Friday, October 10, 2008

Too cute not to share . . .

It's been a busy week of planning and running. We didn't make it to the Dinosaur Park because of time and ticket issues but will be going next week. I did do the corn maze with my twin mommy friends and that was way fun. We got lost and cheated our way out. How do you exit out the entrance to #1 when you are doing #2? Then we screamed together in the Haunted Creature which was really funny. I have never done something like that with girl friends and it was great to just be silly and scared. We all held hands and screamed at every little thing. This wasn't even when it was haunted--I don't think any of us were brave enough for that. Some laughs and good chats--I love UVMOM! Anyway, I have also been driving my dad around looking for a job. It is so frustrating! If anyone needs a highly educated and qualified person who will do just about anything, let me know! We also cleared out what was left in the garden preparing for the snow coming this weekend (sigh!). We got a bunch of butternut which makes me happy and it turns out if you ignore zucchini it doesn't go away, it just gets bigger. Zucchini anyone? Really come and get it! You can freeze it in 1 cup batches and have bread all winter. Really!
Okay, so I wanted to thank everyone for reading the blog. When I started it I felt as though I was talking to my 0 followers and pretty much just journaling for the munchkins. I have been thrilled to find people actually reading my ramblings and commenting, so thank you! I am still using it for journaling purposes, but now I feel like I have friends :)!

So . . .friends, here's a question for you. Lowell will be off for UEA (school break) next week and I was able to get 2 days in a row off. This means we could go overnight somewhere! I have been wanting to go to Moab, but Lowell is not crazy about it and my dad and I discussed it at length and I do have to agree there isn't that much for the kids. I love the red rocks and photo ops and they love bugs and dirt but not so much walking for long distances. So my question is what else could we do with a couple of days pretty close to Utah County that the boys would enjoy? We don't have to stay overnight, but we can. Any and all suggestions will be considered.
Here's a couple more shots from today just for fun. After the birthday crowns at Toys R Us we have a new found love for crowns. Burger King to the rescue!

My Davis all big, man he looks stinkin' old! He was such a punk for nap today, this little mama was too tired and too PMS-y to deal with it today. Hrrmph!
And sweet Tarter Sauce. Here's some Carter funnies for the day. Carter likes to ask you what something is, even things he know. It goes like this C: What this mommy? Me: a caterpillar sweetie C: Oh a capetillar, yup. He adds the yup to the end all the time as if to let us know we are correct. It is cute when he does it. I bought a tiara the other day to go with my Halloween costume (if I haven't already mentioned the boys will be Mario and Luigi, Lowell is going to be Wario and I am of course Princess Peach) Carter with no direction at all, picked it up put it on his head and said, 'I a princess!'. I told him to go show his dad and he was back a couple moments later and just quietly handed me the tiara. I asked Lowell and he said he informed him that he is NOT a princess. Dads are just no fun some times :P Here's a sweet one from Davis, there was a double heart cookie with the boys' cake and I thought of it as their two hearts and then he looked at it and again with no prompting pointed at each heart and said 'Tarter and Dadis'. So sweet to me that he got that. They called each of their cakes as themselves and the big caterpillar was Daddy. He had a fun one the other night as well, the boys still enjoy their little cameras and managed to give Daddy a nice paparazzi moment as he tried to use the bathroom. He called me and I could hear them in the background, 'Daddy, smile, say cheese!'. I think I'll have to save those in a special private collection. At least he was good spirited about it, he said he smiled big for them. They are finally starting to smile nice for me and I could kiss them for that, even if they are cheesy sometimes. Well wish us luck on Lowell's big 3-0 party like it's 1988 party tomorrow. I'll post pics soon I am sure. Loves!


Scott and Jillian said...

Awesome! I love reading your blog, Heidi. I really wish we had gotten our kids together sometime when we lived there, 'cause they have so much in common. For example- Michael does the same thing with asking you a question, then saying, "Yes. That's right!" So funny.

UEA ideas...the dino place in either Ogden or Vernal, Park City, Vegas, the Children's Museum in downtown SLC (I love ours here in Phoenix), uhm that's all I can think of now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Lowell is a big catterpillar! (HAHAHA) I hope that whatever you do for UEA, I hope you'll have a good time! 7 days till I'm in Utah! Yeah!

Lyndsie said...

So cute!!! Your boys always look so cute in their pictures. What is your trick!!! I am glad you at fun at mom's night. I had a blast!!! I feel really lucky to have you has a friend!!!

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Thanks for the ideas Jillian! We will be doing the dino park for sure and maybe something else . . .Lyndsie-I bribe them, they get candy if they smile. It works! Also persistence, they know I won't give up, so if they want to do something else, they better just smile and get it over with!