Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catching up

It seems like I am constantly blogging, is it really possible I need to catch up? I checked my camera to start uploading and was surprised how much was there, so yep here comes a photo catch up. First though, thanks for all the great comments on my Memory Lane post. I feel so loved! Seriously. It's been a decent week, trying to keep busy. Wednesday I must have been in a really good mood (or really wanted to get some small clothes packed away to make room for the spring stuff, you pick) because I let the kids play with both Play Doh and finger paint. Yeah, great mommy huh? :) Actually nothing was permanently damaged and I did get 3 boxes put up (12-18 month dress shirts, 18 month pants, and 18 month winter and summer PJs). Here's my favorite "masterpiece": Davis figured out he could put his whole hand in the plate of paint and then place it over and over. Kind of a cool effect really. I don't think it will be dry for another 2 weeks. The other night Lowell let the boys watch Nacho Libre with him briefly and they came away wrestling all over the place. Here they are in action, I just told them to say "Hi-ya!"

And this one of Davey just cracks me up. Isn't he menacing?

Tuesday night (this post is obviously in no particular order!) I had the chance to go to the twin club Mom's Night Out and as always had a great time. We exchanged dinners (I made 12 stuffed french breads and came home with 11 other dinners) and now my freezer is full of ready to bake meals. Such a luxury, I love the idea of popping one in and knowing dinner is done. Yeah--thanks everyone for your hard work. I can't wait to taste it. :) Then we stayed up late (as always, actually I left by 10 that has to be a record) playing Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band. It is so fun and funny--I think we are hillarious. Good to smile and compare whose kid did the most outrageous thing stories. Carter being able to shimmy out of his pants to get out of his carseat while the car is in motion scored pretty high. Crazy kid. He's been my love bug and helper the last couple of days--love him!

By Wednesday this week it had become apparent that the kids were getting more and more off schedule rather than the reverse since the time change. We took drastic steps and skipped nap to get them to bed earlier (Tuesday they were up til midnight and then slept til 10 am). To get them to stay awake during nap you have to keep them very active so we were very excited when my sis Hillary told us she could get us into the gardens. The gardens don't open for another 3 weeks so it was a double bonus, I got to go to one of my fav places on earth early, and we were the only ones there. Of course it paled in comparison to its full bloom glory but the kids still loved some free space to run and play hide and seek. Lowell and I savored the quiet being able to hold a full conversation and of course, I had the camera at the ready. That reminds me to mourn the official ending of Nikon. Samsung has finally returned from service and taken its place. Goodbye Nikon, thanks for the year of great service and saving the Disney trip by living through a bath. Anywho . . .

Carter in a flower pot--they pretended to take a bath in them.
I love this shot and 10MP, it's so clear. :) This is at the fish pond trying to lure a few of them to the surface (they're hiding in the warmer waters at the bottom).

Davis. He managed to cause our one real problem in nearly 2 hours there. With no one else there we let them run pretty free and just kept walking to lure them to the next location. Davis didn't follow for a few minutes so we doubled back to see what he was up to (you better guess it was no good). He found this turnstyle that connected to the golf course but that was chained and locked since the gardens are closed. That didn't stop him, he climbed up and back down the dividers and was sitting on the golf course taunting us since there was no way we were going to fit. The heavens were smiling this day because with very little prompting he climbed back to us. Whew! Of course in the tussle to get him to come back Carter threw a fit (he wanted to climb too) and cracked his head a good one. My poor abused brain-damaged children. Lucky our pediatrician understands and hasn't reported us (yet!).

Every year I get shots of each of the kids and the 2 together at the gardens which we have hanging in our room. It's quite early and the background isn't great yet, but these may qualify to be those shots for this year. I could kiss those silly boys for smiling for me!

I know, I am so spoiled right?

We found a lonely tiny bug on the way out and the kids were SO enthralled, it took 20 more minutes to get them to leave. Such stereotypical boys. Could they laugh any more at bodily functions, I doubt it. Butts are so hillarious at my house. Here's a good one for you. Davis told Lowell he needed to go potty so he went to get his little toilet. By the time he got back Davis was outside, pants pulled down, peeing on the lawn. He came in like it was nothing and told Lowell, "I pee like the doggies". Oh my, if he starts lifting his leg . . .I don't want to think about it.

The gardens trip worked, the boys were out by 9:30--an unbelievable feat! Of course Davis woke up an hour later from a nightmare (something about a big car and Carter and blood, poor kid was so scared). And I stayed up until midnight reading New Moon. Yes this is pathetic on so many levels, I could have taken the chance to just once get to sleep early but no I stayed up reading a book, I have already read, and just a couple of weeks ago. Sure I knew what was going to happen, but I couldn't put it down. Oh well. That's nothing compared to the anguish I felt when I realized the movie did not come out on the 10th as I read somewhere, but actually on the 21st, still more than a week away. Sigh.

Here's something to cheer me up though, a few glimpses of spring:

A crocus (I think) on the way to the waterfalls (turned off by the way)

More crocuses in the daffodil garden (they'll be up soon!)

The first tiny little sprout on the seeds we planted. It happened pretty quick, less than a week--the boys were SO excited.

Okay, pics updated! I guess that wasn't very far to catch up, I've just taken that many pics. One other piece of fun news, I am going to be an aunt again in September. My baby brother (yes he seems very young to be a daddy to me) and his wife are expecting, this will be the only other grandchild on my side. They are also in the process of buying a condo so fun stuff for them. Okay, that's all--I love you bye bye!


Marta said...

I love reading your blog!! Cute pictures- you can never have to many! Your boys are growing up so fast and boy are they cuties!!!!

Scott and Jillian said...

fun, fun!

Sal-my-gal said...

I stay up way too late doing nothing as well. I just enjoy the peace and lack of responsiblity. One of these days I'm going to go to bed on time so I'm not so darn tired!