Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking for the Sunshine in My Soul

It seems silly to even mention it, but it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to! I've had a tough week. The dumbest part is there is really NO reason for me to have been bummed. All is well in my life. There are SO many others who are struggling with a multitude of trials and I couldn't be more blessed of the Lord. But yet I spent a good part of this week really not feeling like myself. I have been blessed with a "sunny disposition" and a mild temperament. I like to think I am laid back and just go with the flow. This weak I was very anxious, even scared and oddly emotional. All I can think of for the change is that I have recently started on thyroid medication. All the women in my family have faulty thyroids and I always knew it was only a matter of time until I would be on meds. My first abnormal test was in college and since having the boys it has really gone down hill. In the last little while it was really bothering me--always being cold and tired, being so incredibly forgetful, and especially the inability to lose weight. So yea for me when the blood test finally proved what I have known for a while and my doctor got me a prescription. I can't believe how not tired I am. It is actually truly weird for me to not be tired all the time. I just adjusted to that being how it is and figured working the hours I do and chasing my kids would make anyone tired. And I still think it would but I was not always a tired person. The last couple of days I have woken up (before my kids!) after 8 hours of sleep just feeling great. Not 10+ hours later still tired and waiting for my 3 hour nap. I also have warm toes, so crazy and have lost nearly 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Definitely a welcome change. But then this week out of the blue came the blues. I wonder if it is simply PMS and it has been so long since I have had normal hormones I have forgotten how it is. Or it is just an adjustment as my hormones kick back in and do their jobs. It only makes sense that when your hormones have been out of whack for many years when they begin to regulate there will be some growing pains. But I am sick of them and hope they pass quickly, because it really is not me. And I want my sunshine back.

So I'll talk about my little sunshines! Wednesday was bright and beautiful here so we trekked to the park. Here's the little men on their scooters, my did that block walk take forever!

Climbing away, oh so happy to be in the sun, me too!
Not without its consequences though, see the blue spot above Big D's eye, Carter accidentally ran into him and he fell and hit a stair. I was afraid we'd have another black eye, but it seems to be healing okay now.

Carter managed some sand rash on his face as well, from falling while climbing. We also made a visit to my nieces this week as well as the Dino museum (yes again!).
Today we had a play day, staying in our jammies until noon, making cupcakes and sail boats.

I also, yes I am sucker, let the boys ride their bikes in the house since it was snowing today.

I love my Davis!

I like this smile a lot!

Brothers, holding hands while riding bikes, in the house, in their jammies. Oh my.
I think that is about it for our week. Tomorrow I hope to make a trip to either the zoo or the children's museum depending on the weather. I hope you are all well wherever you are and know how much I appreciate your friendship. Much love!

Trip Day 5: Sea World

So on to Day 5 of our trip. By this point I must admit we were all getting a little worn out and over stimulated. It's a bummer that put a damper on Sea World because it was really cool. But we had seen a lot already and the boys particularly were getting burned out. It was a bad omen to dress them in a shirt that said "When you're this cute, it's okay to be this crabby" as well. Oh well. We got up early and made the drive down to San Diego where we stayed overnight. Arriving at Sea World we made the unfortunate realization that I was given bad information and the strollers were not in the car. I didn't want to pay $17 to rent one (probably a bad choice) so we just let the kiddos walk all day. We hit the Bay of Play first and of course it was awesome. Really if we could have stayed there all days the boys would have been perfectly happy. There was just so much more to see and with mostly adults in our group the play area got dull fast. We next watched the dolphin show which was really fun. Such amazing creatures. The sun was right in our face and I got a bit of color--something I was actually excited about since it was snowing back home. We then saw the penguins and arctic animals. The Arctic Expedition was my favorite area to visit, there is something so majestic about polar bears and beluga whales to me. Seeing them under water made it even better. Carter watching the walrus swim

A polar bear eyeing the tasty morsel that is my son.

Carter buggy climbing the "ice" in an area that turned out to be off limits. Whose mommy doesn't know how to read signs? We headed over to the Journey to Atlantis ride which my fam enjoyed okay, I skipped because of the drop, and Lowell skipped because he was too grouchy. We skipped the rapids ride too, didn't want to get wet when it wasn't all that warm so a bummer all around on the rides. We headed back to the Bay of Play to give the boys some free play time.
Carter on the spinning ride. They really loved this and the day seemed a little brighter after that. Next we picked up lunch and sat down to watch the Shamu show, my favorite part of the day overall. The whales really are so awesome and the way the show is put together kept giving me goose bumps. Here's a couple of shots:

And here's C&D today singing the Shamu chant. They got a real kick out of it but I was happy we didn't get wet. Lots of other people got soaked!

