Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little touch of sun

Ugh. Does anyone have any answers for why I have to always throw up at work?? It is truly a bizarre phenomenon in my life. When I was pregnant I could understand, I threw up in every toilet I was ever near but since then I have thrown up at least twice more often in my work toilet than anywhere else. Weird. And lately I will just lose my dinner right after I finish even though I have felt fine all day. Maybe it was my body's way of saying that kielbasa was not the best decision for dinner tonight. Oh well, there's more than you wanted to know about my evening.

On to much more pleasant things, a touch of spring! For one blissful day the sun came out and we got up to 70 degrees. The boys and I embraced the day spending it outside. We were going to go to the park but were waiting for a friend who was thinking of coming over and it worked out well--our yard is just about as good as any park. Here's some fun sunny shots: Carter loves to swing (and try to kick mama with the camera)

Davis too--doesn't his face scream childhood joy?

Davis my model posing in the "TarterDadis clubhouse, come inside it's fun inside". If you don't have 3 year olds and/or the Disney channel you'll have no idea where that's from.

Well you don't see that everyday, Batman and a train conductor blowing bubbles. Well, I guess I do--Davey boy wore that mask everywhere for a few days.

Carter upside down with his cute, dirty little tootsies
Happy swinging boys, in shorts!

I love this one of Carter, it's hard to tell in pics but those cheeks are so soft, I love to touch his face.
So I spent my 2 days off visiting. I was up past 10 both nights just chatting the night away. So wonderful to have adult conversation! Tuesday was UVMOM mom's night out--bowling, dinner, and then ice cream and chatting. Delightful! And yes I scored the lowest at bowling, no surprise there, Davis beat me both of his games from last week. Then last night we had dinner with my family and Sue and Scott Hoyt--my best friend growing up's parents. These were my "other" parents growing up, the ones who saw me at least as much as my own and who always adopted me at girl's camp. They are moving from my childhood home of Manteca, CA to Denver where their daughter my BFF Kris lives. It was great to hear about what everyone is doing from "home". Truth is, everyone has left but I still considering everyone from our old ward as family. My mom and I are excited that Sue and Kris will both be 8 hours away now, we're already scheming a trip minus the silly boys (my dad and Lowell) who are not so much into that drive.
Sadly my poor boys were neglected. Usually my days off are all play time with them instead of play time for me. I'll make it up to them with a bunch of fun Easter plans and then Lowell is off next week for Spring break and we're ironing out the details for fun in Arches and Goblin Valley. Stay tuned!
Here's how the kids thought breakfast should be spent today (insert exaggerated eye roll here):

Oh well, they did clean it up themselves. And I am pleased to say Carter has his little lizards there for finally going #2 in the potty. Today he even told me he needed to go and followed up on that announcement. He took himself potty at the gym too. Davis has always been a bit ahead of Carter in the race to be potty trained, but perhaps Carter is pulling ahead. Whatever, just please please get it done! We are getting there. They are undies all the time except when they are sleeping now and aren't having many accidents at all. The #2 issue is the biggest hurdle left and I am praying we get over it soon. I'm ready for all the fun things I have promised them for after they are potty trained (and I don't have to spend so much moola on diapers)--gymnastics, itty bitty ball, preschool . . .
And finally because my darling little sis wants to see the pic and to prove the insanity runs in the fam, here's a pic of her and her friends heading to a concert last night:

She's on the far right and ever so silly. Very much like I was at her age. Sometimes I wonder why I ever grew up. Love you cutie girl!


Scott and Jillian said...

Your boys are too cute. I love their cheesy little smiles! And, I knew where the 'clubhouse' thing came from. It cracked me up!

dodenbier said...


we're insane looking.