Thursday, November 6, 2008

A dark day and a couple of pretty good day

A couple of days off from work have been nice, although the days themselves haven't been fabulous. Tuesday the boys and I went to vote, they were pretty excited about it and also very well behaved (yes this is unusual). Granted they were strapped into their wagon, but still no melt downs. I wanted them to see me vote, so in 4 years I can tell them they were with me when we voted for the other guy. We then had lunch with my dad which was great. The McDonalds by the Provo Mall has the best play area. It had a musical area with a piano and guitar that played when you touched them and a piano slide. It also had the typical climb and slide area and a basketball set. Even better, my dad told me to sit and eat and he chased the munchkins. I am sure going to like having him around, and for much better reasons than that! He is working in Provo now and working toward home confinement, which is the same as now except he'll sleep at home, a vast improvement. He is getting release passes now because of his employment and will be making soup this weekend. Funny the things you miss, that is the thing he wants to do most, go shopping in a grocery store and cook. By Thanksgiving he should have a 12-24 hour pass, so he is cooking the dinner and by Christmas he should for sure be home. The boys' birthday and Halloween were kind of let downs, but there are shiny points ahead!
Anyway, Tuesday night it was too late for the zoo by the time the bubs were up from nap, so we went to the dino museum instead. Good times. Then the down side to the day, although not unexpected I was very disappointed, scared, disheartened, etc. to watch the election results. I am still rather anxious and depressed about the whole thing. I know there are varying views on the matter and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but in my opinion this is a very dark day for America. When someone with very little experience, very questionable connections, and down-right scary plans for the country can be elected so easily, it makes me very sad. For the record, it is not a race thing for me. If McCain or any other official with political views similar to mine were black, Asian, hispanic, etc. I would vote for them based on their views and ambitions. My dislike (hate may not be too strong of a word) for Obama is not based on the color of his skin but rather what he has said, how he has acted, and what he has planned for my country. I love this country but I am pretty upset at 52% of its voters right now. And also for the record, although the electoral college made the race appear a "landslide", getting 52% of the vote is not a landslide. I am quite seriously reconsidering plans right now, Disney is on hold. Lowell is more optimistic than I am, but if half of what Obama, not to mention the completely Democrat, heaven help us, government has planned comes to pass, our economy which is already struggling will be in shambles so now is the time to buckle down and do what we can to ride out the storm. Not to mention the terrorist attacks I am expecting or a number of other backlashes from this turn of events. I am just so darn scared and upset. I cannot look at that man on the TV. I am back to Food Network all the time, I just can't face it right now. Time to get out of politics again! There are a couple of silver linings to my dark day. 1, Proposition 8 was passed in California, definitely a moral victory and 2, this puts Romney in a good position in 2012. Hard to see the light, but I will take what I can get. I'll just keep praying that God will save our great nation from itself. To console myself Tuesday night I had a scoop of low-fat, no sugar added ice cream and did a Dance Dance Revolution work out. I have to say the work out was more helpful.

Okay, 'nuff said about that. I have tried to keep politics out of the blog, this is about two mischievious little boys after all, but this is also my sounding board and a record for their future, so in light of historical preservation, there you go. There won't be much more discussion of this matter.
Onto happier things. Wednesday morning the boys and I finished their bulldozer project. These come in a little kit at Michael's for $1 and include all the wood, glue, paint, and paintbrush. I am going to go get some more. Here is the finished project, I guess they like black . . .