We next headed over to the tide pools which were fun, the aquariums which were sub-par in my estimation--our local aquarium was better than that (the park as a whole of course was much better but the little individual aquariums weren't great), and the rays. These rays were super friendly and amazing creatures. Here's Hillary and Davis petting one.

Lastly we watched the sea lion show (funny) and then headed out completely exhausted! This was Lowell and my "night off" so the boys headed one way with my family and we headed the other. A special thanks to Cyndel who shouldered the biggest load of watching the boys, and also Robbie and Hillary for their help. Lowell and I found our hotel in La Jolla and got checked in and chilled out for a minute. We really needed to unwind. We were close to this landmark, one of my very favorite buildings in the world:

The San Diego Temple. This shot is from the freeway! I've heard it has caused a lot of accidents as people round the corner and are shocked at what they see. It's too bad we didn't have time for a session, I have never been inside. I still think it is gorgeous though! Here's the view from our hotel balcony:

Lowell and I went and had a long dinner at P.F. Chang's. It was busy so the service was slow but we didn't mind. It was delightfully quiet. We headed back and watched The Office and 30 Rock (so funny!) before we passed out. In the morning we treated ourselves to the hotel breakfast which, unfortunately, I promptly threw up. I don't know what was up with me this trip--I was sick so much of the time! I hated to waste the money for breakfast but took some comfort that at least I wouldn't have to count the calories!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Trip Day 4: Disneyland Day 2

Back again with the pics, yes this could last a while! But as Jillian would say, if I didn't blog it, did it really happen? First on Friday we had the UVMOM Valentine's playgroup. I was VERY lucky my friend Lyndsie volunteered to have it at her house because we had 21 kids planning to come and my house is a little tight for that many. Only 19 came (we missed you Jess!) but that was still plenty--they are all between 6 months and 4, most in pairs :). I think it turned out okay, the kids ran crazy, we made bags for our valentines and bird feeders (glue 3 pretzel rods together in a triangle, let the kids smear on peanut butter and sprinkle bird seed) and then distributed the valentines. Here's a couple of shots: All the cute bags lined up ready to be filled

My Davey boy was happy to be there (and to be leaving, he was ready for lunch and a nap!)

Carter L O V E S his candy!

If you are a member of UVMOM, I'll be posting more pics on our facebook page. I worked this weekend so that mostly what else I have been doing . . .seems like a lot of hours lately--for some reason my days clump together in the schedule and I am just finishing the busy clump, plus I had tons of call backs last week (read, lots of moola, zero sleep!). I am very ready for a couple of restful days off. And I have to commit to myself to not spend them both reading twilight. I am already getting depressed that I only have 1.5 books to go. I'm pathetic! But I do love Edward again, book 2 he was getting kind of iffy, but all is well.

So on Wednesday of our trip we had another big day at DisneyLand. It's safe to say the boys were excited:

Here they are lined up with their strollers all ready for departure. We spent the morning at California Adventure and enjoyed the new Toy Story ride--the bubs and I did it twice, once while the brave folks did California screaming. It is a lot like the Buzz Lightyear ride where you are shooting at targets, but there are also 3D glasses and I liked it better.

Here's Davis riding the carousel. We then headed over to Bug's Life Land which is one of the boys' favorite areas. Never very busy and perfect rides for them. This year they were tall enough for the bumper cars. Yea!
Davis with Daddy on Flik's coasters, or whatever it is called

Me and Tarter Sauce

Daddy and his boys with Grizzly mountain in the background

Lowell and I with our "bug eyes" waiting for the Bug's Life show. This is my FAV show! California Adventure has always been great for us for meeting characters.

Here's the boys with Goofy

And Minnie, Carter loves her! We missed her once and he just sobbed.

And our family with Lightning McQueen. I need to see if someone got a better pic. I got to try a Disney specialty this day, a turkey leg. Sounds weird but they sell them from the carts--giant turkey legs. I quite liked it, moist and flavorful. Lowell wasn't as enthused. The boys and I chowed down waiting for everyone on Tower of Terror (no freaking way!) and then we headed back for nap time. We headed back in the evening for Davey's favorite part, meeting Mickey!
They just loved him!

Heck, so do I! I'm even starting to get some color in my cheeks at this point, gotta love sunshine! We played around at Disney and hhit a few more rides though this evening for some reason was pretty busy. The boys didn't want to wait in line so we played at Goofy's house in toon town with Grandpa. Then we headed over for Fantasmic. I love that show too, the Disney folks are definitely the masters at projecting on to a mist. This fueled Davis' enthusiasm for Mickey as well.

