Monday, June 8, 2009

Introducing Fish and Fishy

First off I need to give a little shout out to my hubby Lowell's blog. He'll grumble because he is a pretty private person, but his last blog post was so eloquent, I want to share! It's Amazing to have a husband that is better than me in nearly every way. I love you hon!

This past Friday I took the munchkins to the Pony Express Days (Eagle Mountain) carnival. They had discount unlimited ride wristbands sold in advance, so we could ride all we wanted for 3 days for $18 (each). We only went 2 days but we certainly got our money's worth, riding every ride several times. The boats

The fun house--they did this one over and over and over. It was nice to not have to say no because I didn't have enough tickets.

"Why does my mom have to be the weirdo who keeps taking pictures?"

The motorcycles

And the highlight of the day--fishies. Just for kicks I let the boys play the ball in the bowl wins a fish in a bag game. I really didn't think they'd win, but part of going to a carnival right? Carter got one in on his first try! 23 balls later we hadn't gotten another one but the worker was very kind in letting Davis have a fish any way. They couldn't be more proud. They told everyone how they had won a fishy. Shortly thereafter it started to rain (pour) so we hurried off only to get drenched going to WalMart to get Fish and Fishy (they are creative with the names aren't they?) proper bowls. Oh well, my happy kids were worth it.

Here's an up close shot of one of the fish, as taken by Carter with my stolen camera. There are many more like this and some shots of the counter if you are interested.

Fish and Fishy settled in their new homes--they have lived 3 days, Lowell says that means they just might make it! I am prepping myself for the heartbreak if they go the way of most carnival fish, however.

The next best part of the "carnibal" for Davis was the cotton candy. Here he is in a sugar-laced stupor brought on by the pink stuff.

And Carter has unfortunately been battling eye allergies. He's a happy boy, but it still makes me sad. Lowell got it as a boy as well--eye gooing shut each night. :(
Sunday I'm pleased to announce Davis stayed in sharing time for the first time ever and Carter stayed through class for the first time. They each spent the other half with me in nursery, but still it's progress! Someday they just may do an entire tour in sunbeams, I can't imagine. Then if I were released from nursery, oh the possibilities are endless!
I'll end with a fun shot I took just before leaving for work today. Lowell had trimmed all the dead out of one of our trees and the boys thought the left over branches were just ever so fun. They assembled them all and told me it was "Madagascar". Then it was "Finding Nemo". Such great imaginations, I love it!

Up this week, tomorrow, zoo with Cyndel, Wednesday the Summer movie club with Anthony and Andrew, and Friday my cousin's wedding. :)


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Marta said...

I just love reading your blog! You are such an amazing mom and remind me to go and do fun things with my kids! Thank you!
I love your new pets! And I love your husbands blog entry about grey hair! It was perfectly written!