Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday on the blog

I think I've posted this one before but it struck me this morning as something to share again. I think there's a little bit for everyone in this song.

"I will not be afraid" by Michael McLean

Because it's you
Because it's true
Because you're far too good to lose
Because you're here
Because it's clear
Because your love's been drowning the fear
I will not be afraid
I will not run away
I will not leave too soon and then wish I stayed
I will not be afraid
I will not be afraid
Because I've lost
Because it cost
Because my heart's been double crossed
Because I thirst to quench the hurt
Because not trying is always worse
I will not be afraid
I will not run away
I'll work the double shifts til the piper's paid
I will not be afraid
I will not be afraid
For so long I chose to be a prisoner of fear
I prolonged the slavery for too many years
for too many years
I will not be afraid
I will not run away
I'll let those memories of failure fade
The hand that I've been dealt I'm gonna play
I'll keep the things I've learned and I will not trade
I will not be afraid
I will not run away
I'll grow a little stronger every day
I'll face the music proudly that I have made
And if you knew me then then you'll know I've changed today
I will not be afraid
I will not be afraid
I will not be afraid
I will not be afraid
I will not be afraid

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bippity boppity Boooo!

This will be a long post, but I'll jump in and do Halloween. With me off work we lived up Halloween big time. There are so many fun fall activities in Utah and we exploited most of them this year. I already mentioned Frightmares at Lagoon but we did go there 3 times to finish out our pass for the year. It was very fun having the pass but I am not sure we will do it again next year--sister will be an issue, plus it is expensive and we have a Seven Peaks pass for next summer already. Anyway, the last visit I got to hit my fav rides (since I was no longer pregnant or recovering from surgery) and it was awesome. The swings are my favorite. The boys had fun too--lots of trick or treating prizes and the ride lines weren't too bad at all. Sorry these are in reverse order! The first few were just me snapping shots of my cute-stuffs.Smiling girl, I swear she is the most smiley baby. Generally content unless she is hungry, over-tired, or bored. Lowell calls her his feel good baby because she can cheer him up anytime. We sure love her!
She is growing so darn fast too, I hate it!

The boys came up with this idea all on their own but I thought it was darn cute. They really are super good with her, they always want to be with her and try to get her to smile at them all the time. Claire in turn adores them too. I would think all the pestering would get annoying but she smiles for them more than anyone else.

Just heading off to church with my 3 cute kiddos

So I of course hit the after Halloween sales and stocked up on half price candy and deco and these little numbers. So, no this wasn't their official costumes but Optimus and bumblebee have joined our dress up collection. Carter is holding a little notebook they insisted on having for a few days. They just "wrote" and colored in it and wanted Lowell and I to draw things in it for them.

So Claire was our mini-M&M for Halloween this year. Yes I made the costumes--if you call cutting out felt and hot gluing it making them. I am not a seamstress but I liked this idea and thought I could do it myself and pretty cheaply and I am happy with how it turned out. Though we just threw the boys' costumes away because they were so trashed, but since they were so cheap it didn't hurt too bad.

For the record Lowell has a bag costume as well, I just don't have a pic of him in it. Unfortunately the weather turned yucky just as we were going out to trick or treat. We did 2 doors (only one who answered) and were so cold and wet we threw in the towel to go to the other grandma's house for her trunk or treat (indoors!).

My m&m brothers. They got a lot of positive comments on their costumes and even won the costume contest at my work! So fun--they used the gift card to buy remote control cars and Disney play phones, after about 2 hours in the mall wanting to buy everything they saw. Man it is hard to let them choose! Halloween was a 2 day event for us and very full. Friday afternoon we went to my mom's work (Noni juice) and went trick or treating there where grandma could show them off and the kids could rack up some candy. They had so much it was ridiculous. Before that they trick or treated with their preschool class at the high school and I couldn't believe how many treats they got there as well. Then we visited my work where they won and finally that night we went to our ward's trunk or treat and chili cook off. That worked out very well as the weather was much more cooperative that night.

We carved our pumpkins in the middle of all that too. This was a special kid carving kit and I think they did pretty well. They were good at scooping out the guts and Davis even slept with his pumpkin that night he liked it so much.

Here's Claire handing out the candy at the trunk or treat. We have such a wonderful ward who care for our busy little boys so much. It was fun to see them interact with all their "friends" adults and kids alike. They are just so social and outgoing--quite the popular little fellows (funny as Lowell and I just are not that way!).

