Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 year old streaker!

Have you ever noticed how half of my pictures are of my childrens' back? There is a good reason for this, 1) I actually do just have a thing for backs in pictures I don't know what it is and 2) You can't tell that they aren't smiling and that they are super dirty. I cannot believe how dirty my boys are these days. I heard plenty of times about how often you have to change a baby's outfit in a given day, no one mentioned the same would be even more true for my toddlers. I like to think my kids actually have a fairly large wardrobe, those close to me I think would agree, but here I am a full day before laundry is to begin (we only do it once a week, probably part of the problem, but blessed day Lowell does it, so I am not going to complain!) and they are out of shorts. Is this because I only have one for each day of the week? Oh no, it is because they go through 3 a day! I still have shirts left over, but I think I may be rescuing some shorts from the pile tomorrow . . .You know there are a lot of things no one ever told me about parenting. I think it is probably a good thing, like we wouldn't have jumped on into the pool if we had known. And then there are things that people tell you that are just such bold face lies that it still smarts. Like, the first year of parenting twins is the hardest (NOT!). Of course I keep hearing it gets better when they are 3 and though my faith in advice should be crushed, I am still holding on for dear life on that one.
So yesterday I had a bit of fun with one of those things that no one told me. This one was a recent event, that Davis has discovered how to unlock the dead bolt on the front door. After the fact I found out that both Lowell and my Mother-in-law are in the loop on this one, but I guess it is more fun to learn things on your own. Especially when it involves chasing your streaking 2 year old across the neighborhood. Davis was done with his turn on the potty after bath time (hooray for #1 and #2 completed) so I set him loose not worrying about him peeing on the ottoman (oh yes this has happened, it was the poo smear that was less pleasant) so that I could attend to Carter on the toilet. Out of my peripheral hearing I swore I heard the storm door slamming shut and as I run outside I found out why, Davis is streaking the court. But yes, it gets better. I then locked the front door (it hitherto not being locked) and went back to check on Carter when Davis went on streaking trip #2, this one even farther away with a heated chase before I could wrangle the boy in the house. All the while our next door neighbor's (we call them brother and sister downstairs because we don't remember their names and they live in the basement) dad (grandpa downstairs if you will as they just had a new baby) sat in his car and watched me chase him both times. Yep, that was fun. I actually kind of wish I had my camera but 1) it would probably be inappropriate to post it on here and 2) it was probably better that I caught him and brought him inside than ran and got my camera. All the while my darling Carter was sitting on the potty doing his #1 and #2. He is my prized child for the day!
As a twin mom I really do try not to compare my children but it is hard. Everyone always asks, is he the quiet/dominant/outgoing/smarter/cuter/more like daddy one? The truth is yes to all for both kids, it just depends when you ask. They change a lot and reverse roles all the time. With that in mind, here is some commentary on their personalities of this date. Davis has become quite the little controller. He really likes to tell everyone what to do and is upset when you don't obey. For instance yesterday's streaking was all in an attempt to find Daddy (who was out walking the dogs). He stood by the door and said, "I find Daddy, you wait here, I'll be right back". Right back and just a second are popular in his language right now. He also especially likes to scold Carter. I often catch him saying, "Tarter det down or Tarter no, stop". When Carter is in time out, Davis used to go spring him when I wasn't looking, now he'll open the door yell at him and shut it again. My Carter is a comedian of late. He likes to be laughing and he likes to make you laugh. "That's funny" is a big one for him and he scrunches up his nose in such a way that whatever it is, it is funny. He likes to tickle and especially to be tickled and lately he likes to grab my nose--I don't know why but it always catches me off guard and I can't breathe (try your mouth genius!!) He also likes very much to be in to every thing! If he catches the fridge or pantry unlocked he will be in there. He broke 15 eggs last week from the fridge and every time I turn around he is covered in choc-ate from the pantry. He has a butter thing right now too, he loves it! He'll pull it out of a hot pan if you aren't watching and begs for a piece any time I am cooking with it. I do give in and give him a little pat as his weight is on track for now but it does worry me a little. I think he just takes after my dad, I always remember him putting a pat of butter on a saltine and then salting it (?). One more thing about Davis, "I climb!" That's all.
So there is your insight into our lives for today, stay tuned next week for more crazy antics!

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Tiffiny said...

O Heidi! This is what I miss about the UVMOM website! I love that I can totally understand your life! I was laughing/commiserating the whole time I was reading. I hope the potty training is going well...sounds like you're way ahead of the game! It might be frustrating but eventually they get it! Are you still interested in doing preschool together? Give me a pointer on where you got the stuff you were doing in February. Hang in has to get better in some regards...even though it will likely get worse in others! LOL!