Saturday, June 28, 2008

On a lighter note . . .

So, it has come to my attention that my pet peeves blog was a bit harsh. It wasn't intended, I guess I may have been a bit grumpy that night, but nothing serious. I did want to add one thing though and then I will drop it. I hate the whole myth that you can drink urine because it is sterile. Yes, in a healthy individual urine is sterile, so is blood, spinal fluid, etc. Most if not all of the food you eat is not sterile, not even close. Your body excretes urine to remove toxins and byproducts from your body. It would not be a good choice to reingest those simply because they are sterile! Okay, enough about that . . .
I accomplished my goal and got Lowell to go camping! It was more of an ordeal than expected, but it did turn out okay. First of all it took us a long time to gather all of the things we needed and finally get up there. We didn't have the tent set up until past 7. So my idea of hiking Stewart Falls was out, but we did find a little stream close to our camp (we were at Granite Flats up American Fork Canyon) that the boys loved because, of course, they could throw rocks into the water. We then had dinner and the boys were thrilled with the fire, they are the biggest pyros, seriously. They did better than expected staying at our camp, we were a little way off from anyone and had a big rock to climb so it was an ideal spot. They found all manner of bugs and enjoyed chasing them all over. They didn't eat very well, but they rarely do at dinner and didn't even devour their s'mores (which I of course did). Lowell wasn't feeling great so he didn't either (party poopers!). So we played around the fire a little longer, the boys with their little lanterns and then turned in. Well, we wanted to turn in but the munchkins stayed up bouncing of the walls of the tent until past midnight. Or so I was told, apparently I fell asleep before then (oops!). Finally asleep Lowell then got sick and was throwing up into the pit toilets, talk about gross, poor Lowell. Morning came and the boys and I slept past 8, pretty good for camping. By then Lowell was more than ready to go home, so a few burnt pancakes later we were on our way. Surprisingly Lowell said he did have a good time and agreed to do it again. Hooray! The next time we will a) get their earlier so we can go hiking so the boys are exhausted and will sleep, b) bring a hand pump for the air mattress since whoever borrowed it last did not return the cords to the air pump resulting in us (gasp!) sleeping on the ground and c) not serve hot dogs, Lowell has sworn off of them for a while.
That night we went swimming and though the boys were freezing (I don't know why, it was a warm day and the pool was heated) we did have a good time. They start swim lessons Monday, so wish us luck! Oh and Lowell used his bonus money to buy a Wii, so fun times to come. That is all about that . . .

I just wanted to throw in a couple of shots of our oh so cute dogs and wish them happy birthdays. Max turned 5 this past week and is now a grown man! Maddy will be 4 in a couple of weeks and Oscar will be 5 in August. They grow up so fast! We have had Maxwell (registered name Mr Maxwell Peabody, AKA Maxwell Trouble or Max) since he was a baby, he is the black one and was my first baby and I am still surprised he was the last of the litter because he is the most perfect looking schnauzer. He is a big fat woos, he cried all the way home when we got him, so much that we almost brought him back. He is terrified of all loud noises and hides in the closet-- we went ahead and put his bed in the closet to make him more comfortable! He is a mama's boy and will always be my first baby. Maddy (registered name Little Miss Madeline D'Argent (of silver) AKA Maddy Mayhem) is the darker salt/pepper and the only other girl in the house. She was the pick of the litter from the same parents as Maxwell one year later and did not get his good looks but we just couldn't crop her ears, they fit her so well. She never looked back when we picked her up as a baby and is a go getter no question about it. No one ever told her she was little. She is demanding of attention and a little fire cracker but we love her and so does Max. They snuggle together all the time and groom each other. When we got her we said that Max was my dog and Maddy was Maxwell's dog. Oscar is the latest addition to our family, we have had him less than a year and got him from a friend who was busy with other family things and moving. We never intended to have more than 2, but he was potty training, neutered, purebred, and Lowell wanted him. He is the near white one, we often call him white dog as opposed to Max as black man. I don't know his registered name, Lowell had some colorful suggestions but he usually calls him Oscar Nut. Lowell finally has a dog in Oscar, the other 2 tend towards me. He will roo Lowell and give him the biggest schnauzer hug whenever he gets home. I sneak in a kiss or two too but don't tell Lowell ;). Oscar is probably the smallest, especially as he gets some chunk off running with the other 2, the softest, and the loudest. He has quite the mouth on him, but he is schnauzer, they all do! He is a snuggler and lap dog for sure and funny too, he likes to dance. We are glad he has joined our family. They are loud, inquisitive, and in your face when you first meet them, so we often put the dogs up, but given 10 minutes to sniff you and explore they will plop in your lap and love on you. Not the best attack dogs for sure, but as guard dogs they do great. I am working on a birthday party for all 3 of them soon, if you would like an invite, let me know!

