Monday, September 15, 2008

A short one

Carter looking ever-so pretty. I know people think they look just the same, but to me Carter is the "prettier" one. They are both handsome and cute, but sometimes Carter is pretty. He also likes princesses though he is definitely a boy, or if you ask him, a twin. This is the tie back from his curtain which he asked me to tie onto his head.
Here is Davey's attempt at dressing himself. He had the jammies on and put on the shorts himself (they are backwards but nice try) and he insisted I help him with the shirt. He wasn't very happy when I chose a different outfit to wear to the gym, but in my defense it was a little warm that day for footed PJs.

So my goal is for this to be a short one, but who knows. I think I like to hear myself type. So this weekend we celebrated the complete destruction of UCLA by BYU (59-0). This solidifies the cougs as a contending team this year, way to go cougars! I also enjoyed dinner with Lowell's fam and an abundance of bread, I just like bread at Chuck-A-Rama. We then picked up the new Nursery Manual which I would recommend to anyone with small kids. The new manual is called "Behold your little ones" and has similar lessons to the old manual (which I have taught from for 3+ of my 6 married years now) but I like the new one better. The pictures are right in the lesson and an "official" coloring page. They have done away with some of the "I am thankful for fish" type lessons and added "I can share" lessons. The reason I encourage everyone to get one and not just nursery teachers like me is because it is great for Family Home Evenings with little guys. We have been reading the Doctrine and Covenants reader for this year's lessons and though they do seem to get something from this, I think this will be better. Why I didn't think to use my old manual, I don't know! If I remember right it is $5.50 and if you don't have a distribution center by you, you can order it on the website and last I checked they even ship for free. There's my commercial for the day!

So I almost got to use my manual for the first time yesterday and even on my own kids. Gasp am I saying my "inactive" 2 year olds went to church for the first time in 9 months. Yep!
[A break taken here while my darling boys (all 3 of them) stopped off to bring me pie from grandpa Chad's birthday. Aren't I lucky? I love getting a little boy fix in the middle of a shift. Carter told me all about his "pumpkin teeth" (candy corn) and Davis was telling me about blowing out the candles on ba-pa's pie. I guess they just kept relighting the candles and letting them blow them out over and over. Such great grandparents to take the time to let 2 years be themselves. Mmmmm . . .pie . . .]
So they haven't been all year because of the time slot we are in. 1-4 is naptime and church. So my sister has been watching them while Lowell and I have enjoyed church. Anyway, the last 2 times the boys did not nap at all while we were gone but did once we impressed the idea upon them when we got home. So I figured they might as well go to church and get some exposure to it before they become sunbeams in January (yes, my tiny boys I can't believe it). They did okay, not great the first hour and less well the second. Davis was beside himself by the time Lowell took him to the car though Carter was hanging in there. After a one hour nap though he was a bear. He couldn't stand himself, throwing a fit at everything and just sobbing. Sigh! I'm ready to say that was a nice try let's try again next year, but Lowell thinks we need to keep trying. So next time we will try just one hour and then Lowell will take them home. It's too bad lesson and singing is in the second hour, because Carter kept talking about the lesson. They learned about Lazurus and he kept saying, 'Jesus say Wake up!'. It was cute to me that he got something out of it, it gives me hope that the rest of the kids are getting something out of my lessons.

Today grandma (my mom) wanted a "sick of work" day off so we went to the zoo. The munchkins were actually really good which is pretty hit or miss at the zoo. For those in the SLC area, the white alligator is leaving at the end of the month, so if you want to see him one last time, head on over. He is one of like 8 in the world, so worth saying you have seen him, even if in the dozen times I have seen him the most I have ever seen him do is blink. We didn't do the whole upper half of the zoo as the boys doubled back after the penguins, but that's okay I wanted them to have fun and today that meant more time at the park. I was oddly excited about the new Happy Meal toy on the way home, it was Batman lego toys. I have a bad habit of taking the boys out to lunch when I don't feel like cooking. I cook dinner at home most every night and am pretty consistent with that and serving healthy balanced meals. We eat breakfast at home too. But lately like twice a week I have taken the boys out to lunch. Just being lazy, I am going to work on it. So it's sad to admit how much I know about the toys in kid's meals right now (Burger King: Neopets plastic figure, pretty lame, Carl's Jr: Space Chimps, most toys look okay but we got the coloring book, McDonald's was lame Star Wars toys but now Batman (or Wizard of Oz girl toy), Sonic: no toy at all, the kids were not happy, we won't be back, Wendy's: Hasbro games, some okay but Battleship was a flop for 2 year olds, Arctic Circle and KFC: just a treat, no toy). And it is sad to admit that every time we pull up to a restaurant the boys say, chicken nuggets, drink, and toy please. They could pretty much order on their own.

Well, I knew I cursed myself by saying this would be a short one. Nothing to say but I still can ramble :). It comes from working alone, it really does. After my phlebotomist Ev leaves at 6, I have almost 12 hours in this little room all by myself. Blogging just seems more sane than talking to myself and better for journaling for the boys. Thanks for bearing with me! :)


Scott and Jillian said...

If you don't like the toy they are offering, ask them if they have a "toddler" toy. They usually have less pieces and are really cute. One of my kids' favorite toddler toys is a little pink and purple cat with wheels for feet.

Anonymous said...

I totally feel you about the church thing. Dylan is nearly six and we still struggle the first hour Dylan does show evidence of hearing what was said and understanding it so that's the main point right!
- I have to tell you that I've been taking Dylan to Mc Donalds for Thursday $1.50 lunch happy meals for so long that now that he's in school, I still go with Owen and give Dylan the toy when he get's home! HAHA

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! You and Lowell HAVE to have a girl!! Carter is just the prettiest little thing I've ever seen!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! You and Lowell HAVE to have a girl!! Carter is just the prettiest little thing I've ever seen!!!!!!!

Queen Mother said...

There ain't nuthin' wrong with calling a boy pretty. ;)