Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Chrismas to all and to all a good night

Okay, so now on to Christmas day. What a great Christmas we had! Very full on fun and family and of course, we were all spoiled. I always take pics of the trees, so here is the first one, our little tree: The boys woke up at their normal time (not early risers yet thank goodness) and walked out blinky eyed into the living room to see Santa had in fact come. Davis will tell you "Santa came down down (the chimney I guess) ate cookies and brought Rockstar to me". They both were amazed at the cookies being gone and thrilled with the gifts Santa brought. They are getting quite adept at unwrapping, but even though I stayed in budget this year, we still opened their gifts in stages as they just wanted to play with the new toys and not keep opening them. Here is the Rockstar Davis will tell you about, little guitars:
And the after shot . . .lots of paper and boxes. Lowell and I did well too, most notably Lowell got a Blu-ray player and I got an Ipod.

We then got dressed and headed over to my parents to open gifts. That went well as well and I got to eat sausage, a love of mine that is normally a no no with my diet.
Finally we made it over to Lowell's mom's house and repeated the gift opening process. Man those boys get a lot of presents!

I then went to see "Bedtime Stories" with my family while Lowell and the boys napped. It was cute--I enjoyed it. We then got the dinner on, finally my ham!, and all that was left was to play with the toys!
The boys playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with Uncle Robbie--Carter is GOOD at this game, he smokes me every time!

Davis playing with his laptop--they call it "puter" and have taken it everywhere with them. Works for me they are learning!

Carter's Christmas shot

Both boys (I was bribing them with Martinelli's cider)

Mr. Davis

Davis with his Nerf gun and glasses

Carter and his remote control car

Carter in his tent from grandma

And finally a look at what all these storms have left in their wake, i.e. my yard. This is the boys' little tikes car . . .man I am tired of the snow already! We had such a struggle Christmas day getting everywhere, we had to get out and push the car several times to get out of snow drifts and didn't get the neighbor's treats out because it was just too deep to walk in and too hard to drive in. Is it too weird to send New Year's treats?
I hope all of your Christmas's were equally merry and bright and you could feel of our Savior's love as we celebrated his birth. May the Lord bless you and yours in the new year. Loves!

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