Monday, October 27, 2008

Of football and gardens and poison control

Well the title describes our weekend pretty well. Saturday Lowell and I made it to our first BYU game of the season. It was actually pretty weird driving through campus and walking up to the stadium. While I attended BYU, I went to every single home game all 4 years (sometimes not until the 4th quarter, but c'mon that's the part worth watching!). I think Lowell and I did one more season after I graduated and then not again until now. I also live 30 minutes away from my alma mater and there are lots of events and museums there, but I never go back to BYU. Once in a while I will hit the Creamery (pretty much only to purchase chocolate milk for a big fan we only see once in a while, we love you Sam!) but that is on the edge of campus. I haven't gone into the Wilk or walked across the quad pretty much since I left there. It gives me the heeby jeebies! I don't know why, but I do not feel comfortable there, it's creepy. Oh well, I got the job done and moved on, I think that is the point of college after all. The stadium didn't seem so creepy, but odd to reflect on the times I spent there. I have to say the highlight will always be my freshman year. We got tickets sitting with almost the entire ward and of course the silly boys that lived across the alley from us and we just had so much fun. One game we even had front row seats in the end zone, we held our little painted sign as all the paint ran off because it was snowing, a pretty nasty freezing storm if I remember right, but I still think of that as the best game. Good times. The next best was when we beat the U (yes Crissi, we do that a lot! :P) in my senior year when Staley ran along the boundary line for a last minute score. I have never been so hoarse. Lowell was there then and my bro so that is a memory I'll always have with them. Kind of bookends to my tenure at BYU I guess. Anyway . . .enough memory lane, our game Saturday was pretty good. Lowell seemed to enjoy himself which was the idea since it was a birthday present for him. BYU did not play as well as I expected them to, but they pulled it out in an exciting ending which made it a more enjoyable game to watch. I'll have to confess that I paid more attention to the cute kids in BYU jerseys sitting all around me, secretly wishing my kids were there in their cute jersey but then cursing myself for even thinking such a thing because they would not have done well at the game, than watching the plays in action. Like I said, I am a 4th quarter fan, if you wait until then you'll know if it is even going to be close and hence a good game to watch or you can pass it by on the way to food network. Thus it is. Thanks for letting us sit by you Robbie and ignore that last comment, I was watching intently every second and BYU football is the only important thing on the planet, at least in the fall. Love you Rob!

Here's us at the game, it was a sell out, the most consecutive sell out games since the 90s. Yeah!

Okay, then we went to sadly say goodbye to the gardens for another year. Such a melancholy thing for me to do. I did manage to get some good photos though, thanks to the Old Navy Halloween sale I hit up on the way home from the game. These cute cardigans, $4. Oh yeah!

I can get them coughing in unison but not smiling. Hrmph! Is it just me or are they actually starting to look more alike? Even our ped thought so.
My baby Davis, I just liked the lighting there on the bridge by the pond, near the roses that always smelled so good, sob, sob, I miss the gardens!
Davey boy in a tree
Lowell and the boys playing in the leaves. I am not supposed to post this one because Lowell says he looks fat, so if you think so just note that his shirt is wrinkling up, that is not a beer gut. Lowell really has a 6 pack under there! Okay, not really, he did once for real, but now he is fit and that is enough.
A child that can smile on cue, I have raised him well! Okay only sometimes and still with a candy bribe, but I have gotten very lucky lately!
They didn't want to smile, but they did want to kiss, and I guess that works.
My sweet bubbies
You know I love the back shots, so classic, Daddy and his boys, they love him so much! The other day at church they were being naughty so I told them I was going to go get their Daddy and they both said, "Yea!". Not such a threat I guess, it always worked when I was a kid.
Carter in the tree.
Night falls on our last trip to the gardens. Sniffle sniffle sob! Carter scratched his nose somewhere between the first pics and now, poor bubby.
We were trying to hurry the boys out of the gardens as it was getting dark so Lowell kept telling them a monster was coming. At first Davis was a little scared but then he caught on and they both kept pretending the monster was here or there and after them. Here they are hiding under a bench from the "scary monster, rawr!".

