Thursday, April 23, 2009

Escape Artists or Why I'm not in a hurry to have more kids

One of the nurses at work today asked me if it was about time that we should have more kids. Innocent enough question, she followed by asking the boys' age (3 and a half) and used that as a premise for why we should. I thought should I give the reasons why we should not have more kids in alphabetical order or in order of severity? In all seriousness we absolutely adore our babies and feel the Lord does indeed plan for us to have more children (though He knew what he was sending us first so his time table can't be too set). We feel being a parent is a supremely important role for us in this life and growing our eternal family is a matter of great consequence to us. With that said, I shared these 2 stories as a reason why we haven't yet planned more children.

Yesterday morning I went to get the boys up as usual. I started with Carter though a casual glance of his room did not produce my child. He likes to hide and I wasn't in the mood for seeking at the moment (long night on call) so I went on to Davis's room knowing Carter would come out when he wanted to. I was chatting with Davis when the doorbell rang. I was just in my robe and debating on answering it at all but figured anyone who came to my house this early would get what they get (plus I figured it was the mail man dropping something off). It was quite a surprise to me when I found my super-man jammie clad son standing grinning on my door step. A glance to his window answered the obvious question--he had unlocked his window, slid it open, and climbed out pushing the screen aside. He could have been roaming the neighborhood for a half hour for all I know but my guess is he straight away rang the bell. What is it with my children and wanting to escape? Seriously, is my house that bad? Those kids have more toys and candy than they know what to do with! Lowell stopped by Home Depot on his way home and the boys are now locked in both by window and door. Before I could even get them dressed I found this scene: They had pushed their car to the tallest point of grass and were attempting to scale the fence. I don't think they thought through the drop on the other side very well or the fact that our neighbor's yard has no toys like those in their own. Luckily they have a couple of inches of height before they will clear the fence, then who knows what I will do. We have already had to dead-bolt the fence doors. My house the prison.

My second story was from this afternoon just before I left for work. I thought I would check the kiddos before I left as poor tired Lowell (because of said crazy kids doesn't get to bed until past 11 and still gets up before 5 for work) was already out cold. The kids were supposed to be napping but as I peeked in on Davis I found him squatting in the corner pooping on the floor. There is nothing more nasty to me than fecal matter. Working in my profession just makes it nastier. Blood and urine don't bother me a bit--I don't even wear gloves. Stool is another matter altogether. So I was quite alarmed finding my son this way and even more alarmed by his next step--he picked up the poop and put it in the potty in his room and then asked for his sticker! Umm . . .nope not how that works. And oh yuck yuck yuck. And have you ever actually gone in the potty or is this what you have been doing. And why in the world can you poop on the floor but not in the potty. And I better stop wondering and just get you cleaned up--I am going to be late for work. Grody gross gross.

Anywho, we are not in a hurry for more children. Our hands are abundantly full with the ones we have, I can't keep them clean and contained how could I handle another? Someday the boys will be potty trained (please please please) and more manageable but for now we are just "enjoying" our bountiful blessings. :)

We did have some fun the past couple of days as well. Monday we met the twin club at the gardens for a day of fun and belated Easter egg hunting. It was really fun, the boys followed around an older boy like little puppy dogs and I even saw some little guys following them around. So funny how they look up to older kids. It was delightful chaos for the most part. Here's some pics:

Watching the waterfall

Carter (who by the way had pooped in his potty at the same time as Davey's escapade)
Davis (doesn't he look innocent?)

Rolling down the hill
Then last night we met up with my long lost friend Chrystal and her cutie cute boys and went to Farm Country. It was so delightful to visit and catch up--I love having friends. We met competing for the same job at BYU nearly 10 years ago. We didn't know they were hiring 2 people--both of us.
I'm looking forward to this weekend and hoping the weather holds out for us. Saturday is Dutch Day at the gardens and my grandma is coming down as well as some aunts and uncles. We are having a BBQ and time to stroll. The Dutch store is going to be there with samples and traditional Dutch music will be playing. It should be a great day to introduce the boys to some of their heritage. And to visit with family, an added bonus.


Trent & Carlie & Co. said...

Oh, your post made me laugh Heidi! They are so naughty! I have a feeling we are going to be in for some crazy adventures, as well! Our girls are only 9 1/2 months and they get into messes already. I am scared to death of potty training after all the stories I have heard! :)

I really enjoyed Monday & hope that you get great weather on Saturday! i love the picture of Carter & Davis' backs at the waterfall.

Sal-my-gal said...

Can super heros fly if you take away their capes? Oops! I already found a flaw in that theory. Mr. Incredible does not have a cape. Hmmmm.... your boys are going to give my girls a run for their money!

Queen Mother said...


YOu need an alarm on your house!! My boys can't even open a door without my alarm saying "BACK DOOR - OPEN" or "FRONT DOOR - OPEN" I always know when someone is escaping. If it makes you feel any better, Nathan once stripped down completely naked and I found him running up and down the street, exhibitionist style.

Hang in there, mama! This too shall pass =)