Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm (or someone) is dreaming of a white christmas . . .and good will toward men.

We sure have been pounded with snow the past couple of days. Sheesh! We got a foot in just a few hours yesterday . . .and silly me insisted on going to the gym in it. Then I thought I'll get lunch in the same parking lot as the gym as that will be safe. Wrong! We spun out trying to get out of the parking lot and got utterly stuck. I couldn't move forward or back and was more than a little worried as I was alone with the munchkins. I put the car in Neutral and tried pushing it (ha! futile attempt) but thank goodness for the kindness of strangers! 2 different men stopped and came to my aid. It still took us a while and a lot of backs and forths and one guy taking over for this loser California driver but they finally got us out. I was SO thankful! It just warms my heart to know there are still people out there who will take time of their busy day to help someone in need. We'll just forget the people who ignored Lowell when he did a 180 trying to turn and the others who blew past him almost hitting him (and the ones who swore at him for being stuck).
The big day is quickly approaching! Today the boys and I had a good snuggle watching The Polar Express. It's safe to say they are fans and since I had never seen it or even read the book I quite enjoyed it as well, but not as much as just snuggling my wiggle bugs. We attempted visiting teaching again today but not with good results. I think I am really just going to have to find a time when Lowell is home to go, it's just hard when Lowell and I get so little time together as it is. Oh well, the ham has been picked up, the presents all purchased, all that is left is to wrap, bake, and spend some quality time together. Can't wait! Here's the pics I mentioned in the previous post: That looks safe doesn't it?
They love their "blocks"
My diet is failing miserably this week I hate to report. I actually did lose those stupid off again on again 5 lbs but I am already scared to get on the scale next week. What can I do--I am surrounded by treats! In my defense there is a box on truffles sitting on the analyzer in front of me with a serving size of 5 pieces (20g of fat!) and though they have been there at least 3 weeks they aren't gone yet and I haven't even gotten to a full serving yet. I can't say the same for the beef log and Easy cheese with crackers I got as a gift yesterday though. And I have my doubts about making it through the shift without dipping into the bread and jam I got today. You have to live a little during the holidays right? I just have to make sure it stays "a little" and hit the gym hard next week. Oh well--there are worse things to be worried about.
I just want to wish everyone the merriest of holidays as you celebrate this joyous day with your families. May the magic of Christmas shine in your children's eyes, the warmth of good friends and family burn in your heart, and your belt loop have to be let out one notch ;). I'll take this quick moment to say how grateful I am that so many years ago (not really on that day but you know) our Savior was born and that he fulfilled his mission and has saved us all. May we all take a moment in the hussle and bussle, eating and unwrapping to remember that tiny babe and that amazing man who continues to impact our lives. Loves and blessings from the Penrods!


Lyndsie said...

I am so sorry you got stuck!! I would have been crying. Good thing there are good people out there.

Brooklyn said...

Hi Heidi!

I hope you and your boys have a wonderful Christmas!

Celestial Freak said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

I'm so glad to know people came to your aid eventually! This certainly has been a very cold and snowy winter for all of us in the northwest!