Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Outrageous Amount of Easter (Part 3)

Finally it was Easter day. The kiddos woke up to this gift the Easter Bunny (or Bunny Easter as they call him) so considerately left them in the morning so as to keep them occupied while Daddy went to Stake Conference and Mommy made Easter Brunch for her whole family. Such a considerate Rabbit!It worked, they had a lot of fun until I put it all away once they started losing the marbles.
I managed to get a couple of cute pics before they got dirty, on threat of no Jello until they smiled!

Sadly I could only find one of their bunnies, so they had to share.


And yes, then they got Jello--Davey eating an entire Jello egg at once. Well, not really, next he spit it out and got it all over his shirt (their outfits were washed 3 times in 2 days).

First egg hunt of the day, this was just them (only grandkids on my side until September) and my fam watching on. We were overjoyed to have grandpa with us this year who helped to hide the eggs and toys.

Carter on the move

I like the excitement in this shot as he found an egg in the playhouse
Way blurry, but I still like the backs of my little men walking in with their treats, they look so little!

Davis with his loot! I actually remembered the next day I had another present for them, it's a sad sign of an over-eager shopper when you can miss one and not notice! I need to cancel my Toys R Us email subscription, how can I pass up a toy sale???

We have a tradition of having a dog easter egg hunt each year as well. It is just treats thrown all over the yard, but trust me, they love it! They were finding treats for days!
The boys testing the abilities of their bubble guns, after they figured out this would work on the kitchen table as well.
Sunday night we had Lowell's family over for a repeat of the lunch activities. More ham, more eggs to find, I love it!

These were the cute eggs Lowell's mom brought, they were all different animals and plants and fairies, SO cute!

Carter with his loot, part 2

Davis too. They had fun searching with cousins Hannah and Alivya but missed Dylan in Texas of course! Maybe next year! Now they have more toys and candy than they know what to do with--I'm rationing it of course. It was a really enjoyable Easter spent with family.

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