It is possible I am a little too attached to my dogs, they are my first babies! The boys do okay with them, but I am excited for the day when they will walk and play ball with them. Then they will all be the best of friends.

That is all for today, no major plans this weekend as I am working. Enjoy your summer everyone!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So very sad

Kind of different post today, just because I feel the need to talk to somebody and at this hour, there just isn't anyone available. A good friend of mine has just reached her due date. I was the lucky one to tell her the pregnancy test was positive, I enjoyed chatting with her as her tummy grew, and I had fun at her baby shower. For the past several days I have bugged her about hurrying it up so I would be on shift when she delivered. When I saw her name pop up in the lab I immediately ran down to see her but the tears in her family's eyes gave away the feeling in the room all too quickly. Her precious little girl who was kicking away this morning, no longer has a heart beat. She will now labor several hours and then deliver this precious little one directly to heaven. I am so sad for her, I am crying in my lab not knowing what to do or say. I sat with her and laughed with her a little, not trying to belittle the situation but just lighten her heart for a moment. I have found the information for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep that does free bereavement photography. I think it is an amazing service, some wonderful pictures when that will be all you have. I feel so spoiled to have 2 healthy boys who kept their daddy up tonight jumping off each other's beds when they were supposed to be sleeping. I know the Lord is infinite in his wisdom and mercy, but this is a low blow--the circumstances around this birth made it extra special. I was sure this little miss had a mission to serve in this life and I guess maybe she has just already done her service. My friend asked me simple things like how long she needed to stay at the hospital and I just can't bear to think of them wheeling her out of here empty handed. Never empty-hearted though. Is it truly better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all? At times like these I am not sure, but at the same time I am. I also believe that she will have that little one to raise at another point in time though the ache in her empty arms while waiting will be unbearable. I guess the best I can do is just to be there as much as I can. I can't relate, I have no reference to do so, but I can still listen and just hold her hand. She has a great support team with her now for which I am truly grateful. If anyone reads this and thinks of this, say a little prayer for this family. They are hurting right now and so am I. Thanks.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pet Peeves

