Sunday, September 7, 2008

Are my "siamese twins" growing or what?

I have decided that I only blog when I have good pictures to share and my kids will only smile for the camera like once a month. So I am going to get my fill while they are smiling and blog away, hence the numerous entries so far this month compared to last. I may have to try saving some of the good shots just to keep me writing and the journal going. Hmmm . . .there's a teaser for you, more cute pics to come! Okay so you may not be near as obsessed with their cute pics as me, life will go on. So yesterday I got to talk to my dad on the phone, such an exciting thing for me, he only gets to call me like 3 times a year so I was thrilled. He actually has extra minutes to burn as they will shut off his phone privileges just before he comes home and he is so close now. I can hardly believe it, I am just so excited. Two weeks and one day to go, it is so unreal. Today I will write my last letter to him. I write every other Sunday when I work and the next time I would will be the day before he is home. Anyway, whilst I was talking to him the bubs were trashing their closet and I didn't care because I was talking and they were being quiet (and safe). In picking it back up I found the darling Chinese outfits my SIL Melinda brought back for the boys from her work trip to China. Here is them wearing it for Halloween when they were 12 months old. So I was looking at the outfits and thought, let me throw these on just to see if they fit and yep, no problem. The legs are a little short, but seriously it has been 2 years and they still fit! It really makes me wonder if my children are growing at all. They still wear 12 month onesies, they stretch but they wear them all the time. They can fit into 18 month pants and their 3T stuff is huge! Deep breath, they have always been small and Lowell and I are not big people, I have said since they were newborns they will be gymnasts not basketball players (I hope to start gymnastics this fall, watch for them in the 2028 olympics! :o)) and they have climbed from not even on the age-adjusted (preemie) charts to 15th percentile on the normal child chart. I don't know why I worry, it is actually nice pulling out clothes from the year before and still having them fit, it just makes me wonder. We have their 3 year appointment soon and then I'll feel better. I'd like to see if they are staying on the chart and if their BMI is still good, it was 50% last time, so perfectly distributed from height to weight. Anyway, ignore my silly preemie mom wonderings, here's the cute shots of my "siamese twins".

Carter took this shot, Davis is already done smiling for the month, but he'll cheese it for his bro.

Carter, my smiling star!

Daddy helped with this one, hooray! Isn't it crazy how well they fit though?
So the cold rages on, but there is an end in sight. I just continue to pray that the munchkins don't get it. This has been the worst sinus infection I can remember having just as the last cold was the worst sore throat. I am ready to be well already! I had a lovely outing yesterday with my mom though and that helped, even though I skipped napping which is probably what I should have been doing. I went to use up my OshKosh coupons on sturdy winter coats for the boys. I spent more than I would have liked to, but I did get them half off and they are nice warm coats. My hope is they'll be warm enough to keep us playing outside longer and away from the every single day inside. We also had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes which was so delicious and peacefully restful. We enjoyed the BYU game on the radio, go cougs! what an exciting ending. Then we hit Michael's craft and I spent too much again and fun things to keep the boys entertained during aforementioned cold days. We have loads of foam activities, ornaments, gift tags, superhero masks, halloween finger puppets, a couple of big Christmas ones for gifting, plus a few wood activity kits for daddy to do with them, some plaster pieces to paint, and a stamp activity kit.
Anywho, shopping aside we have just been playing and wrestling the boys. They have been having some real defiant moments lately, but have had cute moments too of course. My favorite is every morning I get them some breakfast and we all plop on the couch for morning cartoons. They sit one on each side of me and snuggle in and we have morning loves time. It warms this mommy heart right up and I hope it helps them feel secure even when I have to be scolding them so often throughout the day. I have to remind myself that it is developmentally and age appropriate to hit, bite, fight, etc. but it is still not acceptable behavior so I have to teach them what they can and can't do and help them control their urges. Yesterday at the store was the first time I can think of a privilege was really taken away. We went into the grocery and we explained to them that if they could be nice, no hitting, no yelling, no crying, then they could ride the helicopter outside the store when we were done. Lowell ended up removing them both before I could finish my list and they were downright shocked when they did not get their ride. They screamed like banshees and I was proud to actually be sticking to my guns for once. Who knows if it will make a difference the next time we are at the store but it was a good reminder from Lowell to me to follow through with my consequences and not fold. Okay enough rambling for one Sunday, more pics to post, so I'll be back!

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I'm so glad your dad is coming home! Whoo-HOOOOOO!!!!