Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Which kind of day are you having?

Today was one of those days that:
I wondered why the Lord thought I could handle my children.
I learned the hard way that a trip to the store and 3 visiting teaching appointments in 2 hours is too much for my kids.
I was sure people were judging me by my very loud misbehaved kids . . .again.
I felt inadequately groomed and dressed (darn those cute little perfect VT companions!).
I wondered how much of my children's behavior is their little spirits and how much is my parenting skills? Of the percent of the latter, what can I do more??
I was grateful for a patient gal that I teach, who played with my kids even after they hit hers fighting over a toy and knowingly told me, I understand.
I was reminded of the wonderful husband I married when he gave up going to the gym when he heard I was having a tough day, didn't judge me when I took the kids out to lunch, and cooked dinner so I could take a shower. Yesterday was one of those days that:
The kids played so nicely with me, played nicely with each other at the park, and even made some progress with potty training.
Cyndel came to visit and made me smile.
I had brownies (I think that is the key to all good days come to think of it!).
The boys went down for nap without me laying in their rooms and without much of a fuss.
I learned that the spooky house at Ikea was a bit scary for 3 year olds, but that they would beg to go again anyway.
Ikea made dinner for my family (hey , there were vegetables!).
I actually bought clothes for myself, 8 shirts and 4 pairs of pants for $50! Thank you Van Heusen sale--Draper outlet, 2.99 shirts, check it out!
I was reminded what a cute mom I had when I picked up my Halloween dress she had been altering and discovered she sewed the whole thing by hand.

So I guess some times are ups and some are downs. Just the life of a mom of 3 year olds I guess. 3 year old . . .boy . . .twins mind you. At least they're healthy, they are happy, we have our jobs and our house, the Lord loves us (I think I'll make this my mantra, when you find me rocking in a chair at the mental institution repeating that over and over, you'll know why :p).


crissi said...

HAHA! Oh boy can I relate! I think its the excitement of the Holidays coming, kids always seem to be outta control!
Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Amen Sista! Let's just go to Mexico and leave the kids with the men for a few days!

Scott and Jillian said...

Can I reserve a chair next to you? I totally understand!!!!!! I feel that way ALL the TIME! It's nice to hear I'm not the only one, 'cause sometimes I think everyone else has it all together and I missed the 'good mommy' memo or something.

Queen Mother said...

It gets better, sweets. I promise. 3 is the worst age..I don't know why they say "terrible 2s." It's terrible 1s, 2s and 3s.

Something magical happens when they turn 4.....