Monday, March 23, 2009


Argh--I forgot my camera! I was so thrilled with how much I got done today thanks to my pre-made dinner from the UVMOM exchange (thanks Jodi!) and the fact that I was getting out the door on time I forgot my nearly constant companion these days. I truly only upload photos at work and since I upload pics to the blog so often, it is almost always with me. And I have the next 2 days off (HOORAY!) so you'll just have to wait for the fun of the twin play group and adventures in superhero PJs with Uncle Rob. Plus I'll have the fun of the zoo and Aunt Hillary's birthday dinner tomorrow and who knows what Weds will bring. But to tide you over I have yet MORE pics from the Cali trip--these are the shots my bro got. Our fam with Lightning McQueen, we have this same shot from the previous year:
My boys are growing up

Lowell double fisting turkey legs--he's so funny.
All the kids and grandkids on the beach (except BJ)
Fun shot of Carter waiting for us on the rapids ride--I love his little face
Baby D waiting as well--he's so good to smile for the camera.
My trouble makers having fun with a freezer that doesn't have a lock on it.
Reminds me of a quick story about my naughty little boys. The other day Lowell's mom was tending the boys while he and his sister ran a quick errand. Well, you probably recall that we flipped the boys' door knobs (lockon the outside) after their 'climb on the counter, eat candy, play with knives, and take pics of ourselves doing it all before mom wakes up' rampage. You can guess where this is going--they lured poor grandma into one of their rooms and then locked her in! You're seriouslyout of luck at that point--all you can do is jump out the window. She had her phone though and called Lowell to find he was almost home to free her. Oh my, these boys are something else! I can imagine how their minds were turning once they figured out they were unsupervised. We now have the keys to the doors on the top of the door frame to avoid a repeat (they almost got me once, a good long time out for that). I have another funny, but the picture is required, so until next time . . .have a good week!


Scott and Jillian said...

Oh no they di'int! (said with an accent..I have no idea how to spell it, so I hope it's coming across). Naughty, naughty boys! I think if we ever got our kids together for a playdate we would be in big trouble!

Queen Mother said...

Oh my gosh!! ok so I know it probably wasn't funny for Grandma at the time (sorry, Lowell's mom!), but that story of the twins locking her in a room is PRICELESS. I am seriously in tears here from laughing so hard. It's just classic. I can totally picture my almost 3 year old doing the exact same thing. HILARIOUS!

Trent & Carlie & Co. said...

The beach looks just beautiful! Especially on this snowy, windy day we are having today! Your boys are so funny. But it scares me for the things my girls will do when they get older. :)

Terri said...

thanks for the idea, I had already looked at target and walmart but I always forget about shopko. I loved the story about the boys locking the room. twins can be fun, but they sure can communicate with eachother in ways no one catches onto!