Wednesday, December 10, 2008

'Cuz I ain't been nothin' but bad . . .

It has been another one of those days. Where you're glad at least you have your sense of humor or you would just lose it! You know what I mean! Here are my top 3 "favorite" parts of this morning, yes these all happened in the 4 hour period between breakfast and lunch:

1. Davis headed outside to play and I was in getting Carter dressed so he could join him. We have a fully fenced yard so I often let them out on their own, always keeping a door cracked so I can hear them yadda yadda. So Carter and I hear a knock at the door, foolishly I think maybe a package has arrived, but no it is my Davis . . .knocking on the front door. . .from the front yard obviously! I got him inside and freaked out, I guess I should just be happy that his first thought was to knock on the door, not wander to the park . . .So I followed him out back to see how this came about, worried the dogs may get out and him again. Turns out he pushed a chair to the gate, pulled the gate lock, and pushed the door open. Sounds simple enough but I was still pretty surprised he figured it out. Note to self, never be surprised! Lowell brought home some locks for the gates, so hopefully that will be the end of that problem, unless they learn to dig like the dogs.

2. Last night we took the munchkins to get their hair cut. Yes I pay someone to do it when I could just shave it myself. I don't know why other than they have crazy cow-licks (sp?) like their Dad. We tried the new Cookie Cutters in AF and I have to say it was really fun. More expensive of course, but Carter is obsessed with the game they had to play and they both told me getting their haircut was fun this morning. An added bonus, they both got a balloon with a sucker and a cookie cutter. Cute. It was until I was preheating the oven this morning to make some gingerbread and heard a loud pop. You guessed it, an overheating balloon exploded and filled the kitchen with a lovely melted latex smell. I am not even sure how to clean that up . . .

3. I finally got the laundry put away, yes this has been weeks in the making. When your first instinct when you are getting dressed is to trapse downstairs instead of to your chest of drawers, there is a problem. Of course house work has its consequences. . . I heard the boys giggling in the bathroom only to discover they had poured their bubble bath into the toilet and were now "making bubbles" by swishing the water around with paint brushes. I don't know where they come up with this stuff!

They were just buzzing today. It turns out that when my kids are tired, they just get more hyper. Hyper children think of much more interesting ways to torture their mother, as if staying up until midnight wasn't bad enough! We got them up early hoping to get them back on track but they were just crazy instead. Oh well, at least I have a record of it so one day when the "mother's curse" comes back to bite them I can say, yes dear, you were that bad!

But dang aren't they cute? Carter bundled up to head outside with his "pack-pack". They have a weird thing for back packs and they stayed dry in undies at WalMart yesterday so they scored some cheap Brobee packs, that yes have to go everywhere with them and are carrying nothing.

Davis, he has a crayon behind his ear and he thinks it is so funny. With the hair cut and back pack he looks like he could be heading off to school, so grown up! Probably fall they will do preschool so the "pack packs" may just come in handy.

My mischievious pair at the end of their evil doings and very near nap which thankfully was not too big of an ordeal. And yes they are nakey, our house is clothing optional after all.
And this one is just to get back at them for today :). And because it is oddly cute to me and also so picturesque of my life. I loathe potty training. Will it ever end?
One side note, we went to see a light display put to music last night and it was really fun. It was on the Lindon hill by the "Noni castle" if anyone knows what that is. You just park, tune your radio to the station on the sign, and watch. The kids (okay it was me that wanted to keep watching) really loved it! The website is and there is directions on the site as well as video of last year's display so you have a clue what I am talking about. It's worth the stop, and besides, it's free! :)


crissi said...

Being a twin mom is so fun! HAHA! Your blog makes me laugh, I've been there. It does get easier!
Hope you have a "peaceful" day tomorrow!

Scott and Jillian said...

You're better than me. I definitely would have lost it! And I feel like potty-training will never end as well. How hard is it to just do it where it should be done?! Today Emma stood in front of the toilet and peed all over the place after I had told her 20 (it feels like) times to get on the toilet when I saw the dance. Sheesh!el

Queen Mother said...

It's time to padlock that gate, hon.

Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.