Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Birthday card take 1

Carter, I didn't realize how dirty his face was on the LCD of the camera, oh well, it looks like Carter
Davis, humoring me. Smart boy has learned to just smile and get it over with.
Holy double cuteness Batman
Birthday card, take 1

So, I am sick, again! Ugh! Seriously I am never sick, this has been no fun. I am not patient with it either, I am such a baby. So today in my sickened state I decided to do some fun stuff with the kids to keep me going and they rewarded me with some cute pics. That is the best gift they could give me, it makes me so happy. I feel like my head is going to explode, but man I have cute kids! We made cookies today, I bought a big tub of cookie cutters and thought that would be a fun project, like play doh but edible. I'll post those pics another time, but it was fun if messy. They really got a kick out of it and certainly enjoyed the eating part. We made one with a D, A, and D cookie shapes and decorated it and Lowell thought that was fun. The cutters I got include all the letters and numbers, so we may have more time with those for learning time. They also did pretty good with potty training today. I am finding that as long as they are bare bottomed they will hold it or go on the potty, they don't want to just pee on the floor (thank you). But if they have anything on their bottoms they have accidents. So we have spent a lot of time with bare bums at my house! But they went all morning with just one accident from Davey when he had some shorts on (I figured that would be appropriate for playing outside, bare bums and slides don't mesh well). The pics are from the outside visit today when I was laying dying under the big tree (aren't I dramatic?) and the monkeys came to cheer me up, so I was tickling them and had the camera in my pocket. I liked them so much I made a mock up of their birthday invite, what do you all think? It is off center intentionally, when you print it as a 5x7 it cuts off the edge. It is only a month away, so much to do still! I bought the cake pans today, we are having a caterpillar cake which I believe takes 8 full cake mixes. It is not a small cake! Cake is cheap, it makes a good photo--that's priceless to me! I am very much deliberating between doing Thanksgiving Point's garden party or having fun there and then going back to my house. I thought it would be so much cheaper going to my house after but after adding up all the treats, plates, etc I am reconsidering. I am also working on Lowell's big 30 birthday party which is just one week after the boys'. I hate to skimp on his party just because I am busy planning the boys', so I just start sooner. I would add more details, but he reads this and I have some fun plans that will be a surprise. It is not a surprise party, but the theme will be. Being me I am also in full Christmas planning mode. So much fun things to research online, so little time to actually work (bummer :p). Actually today has been quiet at work thankfully, I think I will go pass out for a while.

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Anonymous said...

The boys look so grown up! (SOB!) It always happens so quickly. I love the card and I hope that you'll find relief from illness soon! (you've been sick for a while now haven't you?)