Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Well, of course the best mother's day gift I will ever receive are the super-handsome lads pictured above. It doesn't hurt that they are being nice to each other in the shot either (a picture today would show a nice set of teeth marks on Davis'left cheek, arrgh! I hate biting!). 3 years ago on Mother's Day was a day I will never forget. I was almost 13 weeks pregnant and finally let some of the nurses at work know that I was pregnant. Working in a lab and seeing a lot of sad things I was very cautious for the first trimester. Truthfully I was still convinced there wasn't actually a baby in there, my guess, blighted ovum. So Marnae my darling nurse friend set out to prove me wrong with an ultrasound. I was so nervous to just see a heartbeat and then amazingly she found the right spot and there THEY were. Two perfect little hearts beating away, there was no disputing it, I was having twins. I called Lowell and told him I had an ultrasound and asked if he was sitting down, he was sure it was bad news so was doubly exicted when I told him, nope it's twins! Silly boy had cursed me with them though, he insisted from early on that there was two in there when I was certain he was wrong. I was guessing one girl! He just had never seen anyone so sick and was sure there was a good reason for it. I, on the other hand, had seen people with just one be that sick and had seen my quantative HCG results that were not indicative of twins. Anyway, he was right all the puking was 2 little gremlins in their, he came down to see them and our love affair with our 2 boys began, on a special Mother's Day 3 years ago.
This year the Saturday before Mother's Day I scheduled myself a spa day. I, along with my MIL and SIL went and had massages at the massage school and yes it really was fantastic, then I met up with my mom and sisters and had pedicures and then a fantastic lunch at the gardens. It was seriously the most relaxing and delightful day. Ahhhh Then Sunday Lowell made me a wonderful breakfast, I made handprints with my nursery class, and then we had a really good dinner with Lowell's whole fam and I had 2 desserts! And most of a watermelon (okay, Davis helped). It was a good day. Oh and Lowell and the boys made me new aprons with their handprints on it, thanks hon! He also watched the monkeys and allowed for me spa day and treats me like a queen everyday, what a great hubby!
So I very rarely take any pictures of myself, I am always on the other side of the camera, but here is one, albeit a little old.

I have been tagged by Jillian to describe my family using the letters of their middle names, so here goes!


L Listener

E Encouraging

E Engaging

Lowell (he is William Lowell)

L Loveable

O Open

W Willing to help

E Exceptional

L Listener

L (man we have a lot of Ls!) Loving

Davis (William Davis)

D Determined

A Athletic

V Very sweet

I Intelligent

S Silly!


L Little ("I widdle")

O Outstanding climber

W Willing to hug and comfort

E Excited

L Leaping Lizard

L Loveable

Okay, so there are some repeats in there, too bad! I tag Stephanie and Amber if they happen to read this ;)

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in my life, I have been blessed with many good examples and am grateful for them all


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