Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Odds and Ends

We've been busy as usual but nothing major to report. We've just been playing . . .and doing crafts:

I got this kit from Oriental trading (sorry I can't find it to add a link) with 30 individual crafts instead of a dozen of one craft. So I bought 2 boxes and we have projects for a while. They are enjoying their sun necklaces and today we started on cowboy picture frames.

We've also been going to the gardens:

The tulips are SO gorgeous right now. We went Saturday for the tulip festival and the boys did well--saw the flowers had some windmill cookies and drop (salted black licorice, you know you're Dutch if you like (love!) this stuff) and then had lunch with the fam. They were smart because they then went home and napped while the rest of us went back and were rained and hailed on! Crazy weather, I know how to pick the craziest weather days. We still enjoyed it though and it was good to see my grandma. We went back last night for another crazy weather day. We took family pics in a wind storm :(. Here's hoping they turn out even though our hair was whipping everywhere. I have to give props to our brave photographer and neighbor who I visit teach, Amanda. She is awesome and an outstanding value, $50 for the sitting and she gives you the disk so you can print as many as you want. Here's her blog if you are interested : . Here's another one: --this is a nurse at my hospital who is very talented and as sweet as they come. Check them both out if you are in Utah county looking for a photographer. I'll post the pics when we get them back.

We also hit up the 40% off sale at Spaghetti Factory--for Tuesdays through May--thanks for the tip Jillian! It was yum-o!

We've also been playing in the rain:

In the darling Nike jogging suits that my grandparents got the boys for Christmas. It make me laugh so much because my grandpa is always wearing a jogging suit, so now they would fit right in with him. Such a nice gift too--it was perfect for playing in the wet weather Saturday afternoon.

Since then we have had a peek at the sun and enjoyed it by playing outside:
and driving the Power Wheels since Daddy finally found the missing battery chargers.

We love Daddy! The boys and papa with matching In n Out Vegas shirts.

So that's what we've been doing. I finally finished reading Congo and am looking forward to watching the movie tonight. I liked it, though it was completely different than I was anticipating. I adore Michael Crichton, so fast paced and scientific, it suits my style well. I am looking forward to reading his last couple of books once they are released. I have moved on to Gone with the Wind, my BFF Kristina's fav book. I am enjoying it thus far. I also read Midnight Sun for the second time and am almost done with Twilight again (4th time) in between. I am already anxious for New Moon's release--they are filming now! and so excited to hear Eclipse will be released next June, much sooner than I was expecting. I am already planning a New Moon party--I hope to watch Twilight on a big screen at Lowell's school and then move on to the midnight showing.

The only other excitement here is swine flu. Working in the lab we see these "pandemics" come through once in a while and there is quite the excitement for a while. We have run 10 flus in the last 2 days, the average this time of year would be 0-1. My advice to those concerned is, you're not going to get it. If you do feel flu like, it's still probably not H1N1 (swine flu) but go get some antivirals and you will be fine. The upside--the CDC recommends anyone feeling flu-like to take 7 days off work (the incubation period) so now is a good time to be "sick". Cough Cough.

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Sal-my-gal said...

Those kits sound AWESOME! I'll have to check it out for the Summer. Thanks for the tip.