I have spent the last hour browsing my friend's blogs so I thought I would pop in and ramble a little myself. Today's topic of the moment, pet peeves. For instance, these darling shots from the wedding on my boys and my youngest sister Cyndel. How come she got the only good pics from the day??? There's a pet peeve for you, and why can't 2 children look at the camera and smile, I mean like once a week? And how about how Cyndel, the baby, just got a cute little Jetta to drive. Did I get a car when I lived at home . . .no . . .those in the know might point out that I didn't even have a license until after I got married, bought my own car, graduated from college . . .but that is neither here nor there. How about work pet peeves, I bet you all have these. I work in a lab and I sit at my desk being busy (buying CDs on ebay) and people will come and drop off specimens to be run. Every time they drop them off they have a funny little quip, something to the effect of Merry Christmas or here's a present. It may have been funny once, but now it's just dumb, I mean every single person. I really want to say, hey if poop in a bag is a present, man I am not coming to your house on my next birthday, but no I smile, roll my eyes, and say thanks. Or how about how parents tell their kids that getting their blood drawn won't hurt. That is just a lie and it is mean and makes my job harder, the poor kid looks at me with the sad little eyes like I broke their trust. Believe me, I would tell them the truth, it will pinch a little but will be over quickly. My kids (thank the Lord) haven't had their blood drawn since they were newborns though, so I guess I don't know for sure what I would say. Which brings me to my next peeve, people who judge you and your circumstance without having been there themselves. You know the people, they are the starers as you drag your crying child to the car. The ones that roll their eyes when you bring your kids in a family restaurant, the mother at the store with one infant that gives you the "my kid is going to be so much better behaved than that" look. I bless them all with disobedient 2 year old twins. I have been seriously close to handing one of my kids over to them and saying, you try it! Wow, I am on a role tonight, such a great venting board!
Anyway, back to the real reason my 0 readers come to the blog, those cute boys who love their Aunt Cyndel--who I really do adore even if she has the cute car because she looks so darn cute in it and she is a wonderful helper who watches my kids for free and just wants to go to the zoo. We have had an okay week, we went to Cascade Springs for a hike yesterday and saw a snake--the boys will tell you all about it if you ask. Davis' new thing is saying "mom, mom, mom, mom" over and over until you answer, yes, and then he has nothing to say. Yep, drives me crazy! He had an "aha" potty training moment today though that has me excited. I put some cloth training pants on him and the moment he got wet (it was inevitable) he came running in, "wet, oh gross, wet" and then sat on the potty and finished. Yes, this is progress (did I mention diapers are uber expensive?). Carter was pleased as punch to run around in his wet undies but was not happy to have them taken off and switched for a diaper (on the way to the gym, I lost 3 lbs but the boys got written up for fighting, sigh). Carter was particularly off today, I am wondering if he has something brewing as he is acting very tired and cranky and I have a bit of laryngitis myself. Here's hoping it passes quickly.
So fun things ahead this week, tomorrow my sisters and I are going to brave story time at the library (note I did not say that I alone would brave it) and Wednesday I have talked Lowell into camping, hooray! We'll see how it goes anyway. Then starting next Monday we will be doing swim lessons for 2 weeks, and there's the 4th of July in there with lots of boom booms as Lowell would say (I think he is sticking to the legal variety this year, he's no fun!). In other news, Maxwell turned 5 (or 35 to those canines among us) on Saturday, he is all grown up! He enjoyed a bowl of milk (he loves it!), some watermelon, and wet dog food--party on. I am working on a birthday party for all 3 of the dogs soon, they all have summer birthdays and I figured I'd combine the fun. Stay tuned, there is a lot of crazy fun stuff to come!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 year old streaker!

