Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Holidays!

You can probably tell from the blog already that I am excited for the holidays. I have updated the songs too, the first is SO for my kids--they should be getting nuttin' for Christmas because they've been nothing but bad! I also threw Feliz Navidad on there just for Scott--still makes me laugh. Anywho . . .
We had a good Thanksgiving as usual, ate way too much which was surprisingly little. I didn't take big portions, it's just that we had 2 full thanksgivings and I had a Beto's breakfast burrito as my solace for lack of sleep and it all added up. This has been a tiring holiday for me, between all the call at work and of course 3 am wake up call on Black Friday I have just been trashed. Tonight I will get my first full night of sleep in 5 days, hopefully! Here is my fav pic from the day, I have the best 3 guys in the world! Speaking of that, Lowell again rocks! I was stuck at work so much Thanksgiving so Lowell stepped up and made the dishes I had committed to. He was running crazy while chasing the kids, getting a turkey ready, plus rolls rising, mashed potatoes made and a sweet potato casserole in the oven. And the topper for the week was his willingness to trek to Ikea for a Saturday only sale. They had a good price on a much wanted item by me but I was at work and he went and fought the crowds with the kids and got what I wanted. He is not a fan of any of that craziness and just did it because he loves me. Awww, I love my hunny!
A random shot thrown in just because I think it is so funny. Lately Carter will hang out in his room after he wakes up and line up his books in odd shapes. ????

I am so ADD today, this post is all over the place! Here is dinner (lunch) at the Penrods, my bubbys and cousin Hannah. This lasted all of 30 seconds and they were off jumping off of things, they are not big eaters.

After dinner with my family we had a few rounds of Robbie's Rock Band. The kiddos LOVED the drums, they kept fighting over turns and even occasionally hit the right one at the right time.

Rocker Carter

Drummer Davey
So Friday my mom, Hillary, and I ventured in the dark to the swarming mass of crazy shoppers on the freeway. I am on the freeway frequently in the middle of the night for my job so it is safe for me to say there was an unusual amount of cars on the road for 3 am! We used our strategy to go to the WalMart in Payson (less people around the store, but same number of items per store) though I think Springville may have been less busy. It was safe to say they were ALL very busy! We got there an hour before the sales were to start and the parking lot was pretty full already. But we found our items and we got everything we wanted without too much trouble. Some rocking deals too of course! The lines were insane but we were still out of there by 6. We next went to Kmart and got what we wanted there though their lines were so bad and checkers awful and disorganized. Lastly we hit Toys R Us but they were already out of what I wanted, so I mercifully avoided that line. The rest of Friday was fairly restful, we went to the Gardens (I know I said it was closed already and it is, they just open for Lehi family week) and the boys ran the whole way and then took a blessed nap.
Last night we went to see the holiday lights at Thanksgiving Point and to see the reindeer. The boys are crazy about Santa and I can't even figure out why. We don't really talk about it that much but they are all over it. I love it, the innocence of children and their blind faith.
Davis with reindeer antlers

A poor shot of the reindeers, we'll go again and I'll get a better shot. It's free to see the reindeer, so anyone interested head on up. Also Monday nights at the Emporium will feature Santa and a *free* photo. Be sure to watch for his "elf" my cutie sis Cyndel. If you want to spend a bit of money, I would certainly recommend the fudge and anything chocolate.
I have hit up a little more shopping here and there and am getting close to finishing up. I have a weird drive to just get it done each year so I can stop. I like to shop but I will just keep spending and spending unless I set limits. So I hurry and hit my limit on everyone and then stop looking at ads or searching websites. It's weird to think the holiday season has just started and I am already ready for it to be over. I think I better start spreading out the fun. Friday we will hopefully be going to see the lights at the zoo and celebrating Dutch Christmas.
Lastly for my "weekly sermon" :) I would recommend reading the article in December's Ensign on caffeine. Lowell would say I trying to rub it in that I was right, and well that is somewhat true. I researched caffeine a fair amount in college and was fascinated by some project Dr. O'Neill had going at BYU. There is evidence in mice that caffeine disrupts the body's natural pathway to detecting cancers. Concentration for humans is an issue, but it was enough for me to give it up for good. Caffeine does not cause the cancers, but it blocks the pathways already established to detect and remove faulty cells. The Ensign article doesn't speak to this danger but to many others that caffeine can cause. I am not judging anyone or saying you have to stop drinking your favorite beverage, but it never hurts to be informed and to remember all things in moderation. I would post a link, but it isn't on the website yet since it is not quite December.
Well I hope you are all feeling the joy of the season and remembering as always the reason for the season, may we all reflect on our thankfulness for each other and for our many blessings, the greatest of all being the Savior of the world.

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Kristen said...

Beto's--I remember that place. I went there on a date that I didn't know was a date with this guy I didn't like who both my roommates were fighting over. And then I got food poisoning from it. Bad Memory. But...I totally agree with the Feliz Navidad/Scott thing. I was walking through Sears on Friday and heard that playing and I immediately thought of him and Mark, singing and dancing to it. It just seems like the "cha-cha-cha"s belong with the song now, don't you think?