Monday, November 3, 2008

Crabby Patty

I was a crabby patty today. I have once again started my diet. Truthfully this happens every few months, though I don't ever recall officially ending a diet. Somehow I just creep back to old habits and amazingly after nearly a year of going to the gym twice a week I have managed to gain back the 5 lbs I lost. Hrmph! I still think there is some thyroid/hormone issues at play, but I will try again. The hormone issue means I cannot lose an ounce even with extensive exercise unless I stick to a pretty strict diet. Strict diets do not make me happy. So add together my munchkins getting up at 6:30 this morning (I know this is probably plenty of kids normal wake up time, but this little mommy is not a morning person and we usually do not get up until 8:30. Also take into account that the gremlins did not go to sleep until past 11), trying to entertain them many more hours than typical before the gym, running 5 miles there and having only eaten Slim Fast and I was just a joy! Top it off with a 14 hour shift after a heck of a long week last week (my call shift has been unusually busy, which adds up to some extra Christmas money but also one tired mom) and I am just peachy! I am just thinking back on the day, that my supervisor came to me with a concern on one of my analyzers that a test was not faring well comparatively to the other labs and I told him, well, tell them we just won't run them any more if they have a problem. I wonder if that was a bad answer on the day of my performance evaluation?? Does anyone else think it just feels weird to eat a lot of carrots and apples or have I been on a Snickers kick for too long? Maybe it's not a hormone thing after all . . .

Actually today hasn't been that bad. I am just laughing at myself and my self-pity. So this year we carved our pumpkins the day after Halloween. Just didn't seem to get it in the schedule any earlier. Can I just say those tiny little carving tools they give you are useless? I spent an hour on my pumpkin with my bent little knife cursing that I let Davis choose the spider while Carter just chose a face. Next year I am coming up with a better plan. Here were the results:
Davey's spider pumpkin, ignore the broken web pieces and the part where I was not paying attention to the "remove this portion" note.
Carter scooping the guts with the spoon, not such a fan of the slime. Poor Oscar needing a haircut in the background.
Here's Carter's pumpkin.
Carter laughing with Daddy while carving. Lowell was having it make puking noises as the seeds came out.

Davis would pull out the seeds with his hands, but he wasn't a big fan of it either.

Oh well, another year of pumpkins come and gone, but it was a very fun year and I love Halloween with 3 year olds. They can get away with marching right into everyone's house, commenting on what they are watching on TV, and then taking a handful of candy just to make a cute face at the candy-giver and get more. These stinks have the system down. Well, it was candy, and they are my kids.

In Utah the day after Halloween marks the beginning of Christmas music on the radio so the boys have been asking for "snowman" and "Jesus songs" instead of the typical repeat of a Baby Einstein DVD. Today they asked me if we could go to the church and see Santa, it is going to be a l o n g holiday season. I do love this time of year though and enjoy the music so I will just have to try and tide the enthusiasm for a while. Though I am learning Santa is a helpful person to have around when you want your children to behave or even potty train. I am working on "Santa only brings presents to little boys who wear underwear all the time". Worked today, they've got almost 2 months, it could happen!

Tomorrow we are going to try to go to the zoo, since after gym today Davis was insistant that he needed to go 'see the animals', we're also having lunch with my dad and making the trek to the elementary school next to us to vote. Wednesday is their dentist appointments and the UVMOM thanksgiving preview dinner, so yea for us! Well, have a good night all, I am going to go have an apple and a big glass of water. Sigh.

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