Have you ever noticed how half of my pictures are of my childrens' back? There is a good reason for this, 1) I actually do just have a thing for backs in pictures I don't know what it is and 2) You can't tell that they aren't smiling and that they are super dirty. I cannot believe how dirty my boys are these days. I heard plenty of times about how often you have to change a baby's outfit in a given day, no one mentioned the same would be even more true for my toddlers. I like to think my kids actually have a fairly large wardrobe, those close to me I think would agree, but here I am a full day before laundry is to begin (we only do it once a week, probably part of the problem, but blessed day Lowell does it, so I am not going to complain!) and they are out of shorts. Is this because I only have one for each day of the week? Oh no, it is because they go through 3 a day! I still have shirts left over, but I think I may be rescuing some shorts from the pile tomorrow . . .You know there are a lot of things no one ever told me about parenting. I think it is probably a good thing, like we wouldn't have jumped on into the pool if we had known. And then there are things that people tell you that are just such bold face lies that it still smarts. Like, the first year of parenting twins is the hardest (NOT!). Of course I keep hearing it gets better when they are 3 and though my faith in advice should be crushed, I am still holding on for dear life on that one.
So yesterday I had a bit of fun with one of those things that no one told me. This one was a recent event, that Davis has discovered how to unlock the dead bolt on the front door. After the fact I found out that both Lowell and my Mother-in-law are in the loop on this one, but I guess it is more fun to learn things on your own. Especially when it involves chasing your streaking 2 year old across the neighborhood. Davis was done with his turn on the potty after bath time (hooray for #1 and #2 completed) so I set him loose not worrying about him peeing on the ottoman (oh yes this has happened, it was the poo smear that was less pleasant) so that I could attend to Carter on the toilet. Out of my peripheral hearing I swore I heard the storm door slamming shut and as I run outside I found out why, Davis is streaking the court. But yes, it gets better. I then locked the front door (it hitherto not being locked) and went back to check on Carter when Davis went on streaking trip #2, this one even farther away with a heated chase before I could wrangle the boy in the house. All the while our next door neighbor's (we call them brother and sister downstairs because we don't remember their names and they live in the basement) dad (grandpa downstairs if you will as they just had a new baby) sat in his car and watched me chase him both times. Yep, that was fun. I actually kind of wish I had my camera but 1) it would probably be inappropriate to post it on here and 2) it was probably better that I caught him and brought him inside than ran and got my camera. All the while my darling Carter was sitting on the potty doing his #1 and #2. He is my prized child for the day!
As a twin mom I really do try not to compare my children but it is hard. Everyone always asks, is he the quiet/dominant/outgoing/smarter/cuter/more like daddy one? The truth is yes to all for both kids, it just depends when you ask. They change a lot and reverse roles all the time. With that in mind, here is some commentary on their personalities of this date. Davis has become quite the little controller. He really likes to tell everyone what to do and is upset when you don't obey. For instance yesterday's streaking was all in an attempt to find Daddy (who was out walking the dogs). He stood by the door and said, "I find Daddy, you wait here, I'll be right back". Right back and just a second are popular in his language right now. He also especially likes to scold Carter. I often catch him saying, "Tarter det down or Tarter no, stop". When Carter is in time out, Davis used to go spring him when I wasn't looking, now he'll open the door yell at him and shut it again. My Carter is a comedian of late. He likes to be laughing and he likes to make you laugh. "That's funny" is a big one for him and he scrunches up his nose in such a way that whatever it is, it is funny. He likes to tickle and especially to be tickled and lately he likes to grab my nose--I don't know why but it always catches me off guard and I can't breathe (try your mouth genius!!) He also likes very much to be in to every thing! If he catches the fridge or pantry unlocked he will be in there. He broke 15 eggs last week from the fridge and every time I turn around he is covered in choc-ate from the pantry. He has a butter thing right now too, he loves it! He'll pull it out of a hot pan if you aren't watching and begs for a piece any time I am cooking with it. I do give in and give him a little pat as his weight is on track for now but it does worry me a little. I think he just takes after my dad, I always remember him putting a pat of butter on a saltine and then salting it (?). One more thing about Davis, "I climb!" That's all.
So there is your insight into our lives for today, stay tuned next week for more crazy antics!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Here is the Father's Day montage as promised. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Belated Father's Day to everyone!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Saturday in the summer!

We had a very busy day yesterday, but one that was on the whole, successful. We started out with the Fugal (Lowell's mom's side) family picnic in Redmond Utah. This is about 1.5 hours from us which is a pretty far drive for our little men. It turned out okay though and the boys had a lot of fun with their "cousins". It was funny to me as I had no clue who any of these kids were, but the boys right away went with them and I had to fight my mommy urge to be right there with them and just give them some space to play with other kids. That worked out really well, they are getting to be such grown-up independent boys! Carter loved playing ball with Angel's daughter I think Lowell said that's who she was and she was very sweet to include him in their game even though he is small. Davis was enjoying the park equipment until the water balloons came out and both boys were all over that. First time with water balloons was a hit! They just popped them on themselves, but it was still fun! We had to wrangle them in the car but then they snoozed most the way home. That wasn't as long as they usually nap though and we noticed it that night at Orem's Summerfest. They were just rather touchy and we kept them up past 11 pm watching fireworks, so yea, they were VERY tired. I know how to get them to go right to bed now, but I don't think we'll make it a regular occurence. They had fun riding the carnival rides though and did better this year than last as they are bigger boys now. The rides were pretty reasonably priced too, I was surprised. For $9 they rode 5 rides, one that we did too. We used the money saved on carnival treats and the boys were certainly loaded on sugar in time for the fireworks. They liked them better this year than last also with Davis jumping up to "catch" the colors and Carter making friends with the family next to us. Such friendly kids, although Lowell and I felt a little left out as they chose to sit with that family's parents rather than us during the show but you know, whatever!
So fun times, we all survived and Lowell told me they slept in this morning and are taking it a little easy. I am glad as it is Lowell's father's day and I am stuck at work. Happy Father's Day to all the dads in blog land and especially to the world's best dad, my husband and also to my dad who I so wish we could be barbequing with tonight, but next year for sure! I have a father's day montage to post once I get the CD I am waiting. I just like this song and the CD came later than expected, but the real father's day post is coming. In the meantime we are just going to have a nice dinner with my kids' daddy and then dessert with Lowell's dad. Should be a good day! Have a good Sunday everyone!

