Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What a week!

Yea! I finally figured out how to post my montages--I am pretty slow with this computer stuff, it wasn't that hard! Anyway, here are many pics from the past month. We survived our busy week hooray!

My birthday went well, Lowell sent me gorgeous flowers (see end of video) which was nice and we went and got me some sandals. We then went to dinner at Tucanos, a brazilian BBQ place that is basically all you can eat meat. They bring it to you on a skewer and you just cut off a piece of whatever you want, we'll just say I was very full at the end. And of course I got a deal, free dinner on your birthday, just register at www.tucanos.com . I had also had a buy one get one free for my b-day at Sweet Tomatoes the previous Saturday, register at www.sweettomatoes.com. On Sunday my in-laws came up and we had a steak BBQ with fruit and cake, it was yummy. Nice to visit with everyone even though my nieces didn't want to stay long. They are still darling. Then for my birthday part 3, last night we went to use my free burger from Red Robin (you guessed, it www.redrobin.com) which we braved with the kiddos. They did okay actually, not great, but okay. We just ate really fast and took theirs to go. We also ordered an appetizer to distract them while the main course was coming and I brought some special candies. All that to make it through a 30 minute meal, but hey we did it! We followed that up with my free scoop from Baskin Robbins--I think you've all got it by now. I love my free birthday stuff, each year I add a new one, just keep an eye out for it, lots of places will do things for your birthday. We then did Family night at the gardens, they were having a Scottish Theme so my Mother and Sister-in-laws joined us, but they finished early and we didn't catch much of it. Bummer. The kids still got a good run in to finish out the night. So that was my birthday in 3 parts, I guess I can officially be 28 now.

In the midst of all this we had the real big event, my brother BJ and my new sister-in-law Angela's wedding. It all went over well. My mom and spent the night before setting up the lunch and making sugar cookies until midnight (ugh! but my mom insisted, I hate rolling out sugar cookies!) I also played little girl and had my mom put pink curlers in my hair, I don't think it has been curled since before my wedding. Yikes! Let's just say I don't own a hair dryer let alone a curling iron. I know it is pathetic, but I have never learned how to do my own hair. I can do a few things, including braiding, but I can't curl it anyway. So the next morning after the usual frantic where is the 4th shoe search the bubs were in their very darling suits (the jackets of which never did get use, it was just too warm that day. They are pretty big though, we'll use them again) and we were on our way. Lowell and I attended the temple sealing along with quite a few of my extended family members and my mom. Sadly they could not wait for my Dad's return in September, it angers and hurts me that they wouldn't, but it's done now. BJ will have to live with the fact that his impatience was so hard on my dad and also the forever wedding pics that will be missing someone. There, I have spoken my peace and counted to 3. We then took the photos which although I bought special toys and candy to entertain the boys during this time, I did not bring them from the car, so they didn't do that great. With the help of some wonderful toddler moms, I think we got a couple of good shots. I'll post them if BJ shares them. Then off to the lunch that our family was in charge of and that went off pretty well. Lowell took the boys home early while I presented the video I have been working on (after my Uncle Corey got it to play, thanks!). That done we just had the reception which was more of my boys running everywhere in their cute little suits and me chasing them and trying to visit with my family a bit in between.

So now BJ is just married and off on his honeymoon to DisneyLand (where Lowell and I went also). And I realized something today, I miss the punk. He left on his mission before my boys were born and after he got home he quickly met Angela and that is all he did. I feel like I never really got to have my brother back and now he belongs to another and I probably will continue to not see him. My boys love him too but have a hard time remembering who he is because they see him so infrequently. Perhaps now that he is married and off from school for the summer we will get a chance to see a little more of him. I guess this will probably involve seeing more of his wife as well, but I better get used to that. I just don't know her at all and it is still awkward being around her. But she is family now and my kids' aunt, so I guess it is time to get to know her. So there is my official family drama for the summer. The end.

Today we went to the zoo again as last week it was too busy (it was almost as busy today) and we thought it would be a good way for the boys to burn some energy for a while (it was). I will be working a lot this week so I wanted to give Lowell a head start with tired kids and he was kind enough to take a couple of days of to see us as I will be so busy the rest of this week (think 50 hours plus 16 hours of call). Now that school is out for the summer we will be getting to see a lot more of Lowell. During the school year it is very difficult for him to get time off, but in the summer he has to use up all the time he has accrued or he'll lose it. Works great for me, I have so many trips to plan! Anyway, many fun summer adventures ahead!

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