never write them down because I always break them within the first month (okay week!)) was to spend less time and money on It's such a great deal but I have shoeboxes of pics and nothing to do with them. Even at a good price it just doesn't make sense if I am not going to use them. But then today I went to the site (first mistake) and noted that they have added some great digital scrapbooking features to the site. It's like artscow prices with scrapblog capabilities (well not that good but not bad either). So of course I have spent the morning making scrapbook pages--don't tell Lowell! I do have a use for these though, we have a blank large wall in our guest room and my plan is to put the 12X12 pages up in a checker board fashion across this wall. It will take a while to fill--but you know that won't be a problem for me! So if you ever stay with us you'll be able to look at hundreds of pictures of my favorite subject, my kids. Lucky you!

Davis is still my little sicky, just a cough but I hate it. I took them to Jumping Jacks on Friday and was pleased with it. First of all I took them somewhere by myself and it went okay. Other than the store where they are contained and to the gym playroom I think that is the first place I have done that. Second they have a Mommy and Me program and it was on sale! For $19.99 I can bring the boys and we can all jump (Jumping Jacks is a big inflatables place with slides and such) Mon-Fri from 11-3 all month long! Little did the gal who sold it to me know how well I can exploit such a deal. I think we'll go every Tuesday and Friday. If anyone local wants to join us, I'd love it!

On a much sadder note, one of the cancer kids I follow won his fight this past week and they will be burying him today. He just turned 5 and is a twin. I hurt so much for his family and his brother--I know first hand the connection twins have and cannot imagine how difficult this must be for him. They have been fighting his cancer (medulloblastoma, a brain tumor) since they were 2 and a half, a full year of chemo then relapse, radiation, stem cell transplant, second relapse, new therapies in New York (they're from Iowa) and then the tumors were just growing too quickly and would not be stopped. If you get a chance say a little prayer for Coleman's family and especially his twin bro, Caden. If you want to read the story, it's on and you search ColemanScott. I'll give you fair warning though, you will get hooked on these kids. You'll want to pray for them and cheer for them and fight childhood cancer. You'll also remember to hug and love on your kids every single day because every moment is precious, even the ones where they are ruining your camera. Fly High Coleman!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, Happy 100th post everyone. I know you are as excited as I am. And I have found myself bored at work (yes it's all or nothing in my little lab) and have no new pics worth sharing so you just get my ramblings. We have been up to the same, potty training (ugh! but still gradually progressing), going to the gym, trying to find ways to play with all this snow (Lowell mentioned that an end to drought was a blessing of paying our tithing--we are considering stopping!) leading us to eat at Carl's Jr way more than I like to admit but they do have the best playground and ending our 1 month Thanksgiving Point fast by renewing our membership and going to the dino museum. Big D has a bit of a cold--just a cough really but Lowell and I are on edge that it may progress to croup again. I think I will forever panic whenever the bub sounds raspy. My shoulder still hurts from the sledding crash and I am still a baby and a whiner. There you go!
A couple of mildly useful things: 1)McDonald's is doing a 2 surprise toys in each kid's meal promotion. This equates to them getting rid of all the excess toys they have sitting around, but still it's 2 toys! If you are the type to go to McD, this week would be a good one. 2) I just checked with our mortgage guy and he can refinance us at 4.875%. Wow! That is so awesome! Even with our good rate of 5.5% we will be saving $172 per month. His fees rock too so we are just deciding when to lock in. Who knows if it will go down more? Rumor has it they are pushing for a 4.5% rate, but that is will not apply to refi's. Tough choice! If anyone out there is thinking about it, now is definitely a good time to consider it. As always, shop around for the best rate and fees though. I already have and know my guy is the best--I can send you his email if you want. The 4.875% is on conventional loans (20% down or equity) and with a 740 or better credit score. It is not a points buy-down and there is no origination fee.
Also of little interest will be my review of Wii Fit. I got this for Christmas and have been quite enjoying it. I wasn't so sure the first day because it weighs you and then your mii reflects the weight. For those not familiar with the wii, you create an cartoon version of yourself called a mii. You can create it anyway you wish and of course any weight you wish. Wii fit adjusts the mii to match the weight, giving me a pot belly! It did make me chuckle though. And while I am certain the scale is off, it says I have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Even if it is wrong, who doesn't like to hear they have lost weight! The other odd thing is that I am a "yoga master" on one of the yoga poses. Who would have thought? I am totally uncoordinated and was certain to be labeled "unbalanced" but I am actually pretty good at wii yoga. I am starting to like it, and my animated male trainer. Not sure of his hair style, but what are you going to do. The boys like to do the tree pose with me--so funny. There are lots of interesting games as well--things that keep me interested and wanting to be "exercising"--aerobic hula hooping, ski jumping, jogging. So far it has been really fun, just be sure to get it on sale, we got ours used on ksl.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year's! Welcome 2009