Here are the cupcakes I brought, the black frosting was thicker than I wanted, but I still thought they turned out cute.

So the Thursday of Halloween week we took the boys to Cornbelly's. My parents took them after their birthdays as well, so this was their second visit. There was lots of fun things to do--2.5 hours later we had done most of them but still had to drag the kids out. It was just getting very chilly to have a tiny baby out.

Running through the corn maze--which we actually completed without cheating this year!

Posing for me, gotta love those boys!

Laughing on the hay train ride--it was super bumpy but little sister was loving it. We think maybe she will be Lowell's friend for roller coasters in the future. It really was a fun night.

Just chilling in her play gym, I love her expression. She does enjoy checking things out and is becoming more observant and playful all the time.

Sunday night we had dinner at my parent's house and had yummy soup (I made French onion and it turned out great--I loved it!). Then we made caramel apples, it is such a mess but in the end I am always happy. So yummy. Thanks to Cyndel who made them with me.

Close up of my little snoozing princess. The boys were already asleep, partially why she is resting so peacefully (they love her so much it's hard to let her rest!).

We also went to Cascade Springs the week before Halloween and caught a couple of great shots of the boys. Sis was chilling in her stroller. It was a nice drive as well, the aspens were a vibrant yellow--I really loved how many times Lowell let us drive up the canyon this fall. The boys usually fell asleep or zoned out watching a show and Lowell and I got to chat and admire the view. We love American Fork canyon. I picked the perfect spot for family pictures, went and got the clothes to go with it, and then it snowed and everything just looked dead after that.

I love love this pic, except that they are looking so grown up to me! They had their 5 year old appointment around this time as well and have finally topped 40 inches (a key height for many Disney rides). They were both 40 i nches and just under 40 lbs. Their eyesight was great and our ped (who I love) was not concerned with their ability to function in a classroom. We're still addressing some anger and behavior issues but he wasn't too concerned. And most surprising of all (to me) they did totally awesome with getting 4 shots each. We talked about it ahead of time and they grimaced for sure but no crying or fighting. They got some great ice cream after for a reward. Such grown up tough little boys. I still can't believe they are 5.

And Claire turned one month old. I can't even believe how much she has grown in comparison to the bunny and wait until you see the 2 month pic.

As I have mentioned this fall has been gorgeous. Moderate temps allowed for lots of outside time. My mom and I walked the gardens every Wednesday (her day off) while the boys were at preschool. It is such a lovely place and it was nice to talk to my mom with random questions/concerns I had about Claire. She chilled in her stroller sometimes and this time I took her in the wrap. She fell right to sleep and was quite content. I also took all 3 to the dollar movie (Despicable me--very cute, I recommend it) with Claire in the wrap and that worked out great. I had 2 free hands for little boys who had to pee 3 (!) times during the movie and then just shifted her to feed her in the theater. Thanks Sina for loaning it to me!

We picked our pumpkins at a cute little old man's field in Lehi again this year. The boys were thrilled with their choices and of course got one for Claire too (and Oma).

The boys were playing out back one day while Claire and I took a few pics. I sure loved the weather this fall (as we have a blizzard warning in effect as I write this, ugh!).

I love little hands and feet!

They had free Halloween Saturdays at the dino museum which the boys really got into. They are in a witch's house here and also got to visit with a great vampire, he was so good with the kids. They played games for prizes too. It was a fun event.

More shots of Claire on another visit to the garden, this was an evening visit with my mom and BJ's little guy Jonny. We threw her in the flowers and snapped away. :)

Lowell took the boys to Barnyard Boo at the farm as well (I was cleaning) and he said they had fun. He wasn't impressed (i.e. bored) but I think the boys enjoyed the little crafts they made and pumpkin bowling, etc.
I think that about covers all their Halloween activities this fall, it sure was a busy time, but you all know that I love it that way! Now we're looking forward to Thanksgiving this week and I'm looking forward to Black Friday! It's craziness but I LOVE a good sale and since I go out with my mom and sisters it really is just a fun time. Not looking forward to the cold though--it's supposed to be very chilly. Wish us luck! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Where to start . . .

