Sunday, May 18, 2008

"The spider is sweeking"

Well, being all boy as my boys are, they have a fascination with bugs. Any time they see one they just hit the deck to be face the face with whatever it is. They particular like spiders and ants, which they call spiders. Also "snakes" what they call worms. With the weather finally warming up they have been all over the bugs in our yard. Unfortunately for the bugs, the boys fascination is not always gentle. I think they are figuring out how bugs work, but in the process and just squishing a bunch of them. I keep trying to stop them and talk about being nice and gentle, but alas some still do not survive. The other day I was sitting with Davis looking at a spider who no longer had any legs and I told him he needed to be nice, now the spider was dead. He said, "no spider in bed, he's sweeking (sleeping)". Be warned spiders of the world, Davis may put you to "sweek".
Walking through Target the other day the boys discovered 99 cent water guns. I have been some what avoiding guns but they do turn everything into guns so I figured why not. Oh my how they love them! They sat nicely all through the store saying Beew Beew. In fact they do not call them guns, they call them beew. We have 2 rules for the Beews, no playing in the house and no squirting Mommy. They have done really well with that, running around the back yard squirting the plants and the dogs but surprisingly noth each other. Though I did notice their friends Andrew and Anthony left play date with wet heads, sorry boys! We made a repeat visit last night and used some of their moneys from the playset to get a pool, a slip and slide, and more beews, plenty of water fun to come!
This week the boys came down with some pretty good fevers and sore throats. A visit to the doctor revealed no ear infection or strep ($50 in copays later!) so we have just been waiting it out. They have been pretty ornery at times but really not too bad, they are still eating and playing so I guess that is what counts. They are just more needy which I don't mind, I love the snuggles! The other night Davis asked to be "baby" which means he wants to be wrapped in a blanket and held. Well, Carter wanted to be also but didn't want to share so he told me, "I'm the tute (cute) baby!" Somedays they just kill me!
So there are some CarterDavis(what they call them at the gym)-ism for the week. We haven't gotten to have quite as many adventures as usual due to illness but we did make it to the gardens and have our twin play group, so that was fun. Lowell got our garden in yesterday so we are already anxiously anticipating our fall bounty, I love fresh fruit and veggies! The bubs and I planted some seeds and have been watching them grow, I would love to see them produce so the boys get the full experience from seed to consumption. So far so good.
In my world, the week has been pretty crazy as some changes have come down at work resulting in my supervisor not returning to work. The vacancy is yet to be filled and leaves a lot of questions about who will fill it, how schedules will change, etc. Here's hoping it is a smooth transition and that all goes well for my now previous supervisor (of 6 years) who I cared for deeply.
I think that is all there is to share from the Penrod world this week, stay tuned next week for more crazy antics ;).

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Scott and Jillian said...

My kids are obsessed with bugs, too. They love 'em. Whenever they see those big 'mosquito eaters' (I don't know what they're called) they all yell, "Emma's bug, Emma's bug" and point at it. Crazy kids!