Monday, June 9, 2008


So I am just coming out of my sick-induced haze to post again. Yuck, I hate having, "the crummies" as Lowell would say (From the Lorax, the Barbaloots had gas and crummies because they had no food in their tummies). I don't know where they came from but they sure hit me pretty hard in the midst of my busy work week, I haven't thrown up that many times in a day since I was pregnant (or since the Salmonella incident of '06?). Truth is I have had more crummies since having the boys than ever in my life. They both have had some tummy issues as well, with Davis throwing up twice, but have done pretty well. And Lowell has been feeling icky but not like me either, I am just the lucky one this time. Probably my fault for working so much and never sleeping, and still working out even though I feel lousy. Hey, they charge you if you don't show up and I figure I can be quietly walking and watching a show or chasing the monkeys around, which would really make me feel worse? Poor bubbas, Friday I was just exhausted from puking all night and weak since I still couldn't keep any food down so I laid on the grass outside while they played. They kept saying, "mommy wake up, mommy 'tet up". I know, I am a lousy mom but Lowell couldn't get off and that was the best I could manage at the time. I think I make up for it other times though. For instance, even though I was still pretty weak on Sunday (didn't make it to church lest I share my fun and I also needed to pick my mom up from the airport) Lowell and I still took the boys up to Tibble Fork again because they enjoyed it so much last time. I so want to take them hiking some more! I am thinking maybe Arches instead of Yellowstone, just closer. Hmmm . . .I am always scheming a trip! Anyway, they loved throwing rocks again and as you can see from the above shot, it was a gorgeous day. We also went to the dino musuem on Saturday and that's about it.
I am on the mend, still weak but eating almost full meals now and wishing I would have lost more weight while I was sick! I work the next 2 days but then have a couple off and then this weekend we will be headed down to Redmond, UT for Lowell's family reunion. The Fugal family are funny, it should be a good time. I'd like to go see the Manti pageant while we are down that way but Lowell reminded me that it doesn't start until 9:30 pm and our kids don't exactly sit well for things. Maybe next year. Not much else to report, kind of lame, but sickness is! Here's one thing, Lowell and I are rewatching all the seasons of Lost, talk about lame! We are such nerds, but seriously I love that show and I have a sad 8 month hiatus until it is on again so I thought I would rewatch it all and see if anything new comes to light. If anyone out there does not watch Lost, follow my lead and start from the beginning and then be ready for next year. It is the best show! Not much else on TV for the summer anyway . . .Enough boring stuff from me for one day, enjoy the cute pictures!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What a week!

Yea! I finally figured out how to post my montages--I am pretty slow with this computer stuff, it wasn't that hard! Anyway, here are many pics from the past month. We survived our busy week hooray!