Rob and Mr. D waiting for the show. Gma and Gpa took the bubbies back on the bus while the rest of us "kids" did Indiana Jones again. This was the only day we stayed until close. And because I am a sucker and my kids are spoiled we brought them back a Mickey Mouse. We usually get one nice thing at the park each year and this was it.

Davis loves his and hasn't slept without it since. Carter likes his too but not as much. Maybe I should have gotten him Minnie? I made dinner that night, yummy chicken stir fry, nothing like a lean protein and tons of veggies when you are on vacation! And we all crashed hard like every night. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paying it Forward

Here's a fun one from Jillian:

The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a hand made gift from me during this year. When and what will be a surprise. There's a small catch...You knew there would be didn't you? Post this on your blog then come back and leave a comment, telling me you're in. Fun, huh? Remember, only the first 3 comments receive the gift.

Sounds like fun, huh?

"A comment a day keeps the bummies away."

P.S. I had a GREAT time at the movie last night. Dinner and a movie--thank you Aunt Dinda for watching the boys. You rock!!! Also, don't watch a movie about a book you have read twice in a week, I kept saying the curtains should be yellow, the kitchen chairs don't match, that wasn't in the book!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hunky Husband

I know I brag about my hunny too much on here, but I am just in shock. After a mere hint at wanting to see Twilight he already arranged a babysitter so he can take me tomorrow. What a man--serious swoon! It's a true sacrifice, he is absolutely going to hate it--but he is going for me. I love that silly boy!

Trip Day 3: Universal Studios

Thanks for the support of my Twilight fetish! I felt like a closet reader, glad to hear there are others who enjoy them as well. I'm just about done with round 2 of book 1 and book 2 arrived in the mail today (secret shout of hooray!). For the record, Lowell did make fun of me, paying particular attention to my use of the word, enamored. Oh well. Anyone want to place bets on me winning him over to going and seeing the movie at the dollar theater with me this weekend? I told him he could count it as a Valetine's "gift" to me. I am excited but also cautious to read the 2nd book as I felt the first one actually ended well. Curious what else could come up and interrupt the love of Bella and Edward. That's the fun of reading books late though, I won't have to wait, just read on through.

Enough about twilight . . .back to our trip! Tuesday morning we got up early and drove the nasty traffic filled freeway over to Universal City and Universal studios. I hadn't been there since I was probably 9 or so, there were a lot of changes. This was the park I was most concerned for the kids over, as there was much less for them to do there than the others parks. We hit the back lot tour first and it was fun to see the changes in the past 20 years. Some was the same, but mostly different and pretty fun. The boys were a little timid, but did okay. It's hard for them to understand dramatized peril from we are all actually going to get hurt. We then made it over to the new Simpson ride. I was not impressed. It was okay but not up to the hype the park had made over it. In the meantime the boys found the Curious George land and that was better than advertised. There was a giant room full of foam balls that you could shoot at each other in a variety of ways. It's safe to say that was a hit. I also took a hit to the eye, ouch! At this point my travel sicky issues had resolved (no more yucky gas station toilets) but a sinus infection flaired causing pain and grouchiness. Blech! Universal did have a fun option (not for my diet), all you can eat all day for $20. Considering one meal would run us $12+ and not be that filling, we went for it and got our money's worth ;).

The lower level of Universal was fun as well, but not much there for the boys. I rode the one "drop" ride I had conceded to: Jurassic Park. In the end I was glad I did it, the attacking dinosaur theme was fun and well executed but I still hated the 84 foot drop. That's just me. The Mummy ride was easily my favorite, it's the fastest roller coaster in So. Cal. and it's in the dark. No major drops, just fast which suited me well. They also have a parent swap room there, with toys and a TV. What a great idea! The lines were nothing so we rode over and over. We also caught a few shows and saw a few characters and that was the whole day!
Carter dove right into George's arms, he was so excited!

Lowell being eaten by Jaws.

Me and Matt Damon, everyone laughed at my eagerness to take this shot, what can I say, yum-o!

Davis loved George too!

Our sideways family in front of the universal ball

Sideways family in front of the Universal Arch.

Meeting Dora, I think it is Davis. She was very sweet!

