Monday, June 29, 2009

More fun with Dylan

We have been busy busy playing, and there is still more to come! Isn't summer grand? Friday we had the twin club playgroup planned for Cascade Springs. Unfortunately it was rainy rainy so we opted for the indoor activity of the dinosaur museum. How often do you have to cancel activities in JUNE because of weather? Sheesh. It was 90 today though and will be the rest of the week so perhaps my extended Spring is over. Anywho the dino museum was fun except that my children were being naughty. They know the dino museum very very well and weren't as interested in going as I had hoped. In addition it was crazy busy which was surprising to me. The combo was not good and one moment Davis was next to me and the next gone. Carter was distracted by a game and the friends I was with were nice enough to keep an eye on him (though they also had 2 children each to tend) while I ran around the place trying to find the offending child. They have both been acting up lately and it's driving me nuts! I don't know if it is having their cousin here so they are showing off (not that we aren't loving having them here, seriously Becky if I could hide your plane tickets and you would stay forever, I would) or they're not feeling or sleeping well or they just hate me. Who know!? They are having potty issues again too--I can't handle this again! It was SO long to get them trained and the accidents are springing up again. I'm upping the trips to the potty and brought back the rewards chart as well as removing some rewards for accidents. I'm hoping that will work . . .and quickly. Anywho, back to the story, I chased all over the museum and returned to the original spot to find my child with a toy from the gift shop. That means he ran all the way out, stole a toy, and ran back in. Maybe stole is a strong word, he brought it to me to buy for him. Argh! It was still nice to visit with friends. Friday night we took the boys and Dylan to Jungle Jim's (a little kid's ride place in Midvale). They had loads of fun and Lowell was nice enough to get them a bunch of tokens--he said getting to trade the tickets you won with them was the best part. We got 135 tickets which would get each child 2 small toys and a little candy. The employee carefully totaled them up while the boys asked for a pirate ball and I said no because we didn't have enough tickets. He turned around and said, you have 600 tickets. I just looked at him and he said, I gave you a few extra. What a nice guy!! The kids got their balls and more than they could even think of wanting. Sure they were just lame little toys, but the kids were in heaven and I was so surprised. Riding the Jeeps--my poor abused camera died shortly after we got there, so not many pics to share. One funny thing to share, on the way home I smelled a stink and was concerned someone had pooped their pants--so I asked and Davis answered, Dylan did! Poor Dylan (6) was like no way, I poop in the potty. So quick to sell out their friends.

Saturday was the Penrod family reunion. I was able to sneak out of work early and join everyone for a BBQ up the canyon. It was a nice place to play, I was a little worried with my kiddos so close to the river, but they ended up listening to my warnings. Only a couple of family members (beyond Lowell's immediate family) were able to come, but it was still nice to meet them and spend some time with the cousins. The boys met a family playing frisbee and decided that could be their family. I tried to drag them away but they kept going back and the family said they were okay so I just watched them play. Such nice people.

By the end it was almost 4 o' clock and the boys fell asleep as soon as they got in the car. We drove around a while to keep them that way and I got to check out Sunflower Market in Orem. Fun store, lots of cool little things you don't find other places like Dutch cheese and my fav gummy bears, oh and 59 cents/lb for nectarines (my fav!!). When we got home Lowell wanted to mow the lawn which is not easy with 2 boys who want to ride the mower and chase it around so my mom and dad were kind enough to go to the gardens with us. We had one issue when Davis jumped into a golf cart and drove it into the building(!) but luckily it was only 6 inches away so no damage done. Seriously this kid is trying to kill me this week. A good run and dinner with a playplace later, we were all ready for bed.

So, today we drove up to Cascade Springs having been thwarted in the previous attempt. It wasn't as long a drive as I remembered and I even drove it fine myself so that was good. The boys weren't in the best moods (tired I think) but they managed. Here's some shots.

Thank you for cheesing for mama, even if I had to bribe you.

All 3 boys getting a drink

The boys checking out a caterpillar the park guide showed them, you can just see it between them on a leaf, it is black and orange and luckily they didn't want to take it home, certainly a death sentence I did not want to fulfill.

So, busy days. Tomorrow we are going to the zoo, then I hope to meet up with my bro for his b-day lunch (Tucano's!), then my best friend and fam who have a layover at the airport, and then go to the Oquirrh Mountain open house. Now that's a full day. Wednesday we'll be going to Sadie's funeral :( and then have a very fun surprise for the kiddos. Stay tuned. :)

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