Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Outrageous amount of Easter (Part 1)

Brace yourselves, I have 4 posts coming up! Yikes! We definitely had a ridiculous amount of Easter, but it was just way too much fun! 3 years olds, as definitely trying as they may be, are also so so much fun. "Bunny Easter" is all too real to them and everything is fresh and new and awe inspiring. Who wouldn't want more of that?? So without further ago . . .

Part 1 is the Friday before Easter. My darling sis Hillary came to help us dye eggs. This year I got some egg tongs to try and alleviate some of the mess that last year brought . . .my goal was not successful. :)

Carter showing me his egg (my fav actually, a good blend of colors) and his ruined shirt

Davis' lovely blue egg--he definitely had a thing for blue this year, and dressing up as a fireman of course.

They did give the tongs a good try. Good thing we did this outside.

Finished product: Carter's hands

and Davis's hands

And the finished eggs.
We then took the monkeys to the children's garden and had fun running around. I had to throw this one in of Davis in his Batman mask, his Halloween costume from 2 years ago . . .

Just such a cute and funny fellow! Thanks for playing with us Hillary!

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