Saturday, March 7, 2009

TarterDadis update

Now that the trip is thoroughly chronicled I can get back to blogging about . . .well, nothing really. We've just been doing the same stuff lately. We are anxiously awaiting spring. The weather has been brutally cruel here, one day the sun will be shining, the bulbs are poking up, we spend the whole day outside and then next it will be freezing and dumping snow. It is not unexpected but it is so mean to wave the wonder of Spring before me and then quickly take it away. This winter has been much more manageable than the past 2, the boys are really getting better at playing inside and having enough to keep them busy. But my house would sure appreciate if they could start playing outside again.

So let me update you on the munchkins for a bit. They are firmly 37 inches, no matter what I tried to get them taller for the trip and around 30 lbs. They are, as they always have been, within ounces of each other and within 1/2 inch. Since we get this question a lot (A LOT) I'll mention that we don't know if they are identical. Lowell and I have always felt they are fraternal but there is some debate. The closeness in height and weight and similarities in eye and hair color sway us toward identical at times but who knows? There were 2 sacs and 2 placentas (saw them early so I am sure) but 25% of identicals are that way, it has to do with how early the egg splits. We could have genetic testing done, but it just doesn't matter enough to us yet to do so. Their favorite thing continues to be each other. They have so many jokes that I just don't get but I love it, they are so funny. They will just laugh for hours. They also torment each other incessantly, best friends and worst enemies all in one. I think this is the part most people who think twins would be so fun don't take into account. You think of kids with their best friend and how riled up they get, with twins you never get to send the best friend home. It is awesome to always have a play mare, but it is hard to always be so hyped up. They also love their doggies and are just barely getting to be really gentle with them. They love their daddy so much and have so much fun playing with him. They love to snuggle with me too and we have lots of good "chats". Lately Carter epecially has been telling me that I am "pretty" and a "princess". Chances are he's just buttering me up for something but I still love it. Lowell has always been able to get his way with me by flashing me a certain smile and he's passed it on to the boys. I am such a sucker. Davis talks a bit more than Carter and also a little more fluently. Their language has really taken off in the last few months making conversing with them much more interesting. Carter will chat with you too just not for as long as Davis. They still refer to each other and themselves as "Tarter and Dadis" or "TarterDadis". They call them CarterDavis at the gym since they have trouble telling them apart and it has stuck for them.
(Note the candy I bribed them with to smile in Carter's hand :)--hey, it works!). They still adore doing puzzles and will spend quite some time working on them. They can do each puzzle quickly but will do them over and over. Davis has gotten more into coloring lately and actually coloring what is on the page and not just scribbling everywhere. They both like to paint whenever I let them, the mess is not always enticing. They enjoy lots of TV shows and movies, Tom and Jerry, Shaun the Sheep, and Olivia being favorites. They like to watch the "TarterDadis show" as well, the DVD I made of their photos from last year. Even I am sick of watching it now! They are getting to be quite good on the Wii fit, with my help they have both reached champion level on the advanced setting for the balls on a plate game. Being light has its benefits, they are the top scorers on lots of the games. Davis even likes to do the yoga. They would play Mouse Trap every day if I'd ever get it down for them (drives me nuts) and are still loving the Tomy train set they got for Christmas. They love to read, many mornings I will think Carter is still sleeping because he is so quiet but I will find him sitting on his bed reading. Such a darling boy to let his mama sleep (love him!). They love everything Dr. Seuss and Disney which adds up to quite a lot. And of course every book that also has a ride at Disney is high on their list right now.

Here's Davis giving Daddy a physical.
They are crazy about their family, they just adore all their aunts, uncles, and cousins. They'll ask me several times a day to call Uncle Robbie or if they can go to Aunt Hillary/Cyndel's house. They are STILL potty training but I've given up on stressing about it. When we get closer to school in the fall I may have to push the issue but for now we cheer all their successes but try not to get too discouraged by accidents. This week they've decided they no longer like going to the store with me no matter the incentive so I am switching to 4 am stops at WalMart again. Davis is already getting excited for Easter, he asks about eggs all the time. Foolish me always thinks that's what he wants for breakfast before he explains they have to have candy inside. And a chocolate bunny.

Carter checking Daddy over
They still love all things pasta and chicken nuggets. Very carb-y kids, always have been. They also love apples and bananas and all things cheese. They want fruit snacks and candy every moment of the day, which of course they don't always get but there is no doubt they inherited my sweet tooth. They also love dirt and bugs and more dirt. Boys through and through (bodily functions are hillarious!). They are getting better at cleaning up after themselves but of course not perfect. They are silly and fun and naughty and the light of my life! They'll be 3.5 in a month.
There you go, a thorough update on the kiddos, see even with nothing to blog about I come up with something! Hillary is off from school next week so we will likely be off adventuring a bit with her. She is such a doll, she watched the kiddos last night so Lowell and I could have a late night date, such a pleasant evening visiting. Thanks Hill, we love you!

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The "physical" pictures are too cute. Those are some handsome kids you got there.