Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Buggy Birthday

Well, the party has come and gone and the good memories remain. It was not how I would have planned, we were rained out (again! last year was the same, beautiful up until party day) and some of our friends couldn't come and family too, but it was still a really fun party and I am happy with how it went. The boys were so happy all day. We had set up streamers and balloons after they went to bed, so as they came out in the morning they just stared and said, party today. They loved having friends over, they love their aunts/uncles and grandparents so having them all over was great for them. Thanks to all who came. And boo-hiss to those that didn't (just kidding, especially those who live far away, we missed you Becky!). They loved all the junk food and the presents, they have a lot to keep them busy with for a while. Such spoiled, loved little boys. I have SO many pics, so I will add a couple here and then post a video. The cake, man was this an undertaking, but 4 days of baking, 6 cake mixes and Lowell says $100+ later (I choose to ignore his math, plus a lot of the stuff I can use again). There were mini cakes for each boy too.
Carter with his 3, I couldn't pass up on this balloon as a prop.
The boys with their crickets, a gift from Uncle Mike and Aunt Sina. They love them and even insisted on bringing them to the grocery store later.
Davis is 3! (almost, on Monday he will be, I am holding onto 2 as long as I can.)
Who told them they could grow up? I am still struggling to think they are 3. After the party Lowell went off to priesthood session of conference and my mom and I took the bubs grocery shopping and to the play place at McDonald's. A perfect fun-filled day for the munchkins.

I work Monday for their actual birthday, so we are going to blow off the gym and make a trip to Toys R Us to spend the gift cards they got in the mail (register at and then Tuesday we are going to go up to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. Fun times ahead . . .photo montage coming too.

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Scott and Jillian said...

Yes, three comes way too fast!

And that cake rocks my socks off!