Saturday, September 20, 2008


I was tagged by my awesome sister-in-law Becky, I always thought in-laws were supposed to be a dreaded thing, but in all honesty, I like my in-laws as much if not more than my own family at times! I always wanted an older sister, and now I have 2! They even tormented my husband as a child, which only endears them to me more! Seriously though, Lowell is the great husband and father that he is today in part due to older sisters, you guys rock. Anyway . . .here are 6 random things about me:
1. I like nectarines much better than peaches. I know they seem a lot alike, but nectarines are certainly far superior. It may have something to do with the fond memories of my childhood nectarine tree.
2. I am completely OCD about every little thing at work, but my organization skills at my house are definitely lacking. Just ask Lowell.
3. I check a dozen or so childhood cancer fighters blogs each time I work. I only know one of these kids in real life. I just was linked to one special little boy's (Julian who was on Stand up 2 cancer) page and his mom linked me to others and so on. It's really hard to quit on these kids, they are so amazing how they fight and what they go through. All I can offer is my prayers and support to their moms and that is all they ask for. Several of these little ones have passed on as I have read and it is heartbreaking. It is a reminder to me to be thankful for every moment with my kiddos.
4. I can never commit to a favorite food because I just like too many things too much.
5. I hate speed and drops. I am no fun at an amusement park. I think it is a loss of control that bothers me and that sinking feeling in your stomach.
6. I always go to the bathroom first thing in the morning before I go get my kids even if they are crying. You just never know with my kids when you are going to get another chance.

So there is more than you ever wanted to know about me! So I am supposed to tag 6 other people, let's see if I know 6 people: Cyndel, Kris, Lyndsie, Jillian (I think you may have already done this), and that's enough! Here's the rules:
Here are the rules:1. Link the person who tagged you.2. Post the rules on your blog.3. Write six random things about yourself.4. Tag six people at the end of your post.5. Let the tagged person know their life is ruined by posting on their blog.6. Confirm to the tagger (me) that you've posted.
One last thing, Becky yes I do want to know what your mental image for me is!
Since I am already here, I will share some shots from BJ's (my kid bro) wedding in May--he is a little delayed in getting them out. Here is my lovely family (minus one very important member, my Dad will be home in 2 days!!!) Back row, Lowell, Davis, my mom Wendy, BJ, Angela, Robbie, and Cyndel. Front row, Me, Carter, and Hillary.
My little family, doesn't Lowell look good in this photo? My cousins were jumping around being super silly trying to get the boys to smile, and Lowell and I were busting up.

So I had 3 days off from work and that just rocked. Wednesday I donated blood for the first time. I am such a baby, I hate needles and my veins aren't superb but a plea from Peyton's mom (another of my cancer kids, Peyton is 4 and has leukemia and in his part of the country the blood supply is so low that these cancer kids cannot get the blood they need) put me in action. My blood won't help those kids (the blood only stays local) but it was still a good thing to do and I am the one who hands those units out at the hospital, I have seen lives saved first hand, I could at least do this once. The poke wasn't near as bad as I thought, especially considering it was a 16 gauge needle! Yikes! The smaller the number the bigger the bore on the needle and the biggest we use is a 21, so 16 was a yikes for me. I filled up the bag in under 5 minutes thanks to that huge needle. And I wasn't dizzy like I thought I'd be after, I grabbed my juice and drove right home so Lowell could go. I was surprised at how tired I was the next 2 days though. Lowell and I have just been dragging, we even left the dishes over night, we never do that! Lots of water, a couple of good nights sleep, and a couple of naps (plus a thank you that I didn't have to work) later I am feeling pretty up to snuff. I did work out in the middle there because I never pass on an hour where someone else plays with my kids and I was surprised how easy it was to get my heart rate up.
I digress, so Thursday the boys and I drove grandma to the airport to go bring my Dad home. It brings me to tears every time just thinking about it and it will come to pass in 2 short days. Lowell will have to man the camera as I will be bawling. The boys loved seeing where the airplanes live and sleep and now every time they see one they ask if grandma is coming home.
Last night I decided we really needed to do something fun and different so we tried out Liberty Land, a new little park by our house. I had heard it was over-priced and it was, $6 for my kids to ride one ride which wasn't long or spectacular. But they told us to keep our tickets from that ride so we ended up playing mini-golf, riding the train, the planes, and a little rocket for $12.50. Not the best, but not awful either and the boys had fun. They liked to swing the club but didn't really grasp the idea of getting it in the hole. Not Tiger Woods yet, but it was family time and that makes me happy. I have a buy one get one free for a day pass and with it 2 years and under are free, so we'll do that next time before the bubs turn 3.
That's all for now, I work the next couple of days and then we all now what Monday will bring. I'll be here with pics and a smile on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Awww! Heidi, I feel the love- You're an uber nice little-sis-in-law as well and just what we hoped for. Our family needed a dash of dodie! I love the bow ties on the boys (cuter than adorable as usual).