My birthday went well, Lowell sent me gorgeous flowers (see end of video) which was nice and we went and got me some sandals. We then went to dinner at Tucanos, a brazilian BBQ place that is basically all you can eat meat. They bring it to you on a skewer and you just cut off a piece of whatever you want, we'll just say I was very full at the end. And of course I got a deal, free dinner on your birthday, just register at . I had also had a buy one get one free for my b-day at Sweet Tomatoes the previous Saturday, register at On Sunday my in-laws came up and we had a steak BBQ with fruit and cake, it was yummy. Nice to visit with everyone even though my nieces didn't want to stay long. They are still darling. Then for my birthday part 3, last night we went to use my free burger from Red Robin (you guessed, it which we braved with the kiddos. They did okay actually, not great, but okay. We just ate really fast and took theirs to go. We also ordered an appetizer to distract them while the main course was coming and I brought some special candies. All that to make it through a 30 minute meal, but hey we did it! We followed that up with my free scoop from Baskin Robbins--I think you've all got it by now. I love my free birthday stuff, each year I add a new one, just keep an eye out for it, lots of places will do things for your birthday. We then did Family night at the gardens, they were having a Scottish Theme so my Mother and Sister-in-laws joined us, but they finished early and we didn't catch much of it. Bummer. The kids still got a good run in to finish out the night. So that was my birthday in 3 parts, I guess I can officially be 28 now.

In the midst of all this we had the real big event, my brother BJ and my new sister-in-law Angela's wedding. It all went over well. My mom and spent the night before setting up the lunch and making sugar cookies until midnight (ugh! but my mom insisted, I hate rolling out sugar cookies!) I also played little girl and had my mom put pink curlers in my hair, I don't think it has been curled since before my wedding. Yikes! Let's just say I don't own a hair dryer let alone a curling iron. I know it is pathetic, but I have never learned how to do my own hair. I can do a few things, including braiding, but I can't curl it anyway. So the next morning after the usual frantic where is the 4th shoe search the bubs were in their very darling suits (the jackets of which never did get use, it was just too warm that day. They are pretty big though, we'll use them again) and we were on our way. Lowell and I attended the temple sealing along with quite a few of my extended family members and my mom. Sadly they could not wait for my Dad's return in September, it angers and hurts me that they wouldn't, but it's done now. BJ will have to live with the fact that his impatience was so hard on my dad and also the forever wedding pics that will be missing someone. There, I have spoken my peace and counted to 3. We then took the photos which although I bought special toys and candy to entertain the boys during this time, I did not bring them from the car, so they didn't do that great. With the help of some wonderful toddler moms, I think we got a couple of good shots. I'll post them if BJ shares them. Then off to the lunch that our family was in charge of and that went off pretty well. Lowell took the boys home early while I presented the video I have been working on (after my Uncle Corey got it to play, thanks!). That done we just had the reception which was more of my boys running everywhere in their cute little suits and me chasing them and trying to visit with my family a bit in between.

So now BJ is just married and off on his honeymoon to DisneyLand (where Lowell and I went also). And I realized something today, I miss the punk. He left on his mission before my boys were born and after he got home he quickly met Angela and that is all he did. I feel like I never really got to have my brother back and now he belongs to another and I probably will continue to not see him. My boys love him too but have a hard time remembering who he is because they see him so infrequently. Perhaps now that he is married and off from school for the summer we will get a chance to see a little more of him. I guess this will probably involve seeing more of his wife as well, but I better get used to that. I just don't know her at all and it is still awkward being around her. But she is family now and my kids' aunt, so I guess it is time to get to know her. So there is my official family drama for the summer. The end.

Today we went to the zoo again as last week it was too busy (it was almost as busy today) and we thought it would be a good way for the boys to burn some energy for a while (it was). I will be working a lot this week so I wanted to give Lowell a head start with tired kids and he was kind enough to take a couple of days of to see us as I will be so busy the rest of this week (think 50 hours plus 16 hours of call). Now that school is out for the summer we will be getting to see a lot more of Lowell. During the school year it is very difficult for him to get time off, but in the summer he has to use up all the time he has accrued or he'll lose it. Works great for me, I have so many trips to plan! Anyway, many fun summer adventures ahead!