Thursday, May 8, 2008

Free prints and photo book!

Hi all-
Old pic, yes but looking through photos to get some free stuff brought this one back up and I just had to share it. I love this shot. It's funny at the time of this shoot I didn't think many of the pictures turned out great but now I just love them. I guess sometimes you need time to look back and remember how darling they used to be (and still are). Thanks to the sweet BYU student who did this photo free for us as part of a project on twins. I really need to do something like that again! I just found out my sis Hillary who now works at Thanksgiving Point can have photos done in the gardens without the extra fees. Before the summer is out I am so jumping on that one! Anyway back to the point of my post (what, they have a point . . .?) I found a new photo website (thanks Reva!) that is giving away a lot of free stuff right now as they are getting started. It is and you can get 400 free prints right now (200 4x6 and 200 5x7) and a free 8x8 photo book. I already joined and the credits are in my account. It is a limited time deal though so I am posting so everyone can grab these deals whilst they last. They are also running a special that if you spend $30 you get another free photo book and a free calendar. So I did that too and it took surprisingly a lot to get to $30 since there was 50% off non-print items. So I got 4 photo necklaces and a framed photo tile for $33 with shipping and the extra bonuses are already credited. Yea for me! Of course I openly admit I have not used this site, I do not know of its quality. Shipping seemed a little long and pricey but overall the deal is still outstanding. So, if I haven't already emailed you, go check it out! I am such a sucker for photo sites, I spend a lot of time on them. I am also a sucker for a deal, seriously if you are looking for a sale, give me a shout and I will find you the best price. Just one of the joys of having free time at work. Okay, back to said free time I really need to lay down and shake this tired-headache. Love to all!

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