Monday, September 29, 2008

Our busy weekend and Odyssey owners beware!

Okay before I forget again I have *another* word of warning for Honda Odyssey owners--they are pretty popular here, so that might be a few of you. This is the second warning, the first being that there is not a sensor on the back of the sliding door like there is on the front so little fingers can get smashed, poor Carter has survived just fine and still has full use of all his fingers. My next warning is if you have a door open, like when you are buckling one child in after gym time and the other child is trying to get the candy in the front and let's say that child locks the door so you can't get him, if you reach around through the open door and unlock the passenger door to retrieve said child and then buckle him and close the open door, when you reach the driver's side it will be locked (as you only unlocked the passenger side) and when you try to open it, not realizing it is locked, it will magically lock the remaining unlocked door, probably when your keys are inside with your children if you are as lucky as I am. It sounds like a fluke, but I tested it at home and it does this on purpose, to protect you from thieves I am assuming. It is unlikely you will run into this as a car owner, but as one who now has had her children locked in the car 3 times, I thought I would pass it along. And for those wondering, I wised up after the last 2 times and finally got a spare key, so this time did not require Uncle Mike or a lock smith, but did require mommy trying to shade poor Davis and making faces for 30 minutes while Lowell came from work to break us in. It was 84 degrees and got pretty hot in the car without windows open, but the kids are again, no worse for wear. Maybe Davis has learned a lesson about locking mommy out of the car, and maybe he has not.

On to funner things! What a fun weekend we have had! Saturday I went to abuse my coupon to Liberty Land and did so quite well. To Jess, another super mom of triplets, yes we had fun and there was a lot for 2 year olds to do. But go while they are still 2 and get a coupon from me! We managed a whole day for the fam for $17. We went in the morning, went home and napped and then finished up in the evening. They really do let the munchkins ride on most everything, partially because we rode with them and partially because the have laxed safety standards and did not measure them to find they are not 36 inches but rather 34--I didn't know until after myself. But they did airplanes, a pirate ship, go-karts, squirting bumper boats (this way their favorite, we let them run the squirt button and we were all drenched most of the day, I can still here Carter little voice, 'Daddy, I'm gonna get you!'), mini-golf, the train, and rocket sort of thing. The big roller coaster was broken while we were there which was a bummer but we did have a lot of fun on the other stuff so it worked out. (Intermission there when my darling sister Cyndel ran my errands and brought me Chili's. Hooray! I am so full I am sick, all for the kids! How you ask, 100% of the profits at Chili's today goes to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. And I promised myself I would at least do that to help all my cancer kids but I forgot as I was worried about my feverish Carter and getting my visiting teaching done and the birthday invites out. But Cyndel saved the day and we had a lovely second dinner and dessert.) Anyway Liberty Land was very fun if your kids get in for free (2 and under). Here's some shots: Our family on the rocket type ride. Davis was no nervous (or cold, he was wet) but it wasn't scary, we all had fun.
Davis the fighter pilot
Carter, aka "red baron"
Carter (and Davey's feet) on the pirate boat ride
Me at the wheel of the go-kart. Watch out, Carter and I spun out and crashed into the wall!
Carter and Lowell laughing at they hose Davis and I--while I had the camera! It survived, I am not sure Lowell will . . .
My cuties dripping wet, but still 'best friends'
All of us dripping wet, and Grandma who jumped in the shot. She and Aunt Melinda were in town so they came and watched us on the rides. So fun!
The boys and I on the train.

See, good times. I swear I am getting to the point that I take pics just to put on the blog, pretty pathetic huh? Good for journaling for the munchkins. I am trying to find a good way to print it all with the photos, any ideas out there? So anyway, late night Saturday and then Sunday we went up the canyon to enjoy the fall colors and take some photos. Got some good ones, but I am saving them for the next post :p. We did church with the boys again and they did a bit better than last time, so baby steps. On to today when Carter woke up with a fever and threw up just once, but I hate when they are sicky. He was SO tired at lunch time and then woke up shaking and scared from fever nightmares. I hate it! Lowell said he did better after nap though, so here's hoping for a good day tomorrow. We will be baking cakes for the birthday (it's my day off so we are getting a head start) and bringing some stuff up to my dad in the half way house. Anywho . . .be back later!

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Queen Mother said...

Just make sure to wrap up the cakes really tightly with saran wrap :)

CUTE PICS!!!!! I love the one of the boys hugging. You can't get any cuter than that!!