Friday, June 19, 2009

Splish Splash

The weather has warmed up enough (at least a couple of days this week) that we have gotten some water play in, hooray! Tuesday my darling Hillary joined me for a visit to the children's museum. It was fun but quite busy, not only all the craziness of little kids running around but also a school group. Plus you always meet that mom, you know the one that yells at your kid and basically pushes them out of the way for her kid. And then I have to be "that" mom, the one who informs said mom that those actually were my kid's balls and she can just bug off. I don't know why, but almost every time we play with the balls at the museum another mom and I get into it. It's probably me, but don't tell my kid what to do when he isn't doing anything wrong!
Anywho, they had a coupon for a free kiddie cone with each adult cone at none other than Haggen Daz, so yes, we took advantage of the offer. I didn't realize that the ice cream shop was all the way across the Gateway mall and we were all on foot--most notably the kids were free. But my darling little gentleman did awesome! I didn't even have to hold their hands the whole time, they paid attention, stayed close, and stayed on task. Wow! We did a quick maneuver before they saw the arcade but certainly a success. Davey was nervous on the escalator and I realized they have probably never been allowed on one on their own feet. Being carried or on the stroller (in the elevator of course) but it just shows how they are growing that they were behaved enough to walk the mall on their own. Davis chose "black" ice cream, which turned out to be chocolate and a last minute change had Carter with the same. A little lady in the shop saw them and said they should make a video--identical (??) twins with identical ice creams. I figured I could at least take a picture.

And no of course I didn't deviate from my diet for a single scoop cookie dough cone. Never. We then walked a l l the way back, past the museum to the fountains. The boys did great again, dripping ice cream as they went but just content to follow and enjoy the scenery. I love those monkeys! They were timid with the fountains at first but once they saw the other kids playing (and taking their shirts off, didn't want them to get wet) they were off and running.
Cool steam would come up from time to time--this was their favorite
So cool in their sunglasses and chocolate faces--Carter managed to wash his off

Who knows what Davis is doing? Having fun I guess First timers warming up their tummies on the cement, childhood flash backs here I come Silly boys, such a good day! Thanks again Hillary! Tuesday night I had the crazy idea of rearranging Carter's closet. See, the cribs had built in drawers, and since switching to the big boy beds we have been short storage space. I decided I really had to pack the fall stuff away and only have summer in their chest of drawers and then I'll switch again in the fall. This had to be tackled pronto as there was 3 weeks of laundry folded and waiting with no where to go. Here was the before pile(s): Note: 1) My children as always have toooo many clothes (bad mommy addicted to sales and dressing her doll babies. 2) Who knew 6 month clothes on up were squished down in the bottom of the closet? 3) Curse me when I found a lovely pair of church pants still with tags on, size 24 months :(. 4) Yeah, said pants were just as long as the 3Ts thanks to Osh Kosh running so big. They are on the rack now ready for Sunday. 5) My kids fit in clothes for 2 seasons, so sorting is an adventure 6) I shop a season in advance so I have lots of 4T stuff to sort out also Final product, 1 box 6-18 months odds and ends, one box 24 mos/2T, and 2 crates 3T/4T, yeah for me! This project resumed Wednesday night when I cleaned out the rest of the closet. Wow, that was overdue. So happy to have it done though. It's hard to get to the boys' closets as I clean when they are sleeping, and obviously they sleep where their closets are. We tried to make a visit to my mom's that night but Carter was snoozing before we hit the freeway. One silly little boy needs to realize he still needs his nap. He's still my sweetie though. He drew this pic for me: He says it's Mommy and Tarter and Dadis. Maybe all our time together is paying off. I've been getting a lot of hugs and "I loves you Mommy", and request for snuggles. Sweetie Peties. Wednesday during the day we enjoyed another summer movie with Anthony and Andrew and then some play time at the park. It is so fun to watch their little friendships budding. Davis insisted on sitting in the same seat as Andrew during the movie. So cute sitting together munching on popcorn. Then between the theater and the park they freaked out any time they couldn't see their car. So funny--fun for me too, I rather enjoy visiting with their mommy. :)

Today was another rare warm day and while I had lots more cleaning to do (preparing for Lowell's sister and my nephew who came today and will be staying for a couple of weeks) we still managed to get outside and try out the new slip and slide. This is trickier than I thought--I think they don't have the weight to keep the motion going Just jump and slide at the end, that's the fun part anyway :)

And a video which again illustrates just how bad a mommy I am. Yes that's me, laughing :)

They did get the hang of it eventually or at least enough to play. Plus no one ever said the only way to enjoy it was to use it the proper way. Just splashing at the end held plenty of entertaining value.

All snuggled up and warm--good times!

So busy week ahead, tomorrow is the Fugal (Lowell's mom's side) family reunion in Redmond, UT. Sunday Father's Day festivities, Tuesday the Biggest Loser group will be at my house, Wednesday more movies!, Friday UVMOM playgroup at Cascade Springs and my SIL's baby shower, and Saturday the Penrod family reunion. Should be crazy, I mean fun. :/


The Halls said...

Is Lowell's family from Redmond? I have family in Salina, just a few minutes south.

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Jess-Lowell's gma lives in Redmond with his uncle, but they are originally from American Fork. Fugal is the last name.