Happy New Year's everyone out in the blogdom world! I hope you all had a festive time ringing in this new year. I did it in my traditional style . . .asleep. I haven't been awake for midnight in many years. It is pretty crazy considering I am up past midnight most nights for work, all I can figure is if I am off I am probably exhausted. We did go and party with Lowell's family at Mike and Sina's for a while--had to get the junk food in!--and then when the boys were too grouchy to be around I took them home and we celebrated when the ball dropped in New York. We did poppers and sparklers, fire booms are always a hit. My sis Hillary was kind enough to share in our early jubilation. I also got to test out my new 10mp camera, yea for me!
Happy New Year's from Davis and Carter!

So I spent the rest of my night with the hottest date in town, my cutie tooties. I rocked them both and got my snuggles in and really only got to bed myself 10 minutes before midnight. I thought about staying up, but why wreck the tradition!
So New Year's Day we joined up with my fam to go sledding. Yes, the much anticipated sled trip to the gardens. It was so awesome that Hillary could get us in, here was one of the best hills in the area and no one was there but us. Sweet! So of course I wanted to do the giant hill I have always looked and thought would be the best sled hill. All those times looking at it I don't think I ever noticed the slope. Or how it sloped directly into the trees. You can guess the rest, I flipped backwards going pretty fast, couldn't stop myself and slammed into a tree. My shoulder took the brunt of it and it still pretty sore. So . . .then we moved over the ampitheater (where the waterfall is for those who have been there) and it was much improved. Still, I was a little rattled so I spent a lot of time at the bottom of the hill playing photographer. Everyone had a great time. Carter is my fearless child, he kept flying down and several times biffed it pretty good. Once he hit a bump and the sled stopped but he kept going dragging his face in the snow. Poor bubba. he cried for a minute brushed himself off and walked back up! We talked about it that night and he said he hurt his eyes, his nose, his smile, and his turner (that took me a minute, he was talking about his neck--I thought that was a pretty good name if he didn't know it). Davis was less brave but still seemed to enjoy himself. My dad came down a bunch of times and then sat watching with my mom. We finally coaxed her down and I had to laugh, she got stuck and my dad dragged her around by her feet. This is all on the video at the end, but I wanted to give you the background. I loved the winter shot at the bottom so of course I had to get some family shots. Such a gorgeous place to be.

Carter baby
My sibs! I had planned to have a quiz and a prize with my 100th post, but I don't want to think up another one, so I am cheating and putting it on my 99th post. Thanks for the idea Jillian. So here's the game: anyone who wants to can guess the birth order of me and my siblings. Just post a comment and I will put all the correct answers in a bowl and let the boys choose the winner. If you can name the missing sibling, you will get an extra entry. The winner will receive a code for 2 free 20 page photo books from artscow. If you don't use artscow, well you're just out of luck! Left to right is BJ, Hillary, Robbie, and me
My favorite shot of the whole crew, the bonus child is Angela's little brother Jason, he was born the same month as the kiddos.
A "triple"--my dad kept wanting to stack as many people as he could on one tube, so this is my dad, me, and BJ
My handsome Lowell, just 'cuz the camera loves him (me too!)
Davis braving the hill
These and more are on the video, but I thought I would post a few in case it doesn't work for someone. We followed up the sledding with my Dad's chicken noodle soup plus cookies, hot chocolate (I can't say that without thinking of the song from Polar Express now), and wassail. Mmmm . . .what a fun day!

Today Hill and I took the boys to Kangaroo Zoo to wear them out and reward some of their potty successes. Still not perfect, but we are getting there a little at a time. The boys were awesome, they can totally climb all the slides all by themselves now--some were tough for me the last time I went. Super climbers they are. Now as soon as they are consistently potty trained we are going to put them in gymnastics--future gold medalists for sure ;).

Well, I am shockingly tired. My whole body is sore from sledding and not just from where I hit the tree. I am definitely getting old! Work has continued its fever pace with 2 more bleeders since the last post. That's 4 in 5 shifts. Just craziness! I have now doubled in one week the number of units we gave my whole first year here! So just a friendly reminder that if you can, please donate blood. I have seen first hand the good it does. Loves to all!