Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

It is certainly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and not just because of the giant snowflakes (snow-nose as Davis would say) that were falling on us on the way home from the gym, but also because we have been all a flurry with exciting winter things to do and the boys are eating it up. It's safe to say that is why we are doing them. First, we had our first attempt at a gingerbread house, or as Carter would say, Christmas cookie house. I'll let the pics do (most) of the talking. :)

Lessons Learned:
1. When gingerbread comes in a box with a "good by" date, the good is used rather loosely.
2. Royal icing must be made by a subsidiary of Elmer's glue, but I think I like the taste of glue better.
3. The boys love gum drops but will spit out anything peppermint.
4. My boys are all goof balls (okay that wasn't a newly learned item).
Since the first attempt tasted so awful, I am going to try my hand at real gingerbread this week for our twin club's play group. Wish me luck!
Friday night I took the night off (hooray for me! This will be a sparce occurence for a little while as my dear friend and co-worker has abandoned me for another job) and we went to Zoolights, it was the free night for Zoo booster members so we took advantage (but yes it was busy). For those who haven't been, they put up all varieties of lights at the zoo including quite a few animated animals. The boys were enthralled even if we were all freezing. Grandma D came along which was nice. They had cocoa but we passed on the deep fried s'mores this year. The kids did score a little light up elephant wand thingy from their sucker Dad (only because I was in line for cocoa or I would have bought it!) which I would recommend for anyone going, it was only $4, less for members and the kids have gotten a lot of use out of it already. Anywho . . .here's us at the zoo.

Why do I always lean like I'm not going to make it in the shot? I always do! But Lowell always looks great, what can I say he is handsome and the camera loves him.
Friday was also Sinterklaas Eve which involved a frenzied stop at the Dutch store and a thankful heart that we made it in time (along with a handful of other people darting in the store and a less than thrilled check out gal). See I am 50% Dutch, my Dad's parents grew up in Holland and came over after the war. My Dad is the first American citizen in our family. So even though the boys are now merely 25% Dutch, it is still enough that Sinterklaas stops by our house on December 5th. As legend goes, you put your shoes outside on the 5th and Sinterklaas comes on his flying white horse and fills your shoes with candy and small gifts. It is the Dutch version of our commerical Christmas and they save the 25th for the religious celebration. My favorite difference is for the bad children. Here if you are bad you get coal, but in the Dutch tradition if children have been naughty Black Pete comes on his flying black horse and takes them away to be slaves in Spain. Sadly, my children were still safe in their beds with shoes full of treats on the 6th ;).

Those little brats always score! :) They are big fans of their new toys so all is well except they think Santa is going to come every night. Saturday I braved the mall and lived to regret it. The boys were actually excellent but the prices were not and I just got claustrophobic after a while, just too many people. So shopping is not done but I am not going back. I am retreating to the safety of my quiet little lab and online sites with free shipping. Saturday night we had the UVMOM couples only Christmas party. I just love those gals and it turns out Lowell is pretty rocking at name that tune. Good times.
Feeding the kids' obsession with Santa Clause, Lowell and Grandma P took the munchkins to see Santa and the reindeer at Thanksgiving Point tonight. Tip: the photo is free, but free stuff brings Utahns out in droves, so plan accordingly and come early. They will be emailing me the official pic (very thoughtful) but here is a preview.

The bubs think reindeer are super cool this year, every night they watch the skies to see if they can see any. And their other, odd to me, obsession is The Nightmare before Christmas. They can't get enough of "Jack" and can sing along with all the songs. We thought it may have been too scary for them, but I guess not. The bummer is they keep asking to go on the "Jack ride" when we go to Disney but as those of you who have been during the holidays know, the Haunted Mansion is only decorated with Jack in December. Hopefully all the other rides will suffice. Also think stretchy thoughts, we need 3 inches in 2 months to get the kids on the good rides, I think I can I think I can. . .
Well, there's all my holiday cheer for the day, upcoming this week: putting up the tree, getting cards sent out, and the lab Christmas party, hooray! If you want a card and I don't have your address, put in a comment! They are moderated and I will remove them so the whole world won't see it, just me! Kristen gets the prize for first card this year, and a lovely one it was. One last funny, the boys both sleep each night with a stuffed giraffe names Daddles. We got some spares as soon as they became attached to them. I was rocking Davis and just picked a Daddles but he quickly informed me it was the wrong one, the string that represented Daddles' nose had come loose and was dangling and thus could not sleep with Davis because it had a "booger". Good to know.

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