Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Fun

Same old same old here. I always say that but the same old is actually pretty fun I think. Sunday night we finally managed S'mores with the fire pit. It was short lived, but fun nonetheless. I can't wait to get out and do the real thing. We've been scouting out Willow Park, it is a campground like 7 minutes from our house, so easy to escape if necessary. Hmmm . . .nothing beats the smell of the pine trees though. Soon. Davis loves the gooey goodness. And fire.

The boys and I ran around a lot of my days off this week--it is finally getting to where I can take them places on my own. I probably could have all along, but just now I feel safe enough that they will stay with me and kind of obey. Tuesday we did a grand tour of Thanksgiving Point, the children's garden to swim and then a jog for me around the main gardens. Then to the dino museum and McDonald's to check out Lehi's new PlayPlace--pretty cool similar to the nice one in East Bay, but now closer. :)

Wednesday we braved the Aquarium for the first time, patting myself on the back for that one. And it went well, we spent a whole hour exploring and then caught the Rainforest show with talking birds and a giant boa constrictor they got to pet. I've only gone in the evening with Lowell, who knew there were live shows? Yeah! That afternoon after redeeming my Red Robin birthday lunch (thanks for joining Robbie!) and feeling entirely out of place at the fabric store looking for WallE and Mickey Mouse fabric for some projects in the boys' rooms (they didn't have it and yeah, that's just not my thing--good thing I have a mom) we decided to scout out some new hiking trails. I researched kid friendly trails in Utah and Battle Creek Falls was a top one. Plus it was just off 200 So in PG (could have been North, don't ever use me for directions!). Lowell has lived here his whole life and had never seen this trail.The first half we were concerned because there was no water and no one else on the trail. But the kids were plugging along fine and it is always nice just being outside. Then we passed this:

A holding pool that drained into irrigation piping, so that's where the water went! The trail got a little tougher from here out but also more scenic with the rushing water.

Here's a fun little bridge we crossed

And a mini cave the boys were fascinated by

Davis couldn't be hiking unless he was carrying a pile of rocks--you have to be ready to throw them in the river at all times!

Up and down again we found this:

Sideways me and the boys at the falls

And a straight view. Wow, who knew this was back there? It was gorgeous! I stood and just let the spray blow my hair back, delightful. Ahhh . . .and just 1.2 miles round trip. We'll be back!

We then went to redeem my free birthday cone from Baskin Robbins, here's Carter's

And Davis's

And mine. I took a pic as it is my last extravagant treat for while, sigh (though I only ate half--my eyes are bigger than my stomach). Today I joined a Biggest Loser group with my ward so the diet commences. I am really hoping to double my output while limiting my input and praying it finally makes a difference. I run 9 miles a week at the gym but in 18 months have barely lost 5 lbs. Darn thyroid! Well, this time around I am throwing in some supplements my doctor recommended and really stepping up the plan, so here's hoping it works. No loss if not, I still get to hang out with some sweet gals from my ward who I really truly don't know at all since they put me in nursery as soon as we moved in and nearly 2 years later I am still there.

I finished Michael Crichton's Next and while I enjoyed it, it isn't my favorite. It follows the same line as State of Fear, except with genetic engineering concerns instead of global warming (by the way, read State of Fear, such an awesome book!). It was rather technical at times, but good for me since I am in the field and such concerns come up now and again--I'm tempted to count some of it for continuing education! Coming from reading 2 character driven novels (Gone with the Wind and New Moon) Next felt especially lacking in character development and plot. It was very choppy and jumpy as Crichton often is but I didn't feel enough resolution in the end. Some story lines were very interested to me though, Dave and Gerard being the top. On to Harry Potter 6--preparing for the movie, and wow I have forgotten everything in the years since I read it--and trying to get through Parenting the Strong-Willed Child which has been put off long enough.

P.S. I almost forgot! For those wondering about "Caterpillar's" fate, he was dead by morning, then Carter broke him in half and told Lowell he was "broken". So to a watery grave he went. Yesterday he had a new Rolly Polly until he stopped "working". I think those 2 will annihilate the entire Rolly Polly population in our neighborhood!


Trent and Carlie & Co. said...

Your fire pit looks so fun! We are trying to decide where to put ours in the backyard. It will be permanent, so we need to think it through!

It sounds like you had an awesome week getting out & about. I am terrible! I get so excited one week & keep busy everyday, then the next week, I just tell the girls we are going to hang out & home. :)

Looks like you had lots of birthday treats! Good luck with your exercise & diet plan! I am hoping to get into better shape through hiking - I really want to try out that Battle Creek trail - looks beautiful! I am excited that you might be able to come hiking with us. I can try to help you out, but you know I have two of my own! They don't even walk yet, & they are such a handful. I know it is just going to get crazier!

Sorry to hear about the caterpillar's fate! ;)

Anonymous said...

Two weeks!!!.... I would love it if we could hit that hike when we're in town, also mmmmmm ice cream!Fun :)