Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall photo shoot

So here are the pics from last Sunday up AF canyon. My darling Cyndel came along so we could get some family shots, thank you Cyn! I was happy because several actually turned out pretty well. The lighting (time of day) wasn't the best, but it was when we had the time to do it. So, enjoy! My fav family shot
Also good, though Carter is getting a fun fake smile for the camera and Davey has his tongue out--mirroring when Carter did it in our Christmas photo for 2006.
The boys on our hike through the trees. Carter is trying to make farting noises with his hands, but Davey looks great!
Davis's fake camera smile
Now Carter's--a little blurry from little boy fingers on the lens.
My cutie boys, was that so much to ask. Robbie saw these and said, wow they like to smile for the camera, little does he know how much work it is for one good shot. All worth it to me! Don't they look grown up? :(
Carter, one that really looks like him. He is tickling me with a branch.
Davis and his mischievious grin.
The bubs overlooking Tibble Fork Reservoir.
So there you go, I know you were all dying for new photos as if I haven't overloaded you with them already! Just wait until next week and the birthday party shots! Yes the big day is Saturday and I have been crazy making bug catchers, lots of cakes, cookies, hats, etc. There is still a lot to do, but I did do pretty well at work today, so yea for me. Tomorrow more cookies, putting together the gift boxes, going to Party Land for balloons, assembling and decorating the cakes, and putting up the deco. Lowell says I bite off more than I can chew, I wonder what he is talking about? Who says they won't remember this, Lowell remembers something when he was 1 and my first memory is a birthday party--this could be theirs. And if not, you know I'll take plenty of pictures to show them someday!
And in the sake of preservation I have to tell you my favorite thing for the day. The boys watch a show called Ni-Hao Kai-Lan which teaches some Chinese (that they still use surprisingly), anyhow Kai-Lan will make a heart with her hands and say, You make my heart super happy. So today while making sugar cookies, Davis picked up the heart cutter and said, "Mom, you make me super happy." You know what little man, you make me super happy too! I could cry, man I love those kids. K, I better get some rest, busy day ahead.


Kristen said...

Those boys are so cute!! I can't wait to see the birthday pictures. And you tell Lowell two boys is twice as much reason to have a super fun party.

Queen Mother said...

I love the scenery, but I love the photos of your family more. The boys are getting so big! They even have little boy haircuts! Is there a #3 coming up soon? ;) You need to have boy #3 so we can be even. lol

Anonymous said...

I miss fall colors! The boys are getting so boyish looking... I can't believe that it's been three years. Where has the time gone? I hope your birthday party went well and that the rain held until after the festivities.

The Pearson Family said...

I love the pictures in the mountains! I wish that they had great mountains like that out in New Jersey! Your boys are really cute.

The Pearson Family said...

I love the pictures in the mountains! I wish we had mountains like that out here in New Jersey. Your family is so cute.