Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip Day 7: Disney Day 3

Well my faithful readers, you have made it to the end of the trip. Hooray! Saturday was busy at Disney as was to be expected. Not only was it a Saturday but also Valentine's Day and part of a 3 day weekend. We only planned to come on Saturday at all because it was the only day The Haunted Mansion would be open and it is one of Lowell's favorites. We got to the park early and caught several good rides before it got busy. The boys were in a good mood to be back at Disney, it is safe to say that was their favorite park of all the places we went. We took advantage of Fast Passes and I finally got to ride Autopia, something I haven't done since I was a kid. Not that great really, not worth the wait. I got my last ride on Space Mountain as well, can't get enough of that ride! After nap we rounded out whatever else we wanted to do, I never did get to It's a Small World or Toon Town but I did get one more round on Soaring over California, my fav ride at California Adventure. Here's Carter and Lowell on the Zephyr, sticking their tongues out at me.
And my fav shot of Davis from this trip, sums it up pretty well.
Big smile and 2 thumbs up! I didn't tell him to do that either, it was all him. We stayed to watch the fireworks which were awesome of course, better than I remember from our honeymoon (though then we had the added bonus of watching it from our hotel window). We got the bubs giant suckers as big as their heads and mama was weak and picked up another toy, a light up Buzz Lightyear they had been eyeing all week. We got some candy (Disney has the best candy!) for us and to share and we headed out.

Goodbye to Disney's California Adventure

Goodbye DisneyLand! We had fun, but I don't know that we'll be back next year. Seems like a good time to skip a year. All in all it was of course a fantastic amazing time. We saw and did so much, it was just awesome! The fact that we did the whole week for the whole fam for $1000 was pretty impressive as well. Any time the boys see one of the characters we saw or read a book about one of the rides they will rattle on and on about that ride. "Monster's Inc ride, Tigger Pooh ride, big scary mountain" (Matterhorn), etc. Here's a clip I almost forgot, it's the boys dancing in line waiting for the Monster's Inc. ride and also at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show (they LOVED it!).

As much fun as all that was it was a strain to spend so much time in close quarters with little sleep with my whole family. We love them to pieces and wouldn't have done it without their help but it was still stressful for everyone. Hence wanting to take a year off before going again. I'm not opposed to a quick trip to Europe next year however, budget and no baby permitting. We loaded up the car and left Anaheim around midnight and drove all night. Lowell drove to right around Nevada's border before he was bushed and then I drove to Nephi. I was listening quite intently to Twilight making the trip even pleasant for me. What an obsession that fueled! Still working on Midnight Sun (I can only read it at work--being online) and rereading Twilight now. I LOVE Midnight Sun (it's Edward's version of Twilight) but I love Edward so it makes sense.

Yesterday I enjoyed my day off by taking the kiddos shopping (bad idea) and to the park (good idea) and then to the dino museum after nap. Yes it sounds redundant, this time we had planned to go to Farm Country but did not make it in time. No matter, the kids love the museum so we can go every week without upsetting them a bit. Less than one month until my beloved Gardens open again, I can hardly believe it. I can't wait! We enjoyed a bit of a blustery nearly spring morning today by staying home. Gasp, I know I hardly do that but we needed a potty training day and I was rewarded in that--no accidents. We jumped, flew a kite, planted the beginnings of our garden (seed cups), and then did puzzles. It was a good morning, one of those days where I feel like a good and successful wife and mother. Got dinner made, kids in bed, dishes loaded, showered and off to work 14 hours almost on time. Lowell would say I am a good wife and mother every day but I can assure you I do not meet all those goals every day. Anywho--back to the grind (LOL, yeah right like I am really working) hope you all have a great day!


Julie/Mom said...

HI Hiedi,
I have enjoyed your blog!I was excited to see that you and the girls have found each other online. Wow Twins how fun, I can tell you are loving it!
Say Hi to your parents from us.

Allan & Julie Bell

Marta said...

Heidi, it was so fun to read about your vacation. All in all it sounds like you had a blast. You did an awesome job journaling it all! I enjoyed it! Thanks!

The Halls said...

Loved the day to day trip blogging.
We got the boys beds on line,
We just googled 'bunk beds'
I was worried about spending so much on something we couldn't really see and test out but we are so happy with them!