Well I am back to work and the wonders of "free time" on the internet but I can't figure out how to even start I am so behind. I think there is more that was left out but I am jumping into pics from when Claire was 3 weeks old and I'll try to remember what we did and then maybe do a week at a time after that? Other than pics I can just say we went to all the places we have passes to and then a couple extra and played and laughed and worked and went to school (the boys). That sums it up. But since this is our family journal, I'll try to detail it a little better. First a couple shots from this week to not forget them.
A big moment for my Carter man, the first time he wrote his name (for me) without any help: It's not perfect but I love love it. For a little boy who has struggled with fine motor skills this is a big accomplishment. He has known how to spell it for a while, but also remembering which letter is which and being able to write them makes me so proud.
Just a quick howdy doo from my Claire girl (and Mickey) to show how's she growing. She is sure putting on the chunk and is changing so darn fast. :( Don't grow up my little love bug.
Anywho, back around UEA break my grandma and my aunts came down to visit us. It was such a lovely visit for sure, lots of chatting and oohing and aahing over the little girl. The boys came by too after Daddy took them to Barnyard Boo. They brought lovely gifts for the baby as well, I am so spoiled by a wonderful family. It was just such a nice time.

Isn't Oma just the cutest lady ever? I am sure everyone who has ever met her just loves her--my boys do for sure.

Claire trying out the play gym for the first time. She still only kind of looked at it at that point, she likes them more now.

Sleeping angel in the gorgeous quilt my friend Reva made for her. It's amazing to me the skills some people have, it is so wonderful. Clairey Berry does love to snooze in her swing.

For the time of year, the weather was just wonderful mid-October this year. The boys and I had a fun afternoon just hanging out in the sun outside. Davis took this pic as he monkey'd around with my camera, not posed just me adoring my newborn. I could look at her all day.

Just adore my 3 kids

I decided I was brave and took all 3 kids to the zoo by myself when Claire was 3 weeks old. Carter had been asking to go for a while but our pass had expired and I wasn't sure I wanted to renew it. But the boys were off school that day and we had nothing going on so we went. My biggest concern was feeding the baby while there, as it is just too long of a time to not have had to do so, but the boys did really well. I found a quiet spot where they could watch the elephants while I fed her (of course it was quiet when I started but got busier as soon as she started to eat, oh well) and they wandered a bit but didn't leave the area. Really we had a good time, sister snoozed for the most part in her stroller and the boys were happy to be back at the zoo after 4 months away.

Here's the little 3 week old. If I remember right she was still sleeping 4-5 hour blocks at night just waking up to eat but did start to have her first fussy periods, having hardly cried since she was born. It was the first time she fussed not because she was hungry so I had to figure out what else she might need. It was just that she was over-tired. She fights sleeping sometimes because there is so much interesting going on and then really gets onery and struggles to get to sleep. We still have that battle.
Well, there's a little snippet, I'll catch up someday. Meanwhile a couple of thoughts on going back to work. What is interesting to me was that I wasn't racing back to work. Really truly I love my job. It is every stay at home mom's dream I think to have the kind of quiet and down time that I get as part of working. It is really a wonderful job and not just for the down time, I do enjoy the work part of my job as well and all my co-workers. But I was enjoying just being home with my 3 as well. I was pleasantly surprised at how content I was just being an ever busy mom. My first day back was a little stressful at the get go thanks to blood needed in the ER, a new computer system that I couldn't entirely remember, and construction workers pulling cable in the lab and blocking much of the area I needed to work in. When that passed it calmed down nicely but then I was worried about Lowell at home as little sister was having a terrible night and daddy wasn't having a good one either. It was 12:45 by the time she finally fussed herself to sleep and Lowell had to go to work at 5. Still not sure what was bugging her. Missed breastfeeding? Thawed milk upset her tummy? Over-tired? She has been up late the last couple nights since but hasn't been too fussy about it. We need to get her schedule better so she is asleep earlier and then not sleeping all morning. But yep, this is exactly how she was in my tummy. My second day at work has been much better for both of us. It's another adjustment but we'll get through it. Looking forward to lots of turkey next week and to having my boys home all week--I just need to figure out some things to entertain them in the frigid cold that's forecasted. Boo.

Try not to get dizzy, but I loved sister's amazement watching the butterflies on her swing. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Teaser

Oh my we have been busy! I have so so much to say but no time as usual. I am back to work next Tuesday (mixed emotions on that one) but I will be more online social then. In the meantime here are a couple of pics to prove we're still alive . . . Pink camo--happy Veteran's Day. Trying to catch the elusive smile.
Claire's blessing on Sunday, thanks to all who came

Blessing gown my mom made from my wedding dress. I love it, I love my baby, I could just squish her all day long. Nummm Nummm. K, back later.