Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so onto the inevitable Halloween post. Yes, I love Halloween and really do look forward to it almost as much as the boys. I went trick-or-treating until I was a senior in high school, just loved to go and would go to "take my little sisters". I gave it up in college and had a few dry years until the kids were born. The first year we stayed home :(, but it had a lot to do with the fact that they looked like this:

They were just released from the NICUs and were both on oxygen and heart monitors. Not so conducive to trick-or-treating. Max and Maddy were Darth Vader and Yoda in case you were wondering. But since then we have gone each year and every year they like it a little more. Saying I am a sweet tooth is an understatement, like my dad I have sweet teeth. The boys take after me in that regard and who wouldn't love free candy! Plus this year they have especially gotten into the "spooky-ness" of the day and seeing all the costumes, etc. It's just a fun age. As I mentioned before, we were the Mario Brothers family. Mario=Davis, Luigi=Carter, Wario=Lowell, and Princess Peach=Me!
We had a full day of fun. In the afternoon we went to my hospital's Halloween costume contest, just as something fun for the boys to do and because they love seeing people in costumes so much. Guess what? We won for the best small group! Woohoo for us, it has a $50 prize. I never would have guessed, but hey I'll take it! Then we had the typical Halloween, please let me get a picture in your full costume battle. The boys were done with their fake mustaches, but I did get these 2.

That'll do, I wrestled with them for quite some time to get a shot of both of them, but much bribing and pleading and tears led to only one pic and it isn't even worth posting. Oh well. They are darn cute in the 2 I got though . . .

We then went the Lowell's family's ward's (did you follow all the possessives?) trunk or treat. I wish they had these when I was a kid, what a way to clean up on the candy with minimal effort! We also got to see my nieces, who are such dolls, that's always a bonus.

Carter and Alivya, the flower

The boys with Hannah, the kitty
We then headed up to my mom's house for door to door trick or treating. I guess this is becoming a less popular way to go, but even though it takes longer, I prefer the original. There is something special about running from house to house, seeing all the decorations, and ringing the doorbell before saying trick or treat. There is just a feeling in the air, part excitement, part spooky, and part so hopped up on sugar it is ridiculous! Here are the boys at the beginning, racing to the next house.

And here they are at the end, dragging their way home, me carrying Davis' basket because it was too heavy. A funny note with this shot, at the house just previous to this Davis walked up the driveway as usual, but had his hat down as in this shot, the garage was black and he just walked smack right into it. At the time, it was so funny, I doubled over laughing after I made sure he was okay.

And finally the pay off, check out all that loot!

We'll be working through that for a while. Finally, I got some brief video of the boys I thought I would share. They were so silly and hyper, and also so tired, they are definitely harder to understand when they are tired. Also note that I do have a video camera that is just fine, but it is a hassle to upload from so you are stuck with the low quality video from my digital camera. Deal with it! ;p


Kristen said...

Your costumes turned out so cute! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I just came out of a small cuteness coma! Those were the cutest dang costumes I've seen in a long time! I also loved seeing the mario bros with the flower and kitty. It made my day!

Rob Dodenbier said...

I can't get over Davis walking right into the garage door, my sides still hurt from us laughing at him!