Thursday, March 19, 2009

Leprechaun Treasure Hunt and Farewell to Meadow

So I seriously wasn't going to blog tonight--it has been a nasty day at work and I am ready to crash (i.e. eat chocolate peanut butter cookies while reading or watching or reading [I can't decide!] Twilight [I guess even nasty days at my job aren't all bad]) but I was so enjoying reading other blogs that I can't help myself. I mean when blogger says I am using 10% of my photo storage, isn't that just a temptation--there's 90% still to fill!

So after another particularly nasty night at work (silly moms trying to bleed to death at 2 am and even sillier mid-wifes getting emergency release blood--what a crazy night) I got home and set out the leprechaun foot prints. In retrospect they certainly aren't realistic, like a leprechaun would step on a piece of paper for each step and then only use his right foot? But you better believe 3 year olds ate it up anyway.

Here's a section of the path, it wound from the living room, through the kitchen, down the stairs, and into the guest bedroom where the leprechaun hid the "treasure" under the bed. Lowell had to remind me that they are sneaky so it had to be hidden.

Treasure=whatever we found at the party store while I convinced myself I didn't need the Edward cardboard cut out (really I don't--I like the vision I have of him in my head while I read better than the movie version.) It ended up having nothing to do with St. Patrick's day, the closest thing being the gold gum coins, that were stamped "Congrats Grad".

So when the munchkins got up the hunt was on and they were thrilled--here's Davis trying to decide where he went next, maybe up the window--nope he was naughty and walked across the table.

Success! We found it!

Yeah, candy for breakfast!

Carter is a bit obsessed with his balloon boat--I got sick of blowing it up so he worked on it all day and can blow it up pretty big on his own now. Not bad for boys with under-developed lungs.

The toys actually kept them busy for almost that whole day. We enjoyed the sunshine sitting outside blowing bubbles and playing boats in their water table. Tuesday night we went to the Dino museum, I know you're all surprised, and had a junk food dinner :). Weds was grovery shopping day-ugh! There just isn't enough room in the cart for 2 3 year olds and a week's worth of groceries. Everything comes home smashed and of course we return with an abundance of treats we don't need but that kept my sanity as we shopped. Oh well, 1 more week down. Albertson's had frosted mini-wheats and Cheez-Its on sale. Oh another random sale--for the trip we splurged and got the kiddos little video mp3 players for pretty cheap. I have found them even cheaper now if anyone is interested, $25 with free shipping. They'll hold a bunch of music and a few movies perfect for said shopping trips (no they don't actually work that long for my kids, but you know, children with a normal attention span). Here's the link: .

Wednesday also marked a sad day in the Penrod house hold, Lowell's last day at Meadow Elementary school. It's a good thing, he's moving on to the better paying, more prestigious, many many more toys, actual office position at Willow Creek Jr. High but he will so miss the folks at Meadow. Seriously, what an awesome staff, lots of good people. The lunch ladies have fed him so well the past 2 years. Whenever he'd be out pushing snow he'd come in to a hot cocoa and a freshly made cinnamon roll. Though he had finished what he had to do there, it was still so sad to leave such good people. Here's the card the lunch ladies made for him:

He also scored a number of gift cards--we have eaten out on the generosity of the school since Christmas and now we have more. I don't think anyone at the school reads my blog, but just in case, thanks for taking such good care of my hubby. And thanks for telling the new lunch ladies about him, he is already eating good at his new home.

I just spoke to our mortgage guy and I am excited that rates are dropping below 5 again. We are going to be able to say $150/month with our new rate, hooray! Oh and if anyone is considering new construction is Utah--now is a great time. Utah is giving a bonus of $6000 cash at closing for new construction on top of the $8000 tax credit the government is giving. And FHA loans are at 4.75%. Great deal for first time home buyers.

Enough informercials from me. Tomorrow is UVMOM play group, hooray--so I better get some rest. Loves!


Queen Mother said...

What fun!! You're such a mom. Seriously, we did nothing for St. Patty's day. I'm boring!!

(Did Lowell notice that they called him a "Fun DIP?" LOL)

Trent & Carlie & Co. said...

Hi Heidi!

Sorry we didn't make it to play group today! We are a bunch of sickies!!

And, I taught for 1 year at Meadow a long time ago (10 years ago) and my sister in law has taught there for at least 10 years. I'm sure she know your husband. Sarah in 6th grade.

:) Have a great day! Carlie

Marta said...

Heidi, you are such a cute mom! And just off the record, I'm pretty sure that Lepracauns only have two right feet and LOVE stepping on little pieces of paper! :) What a cute idea!
I am sure that the new lunch ladies will love your hubby just as much as the last ones!! Lunch ladies are good friends to have!! :)