Also on Wednesday the monkeys had a dentist appointment, and silly me didn't bring my camera. I was afraid of being "that mom that takes pics of everything and then blogs about it". I should have just faced the fact that I could have a name tag that read that and brought it anyway. They did SO good. I was very proud of them, it is not often I get to be proud of their good behavior so I was loving it! They did their Xrays and full cleanings with no complaints, except for when we were leaving! They wanted to stay there and play with the toys and watch the movies. We go to a really fun office. Their teeth looked good too, a little tight but no cavities and the little spot of missing enamel Carter had last time is gone, so yeah! One funny thing, Davey boy was in the chair and the dental assistant put the water in his mouth to rinse the cleaning paste off. He just sat there and drank and drank, he wouldn't let her stop. Then when she was done and was rinsing and suctioning, every time she took one of the tools out, he would reach up and put it back in. All the time watching the show in the ceiling, just kind of nonchalantly reaching. We all laughed and I finally made him stop. I guess he likes the dental tools. We then played at the park (yep in the snow) and then I went to the UVMOM thanksgiving dinner preview. Always a blast to chat with you gals and rock out on Rock Band--thanks for the good eats and good company!
Today my mom took off so she could be home for a home inspector from the half-way house, they have to check for drugs, guns, whatever before he can come home. That wasn't until the afternoon, so this morning we fulfilled Davis's wish to go see the animals. I love the zoo in the winter. So quiet and the animals are so outgoing and easy to find since they are inside. Here's some shots.

Carter with Acara, they are close in age so I have enjoyed watching this little gal grow. I have a video of this later.

Is Davis as big as an Orangutan? Not yet.

The boys up close and personal with the monkeys. They got a little too close and this one hit Carter in the head. Time to back away from the fence I think.
Who's spoiled? The white alligators were half-off since the alligator just left our zoo and since they are so rare and the boys have seen him, I thought I'd get it. The tiger was cheap and was a reward since the train and carousel weren't running today.
Carter was a happy camper too. They ran and ran and then took a good nap. All in all a good day for me!
Here's a little video, the first is the boys singing Row, Row, Row your boat (I caught the tail end) in the boat in front of the old white alligator exhibit. The second is Carter and Acara, and the third Davis playing with the meerkats.

Now I am just feeling hot and tired, not a good sign. I also have a stye that is driving me nuts, too much stress! I think some sicky is right around the corner and I better try and sleep it off. Wish me luck!


Scott and Jillian said...

1. I love those bulldozers. Are they really $1?!
2. Yes, that is Amanda's sister.mall world, huh?
3. I agree with your election views whole heartedly. I am kinda freaked out, and want to hurl when I hear people talk about 'change'. Things are definitely going to change, but NOT for the better!
4. The UVMOM thing sounds like it was fun. Miss you guys!
5. That's great that you can spend time with your Dad and that he will be home home soon. Yay!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the the boys were able to go to the dentist and it was a good experience! Nice art work on the bulldozers. Tell the boys antie becky is proud of them too. I hope your holidays go well; We're just now trying to figure out how everything is going to work since we have some concrete dates from the foster care people. I hope you can avoid getting sick and that you can have a good weekend as well.

Rob Dodenbier said...

Disney better not be on HOLD!!! Just take a step off the ledge and breath!!

Queen Mother said...

Good news first: I'm so happy for your family with your dad being around. It just warms my heart to hear of his connection with the twins, and his excitement to just go to the store is a reminder of the little pleasures in life.

I cannot believe that you guys have snow. We have not had a single snowflake or even drop of rain yet! And to think that I rushed around like a crazy person at the beginning of October, getting the sprinklers blown out and the furnace cleaned...and it was not necessary yet.

Bad news: You know that I share your views on the election 110%. I am TERRIFIED. This man is scary. I too cannot watch the news. I turn it off. "President Barack Hussein Obama"...has a terrifying ring to it, doesn't it?? And NO, it has nothing to do with his race. I'd vote for Clarence Thomas or Alan Keyes in a heartbeat. It is HIM. It's his terrorist connections. It's his tax plan. It's his wanting to CUT OUR MILITARY BY 25%!!! <--that is the most terrifying to me. God help us.

We'll just stick together, eh? Love you guys.

Kristen said...

Okay...2 things...did the monkey really hit him in the head? That is scary! And are those really a dollar? I wish I would have read this before--I was just at Michaels today! Glad you guys had fun.