Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Better late than never--we had a great Father's Day! My family came up and we had an abundance of grilled beef and some nice time to visit. Lowell got the TempurPedic pillow he's been wanting, a fishing pole, and a flashlight. He is the best daddy ever! I'm sure everyone says that, but I swear, Lowell is something else. From the moment he knew the kiddos were on their way he transformed. He was good to begin with but he just got better and better. I remember well the first kick he felt, his boys saying hello. He was attached from day 1, running between hospitals to bring me videos of my little Carter and refusing the nurse's suggestions that he not touch the little man ("He's my son, I'm going to touch him!"). He took turns getting up with the kiddos to feed and change them at night and amazingly learned to live on very little sleep, a feat for Lowell. He was a very active father from the beginning, always loving on his little men. Shortly after I went back to work Lowell changed jobs so that he could be home at night with the boys. This has allowed him a LOT of time with his kids and he loves, almost, all of it.

And oh my goodness do they love their dad! The boys are crazy about Lowell--they look just like him and have picked up quite a few of his mannerisms as well.

I know it isn't always easy with the boys but Lowell is always trying to be better and to be the best dad that he can be.

He also loves me and is the best hubby which is part of being a good daddy too.

He is a wonderful leader and example in our home.

We love you honey!

We have been so excited to have Lowell's sister Becky and my nephew Dylan up to visit. Saturday we all went to the Fugal reunion and had some fun. It was great to see Lowell's grandma, she is such a sweet little lady and I love that the boys are getting to know her. She had twin girls, so we relate on that level. The boys got together with their cousins and second cousins and threw rocks, climbed on old cars, played on the amazing swings Lowell's talented grandpa made, and generally got dirty. They are old enough to tag along with the big kids now and just love it. Lowell enjoyed watching them do the same things he used to do as a kid. The boys adore Dylan, he is 6 and has been great to let them follow him around. He's the best babysitter ever! He'll jump with them and play for hours. It will be a sad day when they go home.
Yesterday I had the Biggest Loser group from my ward over for a cook off challenge. And surprise--I won! Here's a link to the winning recipe if you're interested, only 110 calories, but you'd never know! I swapped out the vanilla pudding for cheesecake (pudding), yum! Then Becky and I took the kids to play at the gardens. Such fun! I've been a slacker with my camera, but Becky took lots of pics, so I will post them on here eventually. Last night she spoiled us by letting us go out to dinner and the midnight showing of Transformers. I got to use my Mimi's coupon :) :) and I stayed awake for the movie, that has to count for something! I did enjoy it, though the theater was crazy! I felt the movie was overly-written for teenage boys, lots of crude humor, language, and sensuality--more than the previous movie anyway. I thought the plot was well done, though it was long and intense. And it was more funny than the first, I laughed, but sometimes it seemed a little forced. Today we caught up with Anthony and Andrew to go see Space Chimps. It was cute, not great, but good. Then time to play at the park--life is grand!

I did finish Harry Potter 6 and watching the preview for it last night I was glad. It's amazing how little I remembered of my first reading. My thyroid condition causes memory issues, and mine are bad! But it makes rereading books fun, almost like the first time. I am now reading Jules Verne "Around the World in 80 days". So far I like it, though I enjoyed some of his more sci-fi tales (Journey to the Center of the Earth, Mysterious Island) more than this more realistic book. Of course I have a ways to go, there may be surprises yet! Plus I'll fill that need with the next book I'm reading, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".

Oh and I almost forgot some fun news--I was released from nursery and as a VT supervisor and called to be the magazine rep (score!).

If you get a chance, will you all say a quick prayer for some friends/old neighbors of ours? Their little daughter Sadie is at the end of her battle with a brain tumor. She is only 6. Just another reminder to cherish your little ones. Loves!

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Kristen said...

Cute, cute pictures of Lowell and the kids. I'm scared to reread Harry Potter cause when the movies come out I think I've forgotten just enough so that I don't realize when they mess with the plotline.