Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Outrageous Amount of Easter (Part 2)

So Part 2 is the Saturday before Easter. We started the morning off early with the ward Easter egg hunt. What a great primary president to have put together such a nice hunt! We got there just as the 2-3 year olds were starting and both kids knew just what to do. Last year must have prepped them. Carter LOVES Easter!

Davis and his loot, already partially eaten, who doesn't love candy for breakfast??

So then we were off to the Thanksgiving Point Easter event. We went last year and quite enjoyed it, so when the tickets were more expensive this year we decided to go ahead and go anyway. That was a bad decision! It was fun and all and the kids had a good time, but it was a rip off. There was only 1 candy per generic egg and it was a cheap chew. Every egg, same thing. Last year was cheaper and so much better, cool eggs with 3 candies in each. We'll be skipping this next year. For me to not like something from Thanksgiving Point is a big deal--my sisters both worked the event and had lots of complaints.

We made the best of it though. Here is Carter collecting eggs--I picked him up and ran him out away from the crowd and then when I put him down he just sat there looking at all the chaos. I was like, hurry hurry pick up the eggs! Craziness!

Carter's collection

And Davis's

Riding the cow train, certainly the highlight of the day

Same one as Halloween in case you were wondering.

And this one the one and only chance they had to meet the Easter Bunny this year. Maybe that made it worth it? They were so amazed that they were actually seeing him! Even if he was freaky looking and very big, he is kneeling in this picture.

We went home and had nap time and prepped ourselves for even more craziness coming on Easter day. But not before running around with Easter baskets as hats!

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