Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Children Dear

So, how many birthday posts can I really do? There's a challenge! Anyway today was the boys actual birthday, so I had to have some more fun things to do. I am kind of weird about actual birthdays, I think it is the lab tech in me, we are very precise by nature which is why I don't recommend 2 marry, weird things may happen to the kids. So . . .this morning we started the day with Toaster Streudels (a fav) with candles, just because they like to blow them out so much.
Then we made a trip down to Toys R Us to use the gift cards they got. If you sign up for their birthday club online, they will send you a % off coupon a month in advance (used it on the scooters) and then a gift card close to the day. They got $3 ones, not sure if everyone gets that or if it is a dollar per year. So we went and they chose batman candy tubes with bendable figures attached. I also picked up an art kit that was half off. The people there were so nice--they even gave the boys birthday crowns and balloons. We'll be going again next year.

Then we went to use the Red Robin free kids meal coupons we got for their birthdays--yes I do know how to exlpoit online deals. One more, Children's Place will give you a 20% off coupon for the birthday. My dear bro Robbie joined us and got some good practice for when he has kids. Davis did not sleep well last night and was already in the hyper exhausted mode by the time we got to lunch. He was climbing all over the bunches and playing under the table. It is a good thing the meals were free, because he sure didn't eat much. Carter did okay, he slept better. A few more screaming moments in the mall and we were off to the next stop (sorry Robbie!). We hit Krispy Kremes on the way home because these guys love donuts. They hardly eat, seriously they skip 2 meals a day some times, not for lack of opportunity, but they can clear 2-3 donuts easy. So here is Carter with his donut, a tummy full of Mac and Cheese, his balloon, and his batman. I think that should be one happy birthday boy.
Now I am at work, so I didn't get to do anything else, but no regrets, I think they had a good day. Tomorrow, Dinosaur Park--which I swear is the last birthday thing I have planned! Lowell's party is Saturday so it is time to get going on that. Plus we have the mom's night out for the twin club on Wednesday, we are doing a corn maze--I think it will be a blast. Still coming up the twin club Halloween playgroup, trunk or treat for our ward and then Lowell's mom's, and finally Halloween day itself. Should be a busy October.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO sad that I missed their birthdays:( I'm also SO glad that they have such an awesome mommy who rocks the celebration train! Good luck with the 3-0 party this weekend. Hey! the boys are 3 and Lowell is that plus a zero in the same year! Kismet or just weird? Thanks for all of the awesome pictures- it amost makes up for not being there. Sigh.

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

I know, I am keeping the 3 balloon so all I have to add is the 0!

Lyndsie said...

Wow! Heidi you are supermom!!! My kids would love to have you around. Looks like the boys had a blast!!!

Brooklyn said...

Happy belated B-day Davis and Carter!! I love the candles in the toaster streudels, classic! And the cakes you made them were awesome!! Hopefully we'll see you at Tiffiny's!