Friday, May 23, 2008

Some funnies and something not so funny

So I will start with the not so funny, mothers of the world be warned--my little Carter got his finger smashed in our automatic van door today. The front has a sensor to prevent this, but the back part of the door does not. I have actually worried about this before today and have always warned the boys to not touch the door as it was closing, but alas sometimes they learn for themselves. Today after dropping off the dogs at the groomers we decided to go have breakfast at Carl's Jr (i.e. go play at the PlayPlace while there is no one there!). I hate going into restaurants by myself though, the whole challenge of herding my not so obedient children across a parking lot and through the dining area. Anyway, I had them both out of their seats and had my eye on Davis who was closer to the road when I turned around to see Carter just before the door completely closed and locked on his little thumb. I got it open pretty fast but of course it looked really angry! I debated my next step, drag a screaming Davis back into the car and skip play time or carry a screaming injured Carter through the restaurant. I thought playing may cheer Carter up so I chose the latter. We had a good snuggle and I inspected the finger as best I could finding no blood and just a lot of swelling. He recovered pretty quickly and did go and play but I still took him for a Daddy check-up to be sure he didn't need a doctor. Lowell is better at being the meany, he bent the finger and felt it all over (much to Carter's discontentment) and deemed it well bruised but not broken (a big whew from me!). So we went to the gardens and played some more and other than a few "Daddy ow, Daddy ouch, and car ouch [Me: yes, car big ouch], C: Car big big big ouch" he seems to have survived it. Wow, I sure dramatized our day here, let's just say it seemed pretty dramatic at the time.
On to some funnies.
Davis the chef. So Big D has been taking an interest in eggs this week. I let him help me crack and pour some eggs into a pan for breakfast (followed by a good handwashing and plenty of shell clean-up) and he thought that was pretty cool. So the other afternoon Lowell realized the boys were being much too quiet (you know it's trouble!). On approach he found 2 broken eggs and readied himself for trouble but instead found Davis with Carter watching on working on his little plate of eggs. He had cracked 6 or so eggs and thrown the shells away and now was mixing them on the plate with a fork. Too bad Lowell couldn't find the camera in time, my little budding chef!
So we have worked for some time on manners with the boys and they are actually quite proficient. They throw out plenty of pleases and thank yous, sorrys and even excuse me's (it seems to carry less weight when a forced burp is followed by excuse me and then laughter, but oh well) but they have found a way this week to take it too far. "No, thank you". Me: Let's take a bath, C&D: No, thank you. Me: It's time for bed C&D: No, thank you. It's hard when they are being so polite, but some times it still doesn't fly (I still think it is cute though). Oh and one thing with manners that I LOVE that they learned and it is a great lesson for other twin moms is trading. One day I told them they couldn't just take a toy, they have to trade it for something they have and amazingly they have really picked it up. D: Here Tarter (handing Happy Meal toy--blast it I got 2 different ones!) C: (thinks it over) Here Dadis. Of course it isn't always great, they don't always trade evenly and then are unhappy when the tradee is not willing to complete the transaction. It also usually does not end well for me D: Here Mama (totally melted narly popsicle) Me: Here Davis (pristine and lovely popsicle gone, oh well, I have learned to eat when they are asleep!).
So there is your snippet of Carter and Davis for the day, I hope you have enjoyed ;). I am ready to rest! though I still need to work on tying ribbons on favors for my brother's wedding in a week, after working feverishly on their video for the last 2 days. Ugh! I'll be glad when the wedding is past and we can move on to summer and more of the joys of potty training (work in progress :)!). Happy weekend all!

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Scott and Jillian said...

I like reading your blog because I feel like I'm not alone in the crazy kiddos world! A couple weeks ago I found the (too quiet) kids with a dozen or so eggs cracked on the patio. Gross!

Let me know how the potty training goes...I'm tip-toeing through the potty training tulips myself.