Monday, June 15, 2009


It will sound ridiculous, but I have been totally patting myself on the back for getting out with the munchkins. It seems like the simplest thing to simply take your own children somewhere but until very recently it has just been beyond me. I was too scared of them taking off or not staying together or getting stolen but once we set down some ground rules (i.e. the moment you 2 do not stay right with me we are going home) things have gone surprisingly well. Cyndel wasn't able to go to the zoo and the boys were planning on it so I took them myself! 2.5 hours and a bird show all by my lonesome. Again, probably not something to really cheer about, but for me--hip hip hooray! We are actually bonding more this way too, not sure why, it's like the boys are thankful (shock, gasp!). We did the first summer movie on Wednesday and met up with their best buddies--twins only a month older than they are. And another shock, all 4 boys did great and made it through the whole movie. It's almost like they are growing up! Friday I enjoyed my cousin Mike's wedding (sealings are always so fun), visiting with the fam, and most of all free breakfast at Mimi's. Thanks Kari for the tip--if you register on, they will email you a free breakfast. Yup, totally free--I had amazing cream cheese stuffed french toast (diet, what diet??) with bacon, eggs, hash browns, a huge muffin, and OJ for FREE. My mom did too, fabulous time! They also sent me a belated b-day $10 off coupon (I don't know anyone that does that) and I just checked the website and they have a free dessert coupon up. I have a sneaking suspicion I will be eating at Mimi's more often. A few people have asked me for my list of b-day freebies and I found one better than mine to pass along.,com_smf/Itemid,2/topic,70.0 This had some I hadn't registered for yet, but now I have! Sign up for your kids too. Never pay full price to eat out. (Make sure to scroll through all the posts)
Anywho, Saturday was Orem's summerfest so we followed up on our plans to go see the "firebooms" with Lowell's family. Can you believe we were trying on this fall's rain coats to go see fireworks?? This has been the oddest June for me. Not complaining though, I love the cooler weather. Except for the wet, it could stay this way forever. The wet is a bummer for carnivals, camping, swimming, going to the park . . .all our summer mainstays. Osh Kosh coats (bought them this spring for $6)

Best friends--I have a million of these shots, but I'll keep taking them! Their eye colds(allergies, sinus infection????) are finally clearing up though some tummy issues were starting today (ugh!). Whatever it is, they are sleeping great so I'm not going to complain.

Watching from Daddy's shoulders

Too distracted by his cool new glasses. Oh well.

The rain stopped just in time, very cool. And yesterday, well, yesterday I spent the entire day working on a photo book. I have some free ones that will expire soon and I was determined to get some done. Usually I just take their premade books, throw in some pics, and fire it off. But now artscow has added designer scrapbook kits. Oh my, way too much fun. I couldn't just go the easy route, I had to spend hours. I still used some premade pages, but as I made it an ABC book each one had to modified and then some I created. I couldn't be more proud of the finished product, check it out!

A fun quirk to artscow is that they will let you copy other books exactly. Like my book minus pics and text and all you have to do is throw in the pics. Except of course I couldn't find one I liked. But if anyone wants to use mine, feel free. One caution--some of the kits are free, but only for a week, that week expires on Sunday at which point you would have to pay to use those kits (between .99 and 2.99). Also some I did pay for, either for this book or a previous project so there is some cost tacked on to the free plus $7.99 shipping charge. I ended up spending $12 per book. Oh and if you need any free book codes--I have 3 left so let me know.


Marta said...

Have I told you lately that you are my HERO!!! What an awesome person you are! :) Thanks for sharing some of your great ideas and tips!

The Halls said...

Your ABC book is so cute! I love it!