Dora and Carter, they loved George and Dora but were FREAKed out by Shrek and SpongeBob

Lowell liked SpongeBob though!
The traffic back was equally bad--I don't miss that at all! We made it home (my family and Cyndel, the rest had stayed back to see a filming of a show) and none of us even stayed awake long enough for the lasagna to cook! When my kids put themselves to bed, you know they are tired!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip Day 2, DisneyLand Day 1

Lest I get behind, I'll insert what we are currently doing at the beginning of my vacation journaling. Not that I have much to add--boys have been tired and needy since we got home. Seems like after having mom and dad at their disposal 24/7 they think it should always be that way. If only. Yesterday we went to the dino museum where the kiddos actually branched out from their typical (playing the memory game over and over) and played in the sand table a little. That was nice. I am wondering if they will be quite mathematical considering their obsession with puzzles and memory games. Who knows? I am just happy to see them focus for any amount of time on something, put some of my ADHD worries to bed. Actually as they have grown over the last couple of months a lot of my concerns over their development have been calmed, such a blessing! They are still very busy 3 year olds, but they are just that, 3 year old . . .boy . . .twins. They are their own creature, one that others (like my mother) don't always understand but that doesn't make them abnormal. We sure adore them no matter what. Now if only they could get potty training down a little better . . the trip didn't help but they did stay dry this morning. We stayed home working on projects for the twin club playgroup this week--belated Valentine's. I finished Twilight and am re-listening to it as I wait for Eclipse to come in the mail. I am a nerd.

Anywho . . .Monday was our first day at DisneyLand and of course the bubs were quite excited. I don't know if it was from all the hyping up Uncle Robbie did, from watching Disney channel, or from actually remembering going last year but they were thrilled to be there. We got up so early for me, but with the time change 7 am seemed fine for the boys. We were there to wait for them to let us through at the official opening time. Here's my Davey waiting: I spiked their hair as tall as I could in hopes that they would reach the 40 inch mark. They didn't. Turned out okay though, they were pretty scared of the big roller coasters anyway. Someday.

We ran to Pirates of the Caribbean (Rob's choice) but it was closed down temporarily so we made it over to Thunder Mountain Railroad, one of my favs. Above is Hill and Rob getting ready for our first ride.
We made our way to fantasy land where the kiddos got to ride "Bumbo" something they had been asking for a lot.

We also did the Casey Jr. train since they were upset they couldn't do the Thunder Mountain train:

We followed with more rides in fantasy land which promptly terrorfied the boys. By the end of the Pinocchio ride Davis was bawling. It never ceases to amaze me just how frightening a lot of Disney movies are. The boys were sceptical of every single ride the rest of the trip, sure they would be scary. They did love most of the rides once we got them on though. This is where our luck turned that day . . .it started to rain. In line for It's a Small World it just started pouring. Smart mom that I am I didn't even bring the kids a coat (we're in So. Cal after all) and the bubs were freezing. We hid out in the little shop and ended spending $30 on ponchos just to get out of the park without drowning. Back at the condo we pouted about not being at the park and the weather forecast which had an awful lot of rain for the whole week we were going to be there. I ran and bought the boys rain coats and a stupid $17 umbrella, thrilled to get it as it was the last one in the whole store. I guess I should be grateful, I think that was the trick to break the curse. Spend $17 on an umbrella and $30 on ponchos and you will never have to use them again. I guess it was worth it in that sense. The forecast kept changing in our favor and we saw very little rain after that and then not when we were at a park or hard enough to even need a coat.
We put the bubs down for a nap, Hillary and my mom agreed to stay with them so the rest of us ran to the park to enjoy some kid free time. It was a blast! I got to ride most of my fav rides with very little if any lines. I LOVE space mountain! Once the kiddos were up we found out there was a little, very traumatic, trouble. My mom and sis were getting ready and the kids disappeared. We got the text that they lost my kids. WHAT!?!? Talk about freak me out! Turns out the little stinks had just opened the unlocked door (not that it would have mattered if it was locked, later in the trip I watched them push the stroller over and unlatch it) wandered to the elevator, pushed the button and got in and went down to the lobby. I am grateful that is where they ended up and not some other random floor because the security guards had them in short order and held them until my mom and sis reached them. I wonder if someone was already in the elevator and simply escorted them there realizing 3 year old usually don't travel alone. However it happened I am so grateful the story has a happy ending! Needless to say the boys were never again left without a parent.
When we were all reunited at the park we had a lot more fun. The short lines were great and we took in a lot of fun rides that the kiddos enjoyed as much as we did.

Cyndel, Robbie, and Carter bug (in his full rain attire) on the train

Daddy and Davis on the jungle cruise

Another of Davis just because he was SO cute and happy!
Lowell and I headed home early as it was Lowell's night to cook and we all ended up just staying home, totally beat. It was a VERY full day.