Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A busy week . . .

So . . .we have been busy! Sunday we planned to just take a nice drive up the canyon, but ended up getting out and the boys just loved it. They spent no less than 20 minutes just throwing rocks, were fascinated by the people fishing, and then headed up a hiking trail with no reservation. They were so happy to be outside (rain had limited what we were able to do last week--which also led to a disastrous trip to the dino museum, let's just say 7 buses of school field trips plus my 2 very loud disobedient children in a confined space did not go well.) and it has convinced me that they are ready for camping and hiking. It is in their blood after all and has been severely curtailed these past couple of years, the last real camp out we had I was 6 months preggo. So now I have all sorts of plans, but Lowell wants to test the munchkins out in our tent in the backyard first. Then, I want to hike Stewart Falls and spend the night at the Timpanooke camp leading up to my real goal for this summer, Yellowstone! We'll see if it pans out and even more if we will be hoofing it in a tent (the true way of course, hey I earned my scout name as a teen, "Iron Maiden"!--I got it by climbing Half Dome in Yosemite, I am no woosy girl!) or go Lowell's way and stay in my bro's timeshare (yeah I guess there is something for separate rooms, a kitchen, and a shower, but where's the fun?). I worry considerably about the munchkins near the hot pots, etc. but there is plenty more to do than that and I think a lot of taking about it and little bit of their "leashes" will help ;).
Also this week my darling sister Hillary is home from college and has been a doll to go take the boys on adventures with me. Yesterday was the zoo, as usual the train was a big hit, and then the children's garden with my mom--the fountains are on hurray!, and then today to the big gardens for a nice walk. They have been surprisingly good, dare I say it out loud? I think my melt-down following the last visit to the dino museum may have hit a cord with them. The week is just getting started though. Tomorrow, I turn 28, yep old fogey town here I come (Lowell will be 30 this year, haha on him) then Friday the fam starts to arrive for BJ's wedding on Saturday. The whole wedding day is booked solid, from the sealing, to the lunch, to naps at my house, to the garden tour and family photo shoot, to dinner at my house for those whose kids don't do well at restaurants (mine!), and finally the reception. Gonna be kind of crazy and the number of clothing changes my boys will need (they are "ring bearers", pics to come!) and how long they will have to be happy and clean should prove interesting. Good thing they have gotten a chance to get some wiggles out already this week. The lovely Aunt Dinda will be watching them tomorrow while Lowell and I go out and I am sure that will help with wiggles too--they wear her out but she is so good at playing with them. That reminds me that we also went to a baby blessing on Saturday, my cousin Josh and his wife Valerie added new darling boy Eli to their family which includes big brother Noah. Josh is graduating this weekend from medical school in California, so congrats (and a box of See's chocolate) to him! I was on call for Memorial Day which was nuts too, back and forth a lot and trying to coordinate wedding plans with my mom and get some sale shopping in (continuation from Saturday). Anyway, yep we've been busy and we are going to continue to be for a couple more days. Then hopefully a cool down. I'll keep you posted :).

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