So then Hillary did something very special to end our season at the gardens, she hooked us up with free rides on the Segways. If you haven't tried these, it's kind of a trip. It takes some balance and getting used to, but then it is just fun! The wind blowing through your hair as you cruise pretty fast up and down the hills. It was a very nice way to end the day. We took turns and the rest of the group followed in the golf cart which the boys loved of course. After I took the boys to the car Lowell took the Segway for one more turn around the park, he was enjoying it so much, totally made his day. Though we both learned it is kind of creepy alone in the dark in the gardens.

So on to part 3 of the title. Saturday night as we were preparing for bath time I noticed Davis had a funny smell to him, a chemical smell. Lowell went looking and found that Davis had pulled out Lime-Away out of our "locked" cupboard under the sink. We of course keep it locked, but those silly boys have been able to get through child locks since they were 1. We have worked with him on how we shouldn't get under the sink, it is dangerous, etc. but he is my Curious George. So before you call DCFS on us, know we at least tried to keep these things up. Lowell has since moved the caustic chemical to a high shelf in the garage, no guarantees there as they are quite the climbers, but here's hoping! The Lime-Away had a spray nozzle so we know he sprayed himself on the face and neck and possibly got a very small amount in his mouth. I washed him off and had him drink some water while Lowell called poison control. I am happy to say this is our first call to this service, but I am not at the same time as I wish we made it through childhood without any calls. Who wants to bet it won't be our last time? Turns out Lime-Away isn't too bad in small amounts and all we needed to do was wash him, give him some water, and keep an eye on him. We'd done that much already so disaster averted, but it sure made this mommy's heart flutter! He seems just fine now, eating well, etc. though perhaps his judgement is flawed as he asked me to do this to his hair and let me take the picture.

I think that is why I don't have girls, no skills with that hair! I have some hairspray which is only theirs, for when I spike the front. I don't even own a hair dryer. Yep, me and my boys and couple of scrunchies, it's all good!

Might as well throw a Carter funny in as well, he is my future ladies man. I was putting him in his carseat and he very carefully (because it is a little tricky for a 3 year old) lifts both his eyebrows and says to me in his deep daddy impersonating voice, "Hey Baby!". I just about died, it was so funny. So smooth that one, today as we were leaving from the gym daycare Davis walked up to a little gal (older woman mind you) and said goodbye, she said I love you and then they hugged and kissed on the lips! I was surprised, but even more so when Carter stepped up and did the same thing. I tell you what, I am going to have to watch those two when they get older. They've got the moves. I hope they grow up to be the handsome popular twins, the ones every wants to date and have as a friend. Or maybe they'll grow up to just be odd like me and hang out with the band nerds (I didn't play an instrument but I did carry the banner in parades!) or little home bodies like their dad excelling at video games. Only time will tell!


Kristen said...

Wow--football games. I totally remember that. Do you remember how we spent like the whole first quarter looking for Mark, Scott, Michael, etc? What were we there for?? ;) I have to say I really miss BYU football games the most when Adam and I go to UofL games, and the entire crowd is drunk and smoking. But it is funny to think that there were just as many fights at BYU games, and everybody was sober...

The Pearson Family said...

Yeah for BYU football! I haven't been to a game since I graduated. I agree with you though, Freshman year was the most fun I've had at football games.

Wow, that's scary about having to call Poison Control. I'm glad they're ok. Luckily that is one thing we haven't had to do yet. I think I'll go double check where all of our cleaning supplies are located.

Queen Mother said...

Oh I LOVE the photos..especially the one of the boys under the bench. That is classic! And you know that Sam always appreciates the chocolate milk. ;) We talk about driving out to Utah all of the time to visit, and after seeing you guys, his next thought it "BYU Creamery!" lol

Oh and I know that Lowell like the beer...come on Lowell, admit it..